Who Makes the Best Fish and Chips in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

Whats your favorite fish and chips place in Kuwait? I’m drawing a blank just trying to think of a place other than Shrimpy that even has fish and chips on the menu.

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  1. Moe says:

    Organica Fish & Chips but I rate it 6/10

  2. Abmaster says:

    Last i checked, Yamamto had the best fish and chips Ive had here. Not sure if they are still serving any at this confused ‘Japanese street food’ restaurant

    • Mark says:

      i can’t tell if their transformation from fish and chips restaurant to japanese restaurant is now complete or not https://www.instagram.com/yamamoto_kw/

    • Elisha says:

      Well, with Yamamoto, not sure about their fish n chips but other Japanese dishes were horrible, not even close to okay. Being the only restaurant I know of that serves donburi in kuwait, so shame that they are so terrible 😭

      • aaa says:

        Donburi: St Almakan (they changed menu dunno if they still do), Katsuya serves some ricebowl stuff that’s good, I think Edo and Kei have unagidon, the korean restaurants all have bibimbap

      • Rain says:

        Al Makan serves a fusion type of Donburi! It’s pretty good

      • Maz says:

        Nomad Bistro (Kuwait City behind to the old Wataniya HQ also on Carriage) have a pretty good Brisket Donburi Bowl. Get it with side of Kimchi and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Riba says:

    TGI Fridays has “Kids Fish & Chips”, that is the closest thing I am aware of. :)

  4. Sandy says:

    Dean & Deluca !….quite yummy as I recall

  5. Salah says:

    That’s a good question, but I’m pretty sure Cheesecake factory has it and I’m also sure it’s good.

  6. Sam says:

    Ugh… Shrimpy Fish and Chips are so greasy.

  7. Mimi says:

    IHOP have it on their menu and its not bad, though it doesn’t come close to the real deal.

  8. Ramez says:

    used to love Organica ,, but they closed down

  9. Sue Azmi says:

    oh my mother’s! Im starting her up on instagram soon.

  10. Patrick says:

    Urban Cafe on Carriage has decent Fish & Chips.

  11. Ah Mad says:

    Fish & co. are oppening soon in Salmiya same complex where Sky Cinemas is.

  12. Ceci alfahad says:

    Cheesecake Factory for sure!

  13. Quintin says:

    i love fish and chips! thanks for this post :P … keep suggesting everyone, i’m writing these places down

  14. Nadim says:

    Ocean basket soon

  15. Elby says:

    Actually I’m a big fan of fish and chips. And the best one I ever had in Kuwait are at Dean & Deluca. They serve some at Texas roadhouse there are just disgusting.

  16. KS says:

    Dean & Deluca

  17. Assumebusy says:

    KOC’s Hubara centre restaurant in Ahmadi has some really good Fried Hammour and chips with tartar sauce. But only for employees. =)

  18. Um-Sami says:

    The English tea room do a refined,very small but very nice version using Hammour. Be very careful what the fish is in your fish n chips, most places use cheap and nasty Tilapia nowadays -Yuk.Do your research on this fish before you eat it and always ask what fish you are getting.

    • cajie says:

      True. Tilapia has become the go-to option even for 5-star restaurants for their fish.
      It’s Hammour or bust for me.

  19. A Proud Kuwaiti says:

    Personally, I head to The Meat Company at 360 for a mouthwatering fish and chips.

  20. Zappy says:

    Hands down the best fish and chips I’v had are from the Fish Company in Salmiya. Actually all the fish they serve are pretty good, service is a bit lacking though.

  21. Ert says:

    Radiation SAS best fish and chips

  22. lfcq8 says:

    meat co.

  23. saba says:

    Texas Roadhouse have it on their menu, Haven’t tried it but i guess it should be good.

    • Gus says:

      Tried it, not worth it. I felt that they were using the cheap fish fillet that is sold for like KD1 per KG in supermarkets.


  24. Ash says:

    AJs kitchen has good fish & chips.

  25. xeonali says:

    Man, this blog still rocks,,

  26. dfo says:

    in Shaab albahry next to the japanese resturant (y) forgot the names lol

  27. Salman says:

    Organica but sadly closed second best Radisson Blu Al Bustan make a great Fish and Chips

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