One thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t

Post by Mark

This cracked me up.. [Link]

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  1. 767 says:

    i like the last part.. funny :P

  2. vampire says:

    “381,328 Mac fans switched back over to Windows, even though Windows is just as shitty”


  3. I am just waiting for my Sony Vaio laptop to explode to get Macbook Pro! i really would like to sell it …

  4. Holla says:

    I love maddox, it’s been a while now. his page really is the best page in the universe and he’s always right.

  5. Financy says:

    yeah .. maddox stoped posting for a very long time..

    he got a book on amazon .. and a radio show as i remember ..

    + he`s originally armanian

  6. moocherx says:

    so he was really well dressed?

  7. Mark deSouza says:

    hahah..that was funny.

  8. zaydoun says:

    armani exchange

    My VAIO is on its last legs and I’m STILL debating whether to get a new one with Windows Vista or switch to a MacBook

  9. Ozy says:

    His book is a great read.

  10. nxman says:

    On thing PC’s can’t do just Mac’s?


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