SOLO Pizza Napulitana Wins 3rd Best Pizza in the World

Post by Mark


SOLO PN, the local pizza joint were recently invited to compete in a pizza competition at the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015 that was held in Dubai. At first they ended up winning first place in the GCC under three categories, Best Pizza Napoletana, Best Special Pizza and the Fastest Pizzaiuolo. That took them to the world finals in which they ended up coming in third place. A pretty impressive achievement by itself but the fact that it’s by a pizza joint based out of tiny Kuwait is even more impressive. I’m sure it caught everyone by surprise. Check out their instagram account for more details. [Link]

Thanks teenum

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  1. Azz says:

    I’ve had their pizza ( Once). I liked it. congratulations guys.

  2. sala6a says:

    I dunno why I’ve never tried it before. Maybe today…

  3. thomaskuwait says:

    I have not tried any of their Pizza. But I know the owner – very dedicated & passionate. He deserves it. Congrats !!!

  4. MK says:

    They really are amazing! Tried their winning pizza at the Kuwait Food Festival last year…. phenomenal!

  5. What do you mean says:

    Alf Mabrook! I bet Sarah is squirming in her seat. :)

  6. think says:

    It’s good, but not THAT good. Best pizza in Kuwait, maybe.

  7. Ipsom says:

    Wow that’s very impressive. Congrats!!

  8. teenum says:

    Mark, you need to fix your title.

  9. Nasser says:

    It’s great, I love it a lot! I just wish the cheese was a bit less soggy.

  10. Maz says:

    Congrats ! You will be my next cheat meal !

  11. zaydoun says:

    Congrats to the Solo guys; their passion and dedication is inspiring and their pizza is pretty good too

    On a side note, has nobody noticed anything wrong with the whole concept of holding the “Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015” in DUBAI?? Why not in Italy?? Who were the participants??!

  12. Matt says:

    I have heard enough. I will try it today.

  13. Abdullah Saad says:

    Hi, does anyone have any idea about their pricing ?

  14. Vandana says:

    They absolutely deserve it! Congratulations and your pizzas are truly the best!

  15. nuffsaid says:

    “Italian Cuisine World Summit 2016” results…..
    Best Pizza In Middle East,Near Africa( MENA ) – 1st Place -Pizzeria Amami – Kuwait
    Best Pizza using Grano Padano( Parmesan ) – 1st Place – Pizzeria Amami – Kuwait
    Best Pizza Gourmet Middle East, near Africa – 1st Place -Pizzeria Amami – Kuwait

    “Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015” results…..
    Best Pizza in Middle East, near Africa region – 2 Place – Pizzeria Amami – Kuwait

    Well done Kuwait

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