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OK, this post is connected to yesterdays Hot Hot Hot post. Here are pictures of the inside of my Mac so you guys can understand my problem. As you can see the interior of a Mac is laid out different from PC’s and so cooling devices that work with PC’s wont work on Macs. Currently air is being brought in using the fan over the hard drive and coming out from the top from the power supply.

Here are the pictures:
Inside my Mac 1
Inside my Mac 2
Inside my Mac 3
Inside my Mac 4

Suggestions to my cooling issues are welcomed. I have 4 hard drives inside by the way, 2 side by side and 2 on top of each other on the far right.

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  1. Entrepreneur says:

    What an awful space to be working with! See, this is what happens when you keep an architecture to yourself adn disuade 3rd parter generic manaufacturers from entereing your space. Ideally you would just walk into a store and buy a Full Tower case… somehow i dont think that flies when it comes to Apple and their tight control over the design of their products.

    Hmmmm… i will need to take a closer look, however, what you could do at first glance is purchase and external hard disk housing unit with internal cooling. You could then attach it to your PC using USB 2 or Firewire… or even the standard EIDE ribbon….

    just a thought. Separating them would reduce some of the heat in the case

  2. Mark says:

    Tivo-Guy suggest I leave the 250GB drive inside and replace the other 3 with another 250+GB drive. That way I would only end up with 2 drives inside.
    Problem is I am looking for a max 50$ cooling solution. Anymore money and it might have been cheaper for me to just by a G5 lol

  3. Entrepreneur says:

    Dude, you could squeeze two more PCI fan cards in there… they would increase circulation. create a draft right over the disks. Just make sure the PSU is of a high enough wattage… you don’t want it flickin off when things get busy!

    You could also replace the two standard black fans on the CPU. Detach them, and stick on two higher speed ones, preferably with decent ball bearings that are noiseless and will lower friction (heat) and enhance speed.

    Hmmm like I said, its quite a tight space…

    as Tivo guy said, replacing two disks with one would help too… check the web for hard disk cooling heatsinks, i think they have ones that just adhere to the top of the drive… kinda like a stick on with silicone….


  4. Entrepreneur says:

    Shit, forgot to add…

    Blowing air out of the case is perfectly normal. This creates low pressure, associated with cooler temperatures, and also results in cool air from outside flowing into the case to equalize the lower pressure inside. So, blowing air out of the case is the way to go… dont let the direction worry you :)

  5. Mark says:

    ok thanks for the tips.

    let me ask you about this. Say i get like 2 more pci slot fans, the thing is these fans will fit in the pci slot right? when i close the case the pci slots line up infront of the large fan bringing air in. so if they pci slots fans are blowing air out wouldnt they be blowing out the cold air that just came in? now i saw a guy he installed a fan the pulls out air up near the top of the case right next to the cpu. problem though is the fan he used will cost me like KD15 which is a bit too much for a fan. here check out wha the did.

    i am trying to find pci slot fans that would blow air in but i cant seem to find..

  6. Fractal00 says:


    This is a stupid ass solution, but for the time being until you solve the problem, remove two harddisks, and connect them externally temporarily until u can figure things out if u want your MAC up and running 24 hours.

    I have to agree with Tivo-Guy on replacing the three other HDs with a 250 GB one.

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