Hit Bush with a shoe game

Post by Mark

Bush Shoes

Think you can do better than the journalist? [Link]

Thanks Katia!

Update: Here are some hilarious animated gif’s of the shoe throw [Link]

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  1. kadavul says:

    I will try right away!

  2. kadavul says:

    Tried and got 9!

  3. kadavul says:

    Moved to intermediate level! Got 11 now!
    (a secret for higher score – keep the shoe to the right side of hi

  4. STING says:

    ma yegooz ya gema3aa fe esem allah fe el 3alam wara

  5. Boomup21 says:

    i got 14 shots
    every one in our office is playin now

  6. Anonymous says:

    akh ya sting… law tfate7 shway ma ra7 tig3ad ib dawamat il sakhafat hathe ili inta o ‘3airik mibtalsheen feeha 3asallah la yableene :)

  7. cajie says:

    Well, that did not take long.

  8. cajie says:

    I got a score of 15.

  9. 3zizan says:

    i scored 40 but its starting to get bored

  10. Ahsan says:

    I love this game

  11. MacaholiQ8 says:

    The first thing I had in mind when I saw the original clip is “Now we’re going to see shoe throwing games!”.

  12. Barack Obama says:


  13. mba says:

    There is another one funnier and more difficult:

    and don’t mess these animations (could take some time)

    now it make sense to say: Yes we can :)

  14. darkwolf80s says:

    Oh WTF?!? Already they made a game out of this?!? WOW!! Never underestimate the power of the INTERNET.

  15. Cloudy Stars says:

    Bismillah that was fast! :P
    Amdaah they came up with a game lol

  16. Jamie Lin says:

    Another one here. This time you play Bush. See if you’re faster than Mr. President:


  17. niki says:

    Haven’t You NIKE Shoes for more fun ?

  18. dog says:

    I got a nine first time. My ten year old got a 12. Is there a Dick Cheney game where you can choke him till his eyeballs pop out?

  19. gaurang says:

    nice……….i m enjoying this game and my co-workers are also playing this game……….

  20. rabih says:

    i ll kick your ass

  21. giggles says:

    I think the cia will start looking for the maker of the game

  22. Rambo says:

    I will punch holes in his face with my shoe ha ha ha
    it’snt over at …………………

  23. samramada says:

    Arabs Asked to Release More Anger at Bush
    This Time In “Cyberspace”

    December 17, 2008 – Tripoli, Lebanon

    NEW Web Site to Whack Bush designed to help Arabs experience what Al-Muntazar Al-Zeidi really felt by throwing the shoe at Bush.

    It is professionally designed and includes Arab and English Vocal-Shouts as well. User can select the shoe of choice to whack at Bush including the appropriate-for-the-holidays Santa Clause’s Boots. The default selection is a Texan Shoe, the type of shoe Bush probably understands best, it also inflicts maximum damage.

    The site is dubbed to be the Official Site to Yell at and Whack G.W.Bush with a Shoe: http://www.ShoeBushWorldwide.com

    “This is not just a game” explains the site creator TEN24x.com who developed it in just 8 hours, “it is intended to help more angry Arabs release their anger at bush thru Cyberspace”. The creators attempted to create a very formal and serious set-up to the game to mimic the usual formality during a “presidential” press conference, where a “reporter” throws the shoe at the President. After being hit and bruised 3 times, on the fourth hit, Bush ducks and pulls out his white underwear as a sign of surrender.

    PWEMA.com will track Participants, Whacks, Favorite Shoes and Favorite Yells. The Stats will also later display participating countries. The creators encourage Arabs and all foreign supporters to practice their Freedom of Expression by visiting the site and taking a Cyber Whack at Bush.

    In a fun sequel, Ten24x intends to add new features such as Select the US Official you wish to Whack, and In case reporters are asked in the future to take off their shoes in Presidential Press Conferences, they plan to Increase the list of objects to throw at bush to include Cell Phones, Cameras, Tape Recorders, Pens, Lipstick, Wallets and just about anything else allowed by a reporter inside a Press Conference, additional multi-lingual shouts will also be supported.

  24. souliman says:

    more like theyr playing the game too ;p

  25. 1337 says:

    i LoL’ed at the updated post, damn warcraft is EVERYWHERE!!!

  26. Jawad says:

    go 2 hell bush………………..


  27. The firt thing i do after starting my office computer i open that game and hit bush 100 shoes.hahahahahahahahahaha……………………………..

  28. nash says:

    This is damn crazy! how u can never underestimate the internet

  29. ashfaq vora says:

    the thing which is done is good

  30. tiyong says:

    nice game in sparetime haha

  31. Adi says:

    Nice game lol!!!
    i m lovin it

  32. noyan says:

    awsome game, i got 15 :D

  33. nonymus says:

    Shame…if that guy was man, he should have thrown shoes at Saddam when he was around, not at dumb ol dubya. they would have chopped him into pieces…

  34. anonimus says:

    haha i have hit him 20 times:)))))))). nice game

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