Top 10 Restaurants in Kuwait

Post by Mark

1- Caribbean Hut Restaurant
2- Tatami
3- Mais Alghanim
4- Al Boom Steak and Seafood
5- Edo
6- The Chocolate Bar
7- Fish Market
8- Solo Pizza Napolitana
9- Maki
10- Slider Station

That top 10 list is based on Trip Advisor and even though I don’t think I agree with it, I’m having trouble putting together my top 5 list yet alone top 10. My #1 would be Open Flame Kitchen but after that things get blurry. Whats your top 5 list?

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  1. lolguy says:

    I have heard a lot of people raving about a ‘Burj Hammam’. I never got to try it out though.

  2. Patrick says:

    Definitely don’t agree with Trip Advisor.

    1 – Open Flame Kitchen
    2 – Edo
    3 – Meat Co
    4 – Slider Station
    5 – Mayaas

  3. n19 says:

    1. Slider
    2. Maki
    3. Solo Pizza
    4. Mamluka
    5. Chocolate Bar

  4. q80 says:

    1.Open Flame

    • aaa says:

      Ninos is way way way way worse than it used to be.

      Also some of those places have nice decor and atmosphere but pretty bad food (not naming names). I’d rather have good food

      • q80 says:

        Nice decor is part of rating a restaurant. Going to a restaurant is a whole experience.
        The only thing I regret about the list is forgetting Veranda, because it really tops the list.

        • aaa says:

          I dunno to me decor can’t cover up shitty or overpriced food. Which is also why I’d leave Veranda off the list :P Personal opinion.

          Nice to sit in, but that’s about it.

          • djelibaby says:

            agreed. decor has shit to do with it for me. And Trip Advisor is not necessarily rating ambience – just whether guests think its a good place or not. So it’s subjective

  5. G says:

    1. Melanzane Bidaa
    2. Gathering bistro
    3. Prime and Toast
    4. Meat Company
    5. Mayas

  6. RBG says:

    Veranda should be on any of those lists …

  7. dudette says:


  8. S says:

    my favs are (not in any order), Asha’s, Carluccio’s, Al Forno’s, The Gaucho Grill and Brasserie

  9. aaa says:

    Mais Al Ghanim isn’t even the best lebanese place let alone the best in Kuwait…

    Also this list is based on like, 5 votes in some cases :P Nobody uses tripadvisor here I ugess

    • Patrick Jones says:

      Mais al-Ghanim may not be the best but it is the most consistently ok… There are some that are better but rarely consistently so…

      I would give Mais al-Ghanim 4/5 overall and some Lebanese places on some visits are 5/5 but the next time you visit them the service is shocking or the food not as good.

      Also comparative prices need to considered also – Mais al-Ghanim gives a good meal for circa KWD4 per head.

      Tripadvisor I would suggest isn’t just looking at quality of plate put in front of you but also overall value for money.

      To give an example, I think the Italian restaurant in Symphony Hotel in Salmiya has excellent food but at KWD15+++/head I think it merits no more than a 3/5 compared to the same value at Fish Market or Signor Sassi.

      • Patrick Jones says:

        The italian I’m referring to is actually La Cucina in Missoni Hotel… great food – if you have managed to see one of your kidneys to pay for the pleasure.

        • Mark says:

          It’s called Missoni Hotel btw and the restaurant closed down

          • Patrick Jones says:

            Thanks. It will have closed down I guess for the same reason we never returned there. You could get a lot more for your money elsewhere. We went there in the month it opened and never returned.

            A pity – the food was very good but not worth KWD15+++ per head.

  10. Mathai says:

    1. Caesars
    2. Canary (Shuwaikh branch)
    3. Khyber
    4. Greenland
    5. Udupi (Fahaheel branch)

  11. vampire says:

    Solo Pizza Napolitana
    خبز ايراني فوقه دقّوس

  12. me says:

    If you like Japanese food, I recommend Meli Melo in Shaab

  13. I love KEI in JW Marriot, hibachi show is great and I love Texas Roadhouse for their ‘Murican food.

  14. Ashraf says:

    Texas rd house grill
    Freej Swaleh
    Dean n Daluca (just for the cheese fatayer)
    TGI (may be)

  15. Wishbone says:

    Take Trip advisor with a pinch of salt. Its not black and white or really right.

    Actually recently there was a major issue with it that a user, to prove his point, made up a fictional restaurant and had commented its awesomeness being a Michelin star restaurant.

    People took the long trip, found it to be an empty alleyway.

    Sometimes Trip advisor is right. Other times its wrong.

    There was a recent marketing research paper which showed people are likely to post bad reviews than good ones, and most of those posts are by individuals who could not be traced to have bought the products they commented on.

  16. Mhouli99 says:

    1- Sakura
    2- Alshimam
    3- Lorenzo
    4- Fish Market
    5- Shawirma Shuwaikh

  17. Mais al ghanim at number 3 really? Their food is beyond bland..unless things have changed in the past year or so. Im thinking a bunch of yuppie tourists went there and loved the decor and convinced themselves they were eating authentic lebanese food.

  18. Bilal says:

    1- Noukhaza Restaurant
    2- Burj Hammam
    3- Fat Burger
    4- Texas Steak house
    5- Dean Deluca
    6- Khyber

  19. Joe says:

    1. Ubon
    2. Solo Pizza Napulitana
    3. Gaucho Grill
    4. Shawarma Shuwaikh
    5. Signor Sassi (360)
    6. Burj Al Hammam

    Struggle to identify more.

  20. Abdullah says:

    1.Slider station
    4.signor sassi
    5.Solo pizza

  21. JamilS says:

    1. TGI fridays , great place to hangout with friends
    2. Ayam zaman salmiyah, best lebanese food especially when the head chef is there
    3. Divas , but now it kind of got screwed up.
    4. Johnny Rockets
    5. Rib eye steak/ Texas roadhouse , best steakhouses i tried.
    others…olive garden, fat burger…

  22. Danny says:

    1 – Fish Market Salmiya
    2- Benihana Avenues
    3 – Caesars Kuwait City Chinese
    4 – TGI Fridays (any) – Great prices and variety
    5 – Some turkish restaurant in Salmiya opposite gulf road

    BTW, having lived in Kuwait for so long, I find it quite difficult to choose my top 5 restaurants because most of the restaurants are not authentic or they seriously lack in cooking skills. Not the same in the USA, where a local burger joint or mom and pop BBQ store could easily become memorable forever. Or Bangkok…where street food tastes better than five star restaurants in KWI!

    • aaa says:

      Our street food can be amazing, you’re looking in the wrong places. Kebab places in Bneid el gar have the best kebab I’ve ever tasted, “Shari3 mata3im” is literally a road full of street food with all types of different food. Go to one of the in demand kebab places on a friday night and you’ll see dozens of cars parked outside waiting to pick some up.

      For local restaurants a bunch of people have been posting local Kuwaiti franchises in their lists, but then again your list has Fridays and Benihana so I’m starting to doubt your taste

      • Beejay says:

        Mark.. is that you ? :P

      • Danny says:

        Benihana has the best sushi in town. I love their platters and I find their staff very good as well. TGI friday has excellent steaks and food in general. I find most steak houses quite expensive and TGI is consistent in their taste and quality. Remember when Kuwait had nothing besides Shawarma and felafel? People would go crazy for American food and I can guarantee you that if TGI was not open, you would see people begging for TGI to open. Now there are a few American style diners so it’s become cool to hate them and focus on astronomically priced esoteric and unique restaurants.

        There is a reason Hardees, KFC and McDonalds still rule Kuwaiti tummies!

        • aaa says:

          KFC actually tastes good and is cheap. It tastes better here than outside – the chicken is actually bought from an Egyptian farm and a lot of the ingredients are controlled from production to product by Americana which isn’t how most worldwide KFC franchises operate. Shitty fast food that is secretly good is my guilty pleasure

  23. bader says:

    1- Villa fyroz
    3-mndi alhigaz(khitan)
    5- Iraqi kbab(salmia)

  24. Sara Al Mukaimy says:

    Its so hard to decide but here you go:

    1- Slider Station
    2- Genki Sushi
    3- Posh Café
    4- Chilis
    5- Nino / The cheesecake Factory

  25. aseel says:

    1. Koryokwan Korean Restaurant.
    2. Fish Palace ( only place to sell delish fish shawarma, fish kibbeh, fish kebab and fish falafel)
    3.China Town Salmiya
    4. Caesars confectionery
    5. Fireej Suwaileh

    • Ibrahim says:

      Where is Koryokwan?!?!? I have tried Arirang but was sooooooo disappointed. Is Koryokwan authentic or another one of these pseudo asian restaurant? You see I know Korean cuisine and learned to cook it from Koreans when I was in the US Army so I really miss me some kimbap and bulgogi.

  26. aaa says:

    1. Meat Co.
    2.Open Flame
    3. Gaucho Grill
    4. Edo
    5.Al Mayas

    Which deserve to be on the list and which don’t.

  27. Thyro says:

    I was very interested in the list, until I saw “Maki” then my confidence kinda dropped, Maki is such a horrible place imo, but to each his own :P

  28. HMS says:

    That’s a tough cookie to crack. I can definitely list some good restaurants in Kuwait but as far as putting them in order that needs some real time and a little bit of analysis. Having said that I like the following in no particular order:

    Gaucho Grill
    Meli Melo
    Villa Fayrouz (my only gripe with them is that they have terrible service)
    Open Flame
    Oriental Cuisine (again, service here is horrendous but their green chicken curry is amazing!)

  29. Danny says:

    Ubon is also the best Thai restaurant in Kuwait. After spending two weeks in Bangkok, I have seen very few real thai restaurants carry the same taste as Ubon. The only restaurant close to Ubon was the Dutch Restaurant in Soi Cowboy. My wife loved it too!

  30. Boyousef says:

    Nadi alyarmook botat and bedeyan
    Salwa block 5 resturant
    My fav 5 resturant

  31. brownsuger says:

    My Top 5 in random order are:

    Shati Al-Watya
    Burger Hud & Fat Burger ;D

  32. Kumar says:

    The Peacock Restaurant in the Radisson Blu Hotel is set to reopen on 21st September

  33. prashant says:

    b+f open flame kitchen its should be on top

  34. Shico says:

    There is a great restaurant called
    Ricardo reAly fantastic for special occasion
    Romantic candles music great service

  35. Yousef says:

    Italian: Melenzane in Bida3 Area
    Chinese: Peacock inside SAS Hotel
    Shawirma: Shawirmatic Salmiya Baghdad Street
    Labanese: Al Bustan (Location used to be Nief Chicken on the Gulf Road)
    Buffet: Marriot Courtyard Kuwait City
    Delivery Chinese: China Garden (best packaging and quick service really god food)
    Sushi: Sushi Club ( I like the place but might not be the best)

  36. Ali says:

    مطعم كناري بلا منازع فرع السالميه شارع الخنساء

  37. Amin says:

    1-Burj el Hamam
    6-Taco Bell
    7-Slider Station

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