Vigonovo is Closing Down

Post by Mark


Vigonovo, the cute and cozy Italian restaurant in Al Khalid Complex is closing down today. Due to a number of factors including an increase in their rent, today will be their last day of operation. So if you’ve been meaning to check the place out then this is your last chance. @vigonovo_kw

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  1. Patagucci says:

    I don’t think they’re closing down for good though.

  2. jennifer càdiz says:

    It’s moving, not closing, surely? We can’t let all that Itie totty go to the dogs!

  3. Ryan says:

    I was there yesterday and talked with the owner for 15minutes. The current location is closing cause he has no time to run the business and find a new place. So all his time starting tomorrow is going to Finding a new location that is affordable for them and assured they won’t be closed long.

  4. Altaf says:

    What! I am so sad. One of the BEST most authentic Italian restaurants in Kuwait. However, I understand and have the same problem, as I currently am expanding and am bogged down with everything entailed in setting up a new place. Also, like me, he makes everything himself. Awaiting his return with baited breath.

  5. Vigonovo says:

    First of all, we love you guys! It been going a crazy year full of gratifications and this is just thanks to all of you. Because is exactly all of you that made vigonovo! I’m closing yes, cause I need a place that suits better vigonovo. 1year ago I didn’t know how many could love it, now that I’m sure about, is time to take the things much serious and offer you the best. Get ready, because we will be back, and when will happen, is gonna be unforgettable! Don’t worry, is gonna be soon!!! In the time been will be available for carriage and we have many many cute surpraise for our customers!!!
    Marco, Jessa, John, Elena

    • Dfine says:

      We are sad to see you close, but hope you will be back soon, stronger and with a even better location.

    • Meem says:

      Why don’t you move next door to Lorenzo? the space is beautiful and there is hardly anyone going there
      I think a partnership can be formed and both of you guys can benefit

  6. Chawki says:

    It is a shame that it is closing. I am not sure if the cuisine that Chef Marco creates can be delivered. We will definitely miss the personal touch and the interaction with guests.

    Hurry up and open a new location soon.


  7. khaled says:

    I was lucky to go recently, and quite easily say its more than just food, its an experience, I honestly felt that I was not in a restaurant in Kuwait for the whole time there in the sense that it wasn’t overly crowded people staring mayonnaise filled dishes sense. cosy nice friendly and happy place, where they took the time to calm my 9 month old who was feeling fussy, wish you all the best look forward to supporting you at your new place.

    • Mark says:

      yup exactly, its not just about the food but the whole experience that marco has created. i was there on sunday for dinner and felt pretty sad that we were losing a place like this. hopefully they end up finding a new location and reopening again with the same kind of atmosphere.

  8. Aslawi says:

    I picked up my family yesterday and headed to your restaurant and when I reached your door i noticed the sign “food only served for those who are wearing white” which made me turn around and leave,it would have been nice to have one final dinner before your closure,but that post made me leave and am sure many others did! such a shame Vigonovo

  9. Ntooya says:

    The ambiance of the place is very different from all the other eateries in Kuwait, it had this special vibe going on which made eating out in Vigonovo a charming memorable experience. Waiting for the new place, having its delivered home is definitely not the same as dining in at their place.

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