This is not ice cream

Post by Mark

This is chicken.

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast-food chicken is made from—things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it.

Basically, the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve—bones, eyes, guts, and all. it comes out looking like this.

There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.


Thanks Fahad

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  1. kuwaitsblog says:

    “through a sieve—bones, eyes, guts, and all”

    what the hell? i am not eating that thing :(

  2. Gilbert says:


  3. SQ says:

    oh god ! this is gross but im craving McD chicken nuggets !

  4. Ramez says:

    maybe thats a rawhide bones for dogs

  5. Shiznit says:


  6. Sausages says:

    thats how sausages are also made (the processed ones)

    hotdogs… anyone :D

  7. Randy says:

    who cares as long as it tastes good when cooked :-P

  8. zaydoun says:

    Fast Food Nation… Required reading/viewing!!!

  9. Kuwait says:

    Oh yuck Mark.

    That even looks like a giant turd lolz.

  10. I saw this on tv recently and now I avoid most fast food.

  11. Rafeek says:

    What the!!!!! The slightest possibility of this being true makes me want to throw up! And I don’t even eat fast food chicken!

    No nuggets again ever!

  12. mm hmm says:

    Looks delish.. spankibly delicious..

  13. BR says:

    I prefer traditional grilled whole chicken where i can be sure which part came from where…. LOL.

  14. vampire says:

    but it “looks” delicious

  15. d'fined says:

    I wouldnt even feed my dog this…
    he gets a boild chicken with veggis everyday for dinner.

    When I first came to ME I have never heared of KFC or the 100 other junk resturants you have. Norway is healthy and the people moslt eat home made food. Simply bc the goverment dont make it cheaper to eat out.
    I struggeled to find healthy things in Sultan 7 years back, but now I am glad things are changing for the better. SLOWLYYYYYYYYYYY…=)

  16. Les says:

    niya22222 that’s disgusting!!!
    never ever again :(

  17. Sts says:

    Thats why I told my wife I never eat at fast food…

    After you eat REAL home cooked food, you develop a repulsion to fast food.. you tend to see it as plastic food… and it just make you nauseous when you pass by it…


  18. AMAJ says:

    Do you think the nuggets sold in our supermarkets are from the same source? Don’t they make them here in Kuwait locally? Same process?!!

  19. Othman Al-Othman says:

    Someone is finally shedding light on this issue.
    If anyone’s interested, I recommend watching Food Inc as well.

  20. Mrs F says:

    Eww!! That just killed my appetite :(

  21. UmA says:

    I’m gonna throw up! That pink color is probably from the BLOOD! is this even Halal?

    This should be Illegal for KIDS!

  22. PedroDashT says:

    Everyone stop calling me Mc’Chicken !!!

  23. Oleana says:

    OMG!! That’s disgusting :/

  24. Patrick says:

    Am I the only one that isn’t really disgusted by this? I’m not sure what people thought they were eating when they had junk food.

    it still looks tasty to me.

  25. Ahmed says:

    Basically… It IS chicken, every part of it. With absolutely no bacteria, artificially coloured and flavoured.
    It’s still quite nutritional seeing as you’re eating everything in the chicken.
    It tastes good!

  26. Adam says:


    Actually most everybody who eats fast food thinks they are eating poor cuts of meat, along with skin and other fillers. Mechanically separated meat is a whole new level of disgusting. Most people don’t realize this.

  27. vampire says:

    lol at PedroDashT
    i’m with you Patrick
    i will eat this no problem

  28. K says:


    Do your worst, you can’t convince me to not eat junk food at least once in a while.

  29. FAMAJAH says:

    …and that’s why I boycott fast food. Except Pizza :P

  30. Rita says:


  31. Sonic says:

    This is gross, it almost killed me.. Yaaaak!

  32. ross says:

    lol who cares it still tastes good

  33. E A A S says:

    I read it while I was in class , got out of campus , got my chicken sandwich, ate it , and am still like before :P

  34. Haitham says:

    You guys should really see Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, fantastic show and he shows the process of making that mechanically separated chicken. He was in Huntington, West Virginia, the fattest city in the U.S. to try to change the whole fast food culture there. The scary thing is when he showed a bunch of elementary school kids exactly how that is made, they were all still willing to eat it. Blows your mind.

  35. Super cow says:

    Ahhh O.o
    That goes into my stomach?!?! WTF!

  36. Summer says:

    At first I thought wow it actually looks good.. then I read the description and now I seriously want to barf.

  37. Venkatesh says:

    Currently my stomach is upset and this helped me to clean my bowls. :)

  38. cajie says:

    James Oliver explains the process much better in this YouTube video.

  39. cajie says:

    Sorry, did not see Haitham’s comment. Anyway, I provided the video link.

  40. 3azeez says:

    Actually the source is incorrect… it stated that an entire chicken is smashed to make this paste… the truth is only the waste of the chicken (usually the bone with meat sticked onto it) is placed into this machine to make this paste.

    in other countries where pork is available they usually mix chicken, beef, and pork bones to make wieners, spam, and other processed food.

  41. TweeZ says:

    slim jims are made from this.

  42. Lloyd says:

    I typed ‘mechanically separated chicken hoax’in the google search bar, prayed and then hit enter……turns out I didn’t pray hard enough….

  43. PFunk says:

    So this is what is in Pinkberry?

  44. sallom says:

    Damn you mark for posting this lol, I already hate fast food !

  45. Nael says:

    Here’s a video of how it’s done.

    I think the guy was exaggerating with the eyes, guts, “asshole”…etc. :)

    There are skin, bones, and flesh mixed with each other, but those are good stuff.

    the only similar processed meat that I eat are those Chicken or Turkey slices or “Mortadella”.

    Tell me those aren’t bad?

  46. Nael says:

    my only question about the picture is, how come they are putting them in carton boards??!!

  47. lensman says:

    @ cajie : kids will always be kids lol!

  48. lensman says:

    Thanks for the video Mark. I’ve always believed that fast food/processed food is junk food!

  49. Marisol says:

    Hey! I just found out this stuff is in Slim Jims also. Those beef jerky stick things. Made me so grossed out I posted ingredients on my site LOL. Seems worse than McDonalds. >.>

  50. Haitham says:

    Nael: I don’t believe it’s the same thing as those turkey and chicken slices, especially not the ones that are sliced in front of you at supermarket’s deli section. But I think mortadella is like bologna, full of that scrap meat.

  51. MJH says:

    ok this may be a bit exaggerated lol

    this site tackles myths and rumors and stuff, read the article on mechanically seperated meats (MSM)

    no guts, no eyes, no land mines

    just flesh and tissue, and the sieve and machines actually use high pressure to seperate the tissue and flesh stuck to the bones

    it also says mcdonalds chicken nuggets has been using all white meat since 2003.

    although u never know when mcdonalds is lying haha

    thanks mark :)

  52. Fatma says:

    Grooooossss!!!! Eeew I thought chicken is safer to eat than meat in restuarants :((

  53. Nice shade of pink for something with no artificial coloring. I think it hardly matters whether you eat this, or a nice white chicken breast from the same chicken factory. It’s the way the chickens are raised that causes the bacteria, not the way they are processed.

    Though I do wonder why there is no plastic liner on that box.

  54. Abdullah says:

    looks like a pink elephant’s dump

  55. dana mandani says:

    What the hell this is so awful!!!! I can’t believe that I used to like this shit!

  56. Eliasoz says:

    This picture was specifically related to McDonald’s. So yeah, I’m sticking with their Quarter Pounder, LOL

    I know I’m kinda late to the party :P But that’s how it was posted on all the websites I saw and news sources.

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