The Best Zaatar Fatayer EVER

Post by Mark

Yesterday while leaving Sultan Center Shaab I ran into my friends mum outside. While talking to her she offered me some gluten free zaatar fatayer which she had just purchased. Even though I had just had lunch and wasn’t hungry, I took one and headed to my car. While driving off I started eating the zaatar and right away there was something different about it, it had a slight sweet taste to it and I loved it. So I sent her a message on whatsapp asking her where she got it from, I figured I could pick some up on my way home.

I was nearly home and she still hadn’t responded so I decided to call her up instead. Turns out she bought them from inside Sultan Center Shaab at JS & Buttercup which recently opened there. So even though I had just had lunch and even though I had left Sultan already and I was nearly home, I turned around and headed back again to buy some fatayer, thats how good they were.

The place is located on the left side when you first walk into Sultan Center Shaab. Turns out they only sell the zaatar in boxes of 30 pieces for KD12 but they were willing to sell me a box of 15 for KD6. I didn’t want 15 but in the end I decided to buy them and head over to my dads place and share them with him. They’re the most expensive zaatar fatayer I’ve had but they’re also the most delicious ones I’ve had. They’re also gluten free for those of you who care (I don’t). If you’re interested, here is a link to their instagram account @js.buttercup

PS: Turns out they naturally sweeten the fatayer with dates.

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  1. ashraf says:

    Eating while driving… not good!

  2. meh says:

    Saveco has a pretty good bakery that does breads, pizzas and fatayer with options for a variety of doughs, whole grain, brown , etc.

  3. 845e1 says:

    It is silly that they only sell the zaatar in boxes of 30 pieces. 15 pieces is too much as well.

  4. Patrick says:

    That’s expensive zaatar.

  5. 3azeez says:

    That’s some REALLY Expensive fatayer.

  6. aaa says:

    What did you think of the Viet Nom thing

  7. Dani says:

    I am absolutely loving that Kuwait is very slowly but surely becoming increasingly gluten free friendly. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  8. khalid says:

    since you are in the same area as I am, there is this za3tar place I alawys eat from it’s like I am eating this man2osha directly from lebanon

    try them out they are called rashet za3tar

    they are not some fancy rich place or have a famous instagram accoutn or anything

    this is their number:99204488

    the za3tar is so good even their qashkawn is yummy

  9. jopal says:

    That is against Palestinian constitution Article 3 Section 11 Clause 42: Thy Za’tar shall be free and for all.

  10. zaydoun says:

    Tried them… pretty damn good!

  11. Abdulla S says:

    Mark thank you for your pick it was my fav.

    But it os closed now, we need an update, thanks

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