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The image above went viral early in the week, it was captured from a local television show. I guess nobody on the show reads English.

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  1. Zachariah says:


  2. lolguy says:

    Society must learn to accept everyone regardless of their choices, whether they are vegetarian, vegan or something else. I happen to like poultry of the fowl variety as well and am not afraid to proudly say so on my t-shirt.

    • mentabolism says:


    • Mathai says:


      Good one! :D

    • Vin says:

      I think you have missed the point. It is one thing to proclaim your affinity to poultry as such but it is wrong to suggest that any random person next to you has that affinity as well. Furthermore how sexist of him to suggest that only men may like poultry.

    • Macgyver Baduwi says:

      Why should society accept every one? Because you said so? Because it’s The Right Thing(TM), and right to whom?

      Right and wrong are relative concepts, and, unless we agree to on a common ground for a subject, they are meaningless as far as debates and discussions go.

      Therefore, If a society deems liking poultry unacceptable, you are a bad, sick person for liking it. Your (or anyone else’s) opinion does not matter.

  3. mo says:

    OMG now thats humor looooooool

  4. salue says:

    so he likes cocki

    the chicken ofcourse ;3

  5. 3azeez says:

    The sad reality of our TV shows… most of the cast and crew are non-Kuwaitis, uneducated, and have not received professional training for what they’re doing.

  6. TJC Films says:

    Meanwhile the guy on the other side of the pic just outside the frame is saying “dude seriously? I in fact do not love the cock”! Unless he is Arabic then he is saying “min 9ejk Ana MO khaneeth”!

    • Macgyver Baduwi says:

      I thought khaneethizm is just a male acting like a female, and that it had nothing to do with homophilia and other mental illnesses like it.

      The more you know.

  7. mo says:

    people please !!!
    stop tryin to make this about poultry ….. its clear the guy “likes cocks” Period

  8. Mervin Manalo says:

    He was just d1ck1ng around, there’s no need to make a fuss over it.

  9. wariwaro says:

    He was just d1ck1ng around, there’s no need to make a fuss over it.

  10. Ali Sleeq says:

    He should have been in the middle.

  11. princecharming says:

    Lol!im shocked :p

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