Who Makes the Best Dosa in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

My favorite dosa place in Kuwait has been Saravanaa Bhavan for some time now. But I’m kinda bored of it and want to try out a new place. Can someone recommend another Indian restaurant that does great dosas?

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  1. Rukaiya says:

    Anjapar restaurant in farwaniya has varieties in dosa

  2. Aatif says:

    Try Shakahari (Hindi word means vegetarian) in Salmiya Block 10 near Don Bosco School. They have some pretty decent dosas. It’s a branch of Ceasar restaurant

  3. Nasori says:


  4. Ravi says:

    If my memory serves me right haven’t we talked about this dosa topic in the past?

  5. Blaise says:

    Try Anand Bhavan in Salmiya.Its opposite Indian English Academy School Don Bosco in Salmiya.

  6. Gemcy George says:

    Try paneer dosa at shakahari restaurant in salmiya block 10.

  7. jafar sadik sadik says:

    Try Anand Bhavan in Salmiya

  8. AR says:

    Amman Bhelpuri has been making the best dosas since 1971.

    Their Masala Dosas are out-of-this-world. They’re slathered with potatoes, spices and onions.

  9. zaydoun says:

    I’ve only tried UDUPI across from my office and I liked it, but I remember quite a few people previously comment here that it was not one of the best in Kuwait

  10. manish says:

    you can try the dosas at woodland restaurant opp junior indian school or as mentioned above at shakahari or anand bhavan.

  11. juzer says:

    Kerala Express in Fahaheel has good Dosa ,Non Veg too

  12. Sah says:

    Dear Mar,

    If you want to try traditional Dosa in kuwait try at Annamalai Restaurant Mangaf,

    The place is not clean at all but dosa same like traditional .

    Also you can try any of south Indian restaurant in kuwait

    But i recommended Mangaf Annamalai ( Take Away only )

  13. RT says:

    Indian Delights in Salmiya Block-10

    You can also try “Misal Pav”…. Mumbai street food but spicy…

  14. Jay says:

    Both Ceasers shakahari and Anand bhawan in Salmiya are very shitty and low standard stuff. No where close to the Sarvana Bhawan dosas. You may want to try the Udipi restaurant in Salmiya which is pretty good.

  15. Rafi says:

    best one is closed now
    there use to be one udupi opposite to white rose restaurant but it is closed ….
    2nd best is sarvanaa bhavan …..
    all others are improvising to serve dosa ….
    worst dosa of course shakahari…

  16. DeViL says:

    Dosa is like bread, what enhances it is the stuffing, chutney and Saambhar served with it. Not tried many in Kuwait but Udupi Near Al-Rasheed Hospital serves decent ones. More fond of their Thali’s but.

  17. stanley says:

    Adayar Annanda bhavan ( opp indian english academy ) is a must try…. their chutneys ….awesome… also Amman… these r the places in salmiya…. BLOCK 10

  18. kk12002 says:

    Adayar Ananda Bhavan Sweets And Snacks
    Al Dhahak St. 2 Ln, Salmiya
    9470 0779


  19. Bosco says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thankyou for Bringing up the Dosa Talk..,
    Personally i’m a foodie, and luv all kinds of Food of diff countries…
    Well Dosa is purely a South Indian Dish actually…
    If one has had a typical Dosa at different Restaurants, and also the sambhar (curry) and the one or two chutney (coconut or spicy dip) which it is served along side, it sure tastes differently state-wise (in India).
    And all states have a nice version to the sambhar and chutney too.
    I’d rate the best Dosa to be at the Udipi Restaurant @ Salmiya, behind the AlRashid Hospital (somewhat the road behind)

  20. Hind says:

    Green land in mubarakeya 👌🏼

  21. Sreenath says:

    Anand Bhavan in Salmiya

  22. Ram Bhat says:

    Try at Greenland restaurant, in the Heritage market in Kuwait city. Not only Dosa, other dishes are also made tastefully there.

  23. Samantha says:

    If you want a deviation from saravanaa bhavan I would suggest the Saravanaa Bhavan at Dajeej 😂 It’s in the food court above Lulu Hypermarket. I know it’s basically the same chain but when compared to the one in Fahaheel this one has better quality food. The chutneys, dosas, vadas as well as the filter coffee taste a lot better here. The rava dosa is yummmm! I don’t really like the service or the food at the Fahaheel branch and the best part is after I eat at Dajeej my clothing and I do not wreak of masala. Do try it. Ceasar’s Shakahari is ok, better dining ambience but the food is average. Ananda Bhavan doesn’t come anywhere close to Saravanaa sorry 😔

  24. Djgold says:

    For the real deal take a flight down to South India (Cochin, Bangalore or Chennai). The dosa’s, vada’s taste really good down there. In Kuwait you get okay stuff at Sarvanabhavan and Udipi in Salmiya.

    Also, the taste varies with region each state/area has a different taste to the same item.

  25. Theo says:

    If you are interested, come home I will make the best Dosa for you


  26. whizb says:

    Two of the best dosas I’ve tried are at Udipi in city and Thakkar in Salmiya. Udipi is a bit spicy, and Thakkar has by far the best sambar (lentil curry served with dosa) I’ve tasted here.

  27. Leslie says:

    You won’t believe this:

    There’s a high ranking govt official who travels to India once a month with his family, just to have dosa!

    He himself said so.

  28. Josh says:

    Well, for variety I guess you need to try Star Udhayam restaurant in mahboula, small place but they have egg, chicken kheema(minced) and prawn masala Dosa. Ive tasted and they are pretty decent.


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