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I was waiting for Marzouq to post about this but he hasn’t still so I am going to post about it first… although it is HIS story.

Today I got an email from Marzouq and he sounded really pissed and depressed. He was vague in his email but it was something about losing a really important bid. I was like fuck, what was he bidding for? I figured something related to work, maybe he was trying to get the rights to Google Kuwait or some fast food chain or something. Anyway a few hours later he gives me a call.

We are talking and he tells me about this charity auction that took place in the US and how they were auctioning off a variety of items like electronics, snowmobiles etc.. I was thinking he probably tried bidding on a limited edition motorbike and he lost. Then he tells me that one of the items they were auctioning off was the chance to appear on an episode of 24 next season! Whoever won the auction would have a role on the show in season 7 and would also get to meet the whole cast and then leave with the episode script autographed by everyone. So I was like ok what happened??

Turns out he had a friend at the auction who was bidding in his place. He told his friend to bid max up to $10,000. Turns out though he had a tough competitor, some wife of a millionaire who according to Marzouqs friend came up to him and told him she wanted to have Jack Bauers babies. She kept bidding against him until past his $10,000 limit. In the end he increased his max bid till he hit around $16,000 but she kept bidding until in the end she won the auction for $21,000.

Its such an insane thing, imagine, a blogger from Kuwait would have been on 24. I would have been really jealous if he had won, but it sucks he didn’t. I know how much it would have meant to him being on the show. Anyway I think he is going to be pissed now because I posted about HIS experience before he did!

This reminds me of when King Abdullah appeared on Startrek.

update: Here is a link to Marzouqs post with more details! [Link]

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  1. 767 says:

    Some claim it was Never King Abdullah who appeared, only a guy who looked really like him.

  2. Marzouq says:

    Here is the link of the auction description:

    There was an online bid, then there was a live bid, the live bid started at 7500. I will be posting details in a bit!

  3. Biohazard says:

    If you knew Marzouq was going to post about this eventually then why did you post about it before him, O’Mark?

    Anyway, Marzouq I think this should be a reality check for you. You’re taking it too seriously, but from what I understand you’re really fond of the show, so hard luck. It would’ve been a nice memory to appear on your favourite show, but it still remains just a TV show. Thousands more will come and ago, you’ll be just as crazy about other shows. blahblahblah…ramble ramble ramble..


  4. Mark says:

    Because its really cool!

  5. MiRoOoOo !! says:

    ENOUGH WITH THE 24 SHIT !!! it sucks , 24 is just so hpyed out but its freaking boring

  6. Marzouq says:

    MiRoOoOoOo… you don’t know what your talking about..

    Biohazard, no show is the same as 24, I have enjoyed lots of shows, but Jack Bauer and 24 is something else, it isn’t a reality check, it just makes me want to work harder for next year! I will be doing it, its a matter of time!

  7. Holla says:

    lol this is sad (in more ways than one)

  8. Laialy_q8 says:

    this is surreal, i can’t believe Marzouq did that hehehe

  9. ananyah says:

    awwww zouk is as mad as a hat!

    I can believe he did this!

  10. Marzouq says:

    Like I said, you only live once, and this would have been living it!

    Holla I will shoot you!

    Laialy, I was so close!

    Ananyah, 24 fans understand!

  11. Nael says:

    It’s unbelievable how obsessed some people can be. 24 is awesome I agree, but it’s just a TV series, get over it.

  12. moocherx says:

    Mark, get your video camera out, use Nat’s tv contacts of something, and get together with Marzouq to write a 5-minute version of “24 Kuwait “(you know, like all the CSI’s but with more camels), and send it to the 24 production company. A short note attached to it about losing the bid, and I BET you (but not very much, and definitely no cash) that they’ll find a spot for a Marzouq cameo…. I’m serious, they love crap like that.

    I think he should drive around the streets of Kuwait on Robo (laptop in shouder bag, etc), fighting the evil Islamist conservatives by firing Puri Filets at them.

  13. Marzouq says:

    Nael: Next year! hehehe

    moocherx: Y don’t you write it and direct and we will act it out!

  14. rehan says:

    This kind of behavior can be dangerous than being insane when you start loving something badly because you lose your sense of intelligence. Bidding ,gambling in general is do dam addictive.

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