Jackie Chan is dead… NOT

Post by Mark

Jackie Chan not dead

There was a rumor being passed around that Jackie Chan passed away and it seems a journalist at Al Watan newspaper thought it was true and published it as actual news. [Link]

Thanks to everyone who emailed me this.

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  1. AMQ says:

    if i was jackie chan and i just so happen to read the Al-watan paper with the article about me being dead. i would sue their asses HAH!

  2. Shoxin says:

    My friend told me about it, I insisted it was a lie =/ Even went to Al Watan’s site to tell them they’ve published an untrue rumor, but I couldn’t find their ‘contact us’ e-mail.

  3. zo'3a says:

    alla yr7ma

  4. Mark says:

    ? he is NOT dead…

  5. kwt23 says:

    loool…i actually heard about this and didn’t believe it…damn those newspapers we got here!

  6. KTDP says:

    Not the first fake death this year …. looks like a trend people. ….

  7. punky says:

    spoke ot the guy that published this at Al-Watan and the ass said he got an e-mail of the news and published it. The idiot did not bother to even confirm the story!

  8. Adam says:

    sounds like the way everything works in kuwait

  9. Mathai says:

    wonder what that journalist is reporting now…

  10. crocko rock says:

    I heard Alcohol is getting legalized in Kuwait soon.

  11. Margoga says:

    this is typical AL-WA6AN NEWS paper and TV chanell.

  12. q8expat says:

    Just think if they started publishing all the fwd mails that this “guy” gets….. seriously…. need to question the existence of the whole newspaper itself…

  13. fadibou says:

    well he could die any time soon,
    depends how soon he can die to make Al Watan look good.

  14. iRise says:

    Yes… I saw this yesterday. I can’t believe this happened. How embarrassing of Al Watan newspaper.

  15. Daddy's Girl says:

    Typical arab mentality. Recieve something on email, then its true by default!!! i must start a blog of how many emails i have proven wrong by just using the thing residing in my skull for a sec…

    Who made that guy a reporter anyways?! I have searched up and down the net for the death of jackie chan news and found it only on Al-Watan … i looked all over for their email to let them know how wrong they are but couldnt find it!!!!

    La o the tale goes on about how he devided his money etc etc. … ya ilahee 3la il chtheeb!

  16. rejoys says:

    what a shame
    they only do copy pasting without actually verifying

  17. salah says:


  18. bag says:

    Testing 1 2 3
    teasting 1 2 3
    Did world news wire cover AlWatan news?

  19. Meshoooo says:

    EXTRA EXTRA read all about it (ALwatan) I knew it was a flop since no international news agency aired the news
    maybe thier next big news is a UFO crash landed in Wafra

  20. momo says:

    I nearly shit my pants, actually believed it

    cause when i heard that heath ledger died i thought it was a joke, then it was real, so this want that far off either

    Daddy’s girl: LOL yeah that wealth distribution thing was just plain wrong ;P added realism to it

  21. Marzouq says:

    Hell No! Jackie Chan can’t die!! He kicks ass! And there is still Rush Hour 4 to make!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Tucker won’t let him die!!!!

  22. F4P says:

    I remember when the brazilian football team came to kuwait, next day Al-Watan Newspaper published an half page story about how Ricardo Kaka (football player) became a Muslim in Kuwait, I didn’t beileve it even alot of friends insisted. The guy three months later in the Champions league final, goes around celebrating with a “I Belong to Jesus” shirt….

  23. a simple visit to his official web site http://www.jackiechan.com for that amateur journalist would could confirm his brilliant breaking news!

  24. shain says:

    typical of al-watan .. typical..

  25. Daddy's Girl says:

    They say neil armstorng maskeen i3tetha min kither ma il muslimeen yedegoon 3leeh o yebarkoon lah inah sar muslim because he heard the prayers call on the moon! which is totally impossible since you need air to transmit the sound waves o the man heard nothing and did not become a muslim but our arabian newspapers still insist on this incredible story. kil yom o il thanee a muslim or an arab news agency dageen 3leeh il bab o goooool 3n your islam. Madry y3ni if he joined islam why would that be oh-so-important y3ni … same thing goes for michael jackson when he moved to bahrain and numerous others just because someone sittig behind a computer decides to send an email knowing all of us will forward it like sheep!

  26. 3liwy says:

    al-watan is full of shit

  27. M says:

    Even though Al Watan is the most circulated newspaper its full of lies and I wonder why people keep buying it. There is nothing worse than publishing the EURO 2008 Schedule all wrong 10 days ago in the sports section.

  28. Doja says:

    never believe or tell before verifying the source of the newz…
    but i think that the one who wrote this article is just beginner and trying
    to show off his un exist talent…LoOoOoOL

    I fed up from those people who do nothing but spreading rumors and lies
    I just tell them… have a life… ok

  29. NaMmOoR says:

    when my friend told me that he died and i didn’t believe him for many reasons until i opened Al-Watan news paper online the last page and it was there “THE SHOCK” that this DUM ASS PERSON toke it from the INTERNET and someone actually there believed him and they got paid for this kinda of shit, how the HELL i will ever believe whats written there anymore, i just want to SUE THEM FOR CHEATING PEOPLE FOR FAKE NEWS AND WE ARE PAYING FOR IT.


  30. Mohd says:

    man alwatan screw all kuwaiti’s with this rumer . at lest make sure what u r publishing

  31. Jazzy Moe says:

    That reporter is a complete mindless nitwit. He didnt even bother confirming the news! great people working for Al-watan i guess =0

  32. Sam says:

    Just now i sent an email to the newspaper scolding them about thier stupid news without confirming it !!!
    just now i called one of my friends in USA and he said that he didn’t hear about that there, this is the 1st time he hear about that.

    So stupid newspaper, F**K it ..

  33. Sheila says:

    Im wondering how he became a journalist? My friend told me that and he believes thats why i double check it before i believe. Not all newspaper are accurate.

  34. Ms.me says:

    Shame on them.. NOT THE 1ST TIME !! their aim is obvious..

  35. شات says:

    He is still live

    thank you ,

  36. Khaled says:

    hey i found an email of alwatan news in case you want to send them why they write this rumer


  37. Duff Hero (guitar hero) says:

    Daddy’s gril,

    Michael Jackson DID become a muslim around 4 days ago. This time its true. He was converted by Dawud wharnsby, a canadian Nash33dist and an other man. His new name now is Mikaeel.

  38. omar says:

    jackie is not dead for example if hi is dead just only his body is dead and his live in our heart like bruse lee

  39. agustinus roddy says:

    only The gossip

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