Arduino and Raspberry Pi Kits in Kuwait

Post by Mark

If you’re interested in coding electronics and are looking for Arduino or Respberry Pi kits, RTC Electronics in Hawalli have kits as well as a pretty decent selection of components to go along with them. I’ve posted about RTC on this blog before, they’re a large electronics supply store and they really have everything you could think of from transistors to equipments for events.

Their prices aren’t that cheap though, the Raspberry Pi3 kit costs KD32 (includes a case, hdmi cable, power adapter and SD card) while the Genuino starter kit costs around KD35. But like I mentioned, they also carry components like RGB color sensors, servo controllers, temperature and humidity sensors just to name a few and those wouldn’t be worth buying online, not unless you were shipping them with other stuff since they don’t cost much anyway.

If you’re interested in passing by RTC, here is their location on [Google Maps]

Update: Just found out you can also find Raspberry and Arduino kits locally [Here]

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  1. M says:

    Hi Mark
    Yesterday I found a website of local electronic component reseller. They have Arduino and Respberry Pi kits. Have a look!

  2. Mark7 says:

    Would be interested to see what you would be using these for.

    • Mark says:

      I’m not planning on using them, but more than once I’ve read people asking where to get them from and a friend the other day also asked me if I knew a place so figured I’d post it so people can find it using google

  3. Saif Elkholy says:

    The place is definitely worth checking out if you’ve got an electronic project in mind *cough* magic mirror *cough*

  4. Nasser says:

    The BEST thing to use a Raspberry Pi is for Emulation using RetroPie, it works like a dream

    I built a full arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi 3 and a few extra things here and there

  5. Omar says:

    These prices are ridiculous! will ship you a raspberry pi 3 for under 17kd. even though the price here is of a “kit”, the SD card, HDMI cable and power adapter (any usb phone charger from the last 3 years will work fine) cost under 5kd combined.

  6. Saif says:

    Thank You very much.. I have been looking for such store especially for RPi and electronic components :)

  7. aaa says:

    That seems expensive, the entire point of a Pi is it’s supposed to be extremely cheap (like, 10 KD cheap)

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