Destroy Aramex with a Killer Robot

Post by Mark

Ok so you won’t really be destroying Aramex but it’s still fun specially if you’re upset with their recent price increase. State Farm Insurance in the US has a website where you could plug in a street address and then watch a giant robot destroy it. People are supposed to put their home address and their real names but it’s a lot more fun my way. Just put your KWI XXX mailbox as your name and copy paste this address “182-21 150th Avenue” and then watch the robot do it’s part. [Link]

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  1. wow, thats pretty cool. We need to destroy some service ministries and start all over. hint: Kuwait Mail

  2. mikail says:

    Shame there’s no street view for Kuwait Customs LOLL

    Nice one Mark…thx!

  3. ariston says:

    cool! destroy everything ugly…. :P

  4. bob says:

    why do you use aramex and not dhl borderlinx?

    • Mark says:

      a number of reasons, they’ve got much more reasonable prices, they don’t calculate shipping cost based on volumetric weight, no surprises and by that i mean if there is a price increase or change in the way they calculate the cost, Aramex emails and tells you ahead of time, with DHL you find out via word of mouth or by mistake after you notice your shipping price is higher (this happened with me). Finally brand loyalty, I’ve been using Shop and Ship for 10 years now and I’ve tried the competition and I keep coming back to Aramex.

  5. bob says:

    what about issues like damaged or missing packages and delivery time?

    • Mark says:

      Never had any package damaged or gone missing and i know for a fact if an item gets damaged because of a fault from their side then they pay you for the item. I’ve actually posted an example of that before.

  6. bob says:

    awesome. im convinced. borderlinx has too high of a fee with this volumetric nonsense. Sometimes i pay more for shipping then the item.

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