How Brands Can Advertise in Pokémon Go

Post by Mark


If fashionistas can make money then it’s only fair Pokémon players should be able to make money in Kuwait as well. So this is how I think Pokémon players in Kuwait can generate income in three easy steps.

1) Get a powerful Pokémon
2) Takeover a popular gym location with high traffic like Avenues or something
3) Offer to brand the Pokémon exchange for a fee

Sadly I’m only half joking here.

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  1. - says:

    Or you can just offer a Safari type trip for 8-10KD per trip w/ snacks and drinks included..

  2. Shayoo says:

    Haha nice! Unfortunately you cant rename your Pokemon for others to see, its only local on your device/account. Too much racism and flaming for that feature to be enabled :(

    I dunno how it shows as ooreedoo on your device since mine is default?

    • Mark says:

      I just photoshopped it, so you’re saying whatever I am naming my Pokemon only I can see it? Cuz I’ve been coming up with creative names lol

    • Shayoo says:

      Cant edit the above comment, but a great idea would be to have the character name itself as a company! I think there is some advertisement program too with niantic to rent new gym locations or pokestops for your business.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Some cafes in U.S. asks you to order a drink before capturing the Pokémon in their area.

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