Ice Skating Rink Throwback Nights

Post by Mark


Dear Tourist Enterprises Company, could we please have 90s throwback nights once a month at the ice skating rink?

Back in the early 90s, the ice skating rink was one of the coolest places to hang out in Kuwait. There used to be an arcade over there filled with gaming machines, pool and air hockey tables as well as a small restaurant that served simple food like burgers and fries. The ice skating rink itself used to be packed with people and there was even a DJ that would be pumping out the latest hits. Walking into the ice skating rink felt like walking into a club with now classics like SNAP! – The Power or Soul II Soul – Back To Life blasting loudly over the speakers.

Having a 90s throwback night once a month would be a great way to bring people back to the ice skating rink, DJ Bonita even volunteered to take charge of the music, blasting us with all the great 90s hits. Imagine how much fun that would be? So TEC, lets set it up!

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  1. The Other Ahmed says:

    #MakeKuwaitIceSkatingRinkGreatAgain 😂

  2. The skating rink used to have a kick-ass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game that I was highly addicted to.

  3. Apollo says:

    Bro, I miss the old days when your blog was more soulful. Every post nowadays is about coffee or advertising some new food place that opened up.

    Bring back the old days, the opinion and thought provoking stuff.

    • Mark says:

      Try checking the blog more than once a month and you’ll see I still post a variety of topics not just coffee or restaurants. It just so happens today I posted about coffee and a restaurant but scroll down past those and you’ll see other topics.

  4. Alexandre Tabbah says:

    I can volunteer 70’s and 80’s music as well as some oldies French, Italian and awesome Latino.

  5. anonymous says:

    I cant seem to find an answer to the question of “Is the skating rink still operational?”

    Everytime I drive by it I see it in a dilapidated condition.

  6. Think says:

    Nostalgia on Ice

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