Seedless Watermelons are Back!

Post by Mark

I’m not sure why seedless watermelons aren’t more readily available in Kuwait, they’re my favorite thing in the world until they invent seedless mangos. Yesterday I spotted seedless Australian watermelons at Sultan, so I picked one up and it was so deliciously sweet that I’m now looking forward to picking up another one today. They’re not cheap at KD1.400 a KG, but they’re totally worth it.

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  1. Ash says:

    Which Sultan?

  2. Mohammed says:

    Is that the truck of your lotus?, if it is then it looks pretty huge for car of that size

  3. phoenix says:

    damn, now I want seedless mangoes :(

  4. Umm Ahmad says:

    وايد غالي االصراحه و كلش ما يسوه اشتريلي اب هذا السعر مزرعه رقي

  5. rosy says:

    I would rather remove seeds and eat the watermelon if it saves me over 1 KD a kilo, unless the difference in taste makes it worthwhile.

  6. JAFF says:

    Im curios to know how they reproduce these Water melons when they are seedless :)

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