Intel Vs Mac Speed Test

Post by Mark

Tivo-Guy just purchased a new machine Intel machine to run OS X and he installed and ran Xbench and here are the results:

My Mac at Work
G5 Powermac
CPU Speed: Dual G5 2.0GHZ
L2 Cache: 512KB
Bus Speed: 1GHZ
Score: 97.06

Intel Computer
CPU Speed: Pentium 4 3Ghz
L2 Cache: 2MB
Bus Speed: 800Mhz
Score: 47.63

My Mac at Home
Digital Audio PowerMac
Dual G4 1.6ghz (GigaDesigns)
L2 Cache: 512KB
Bus Speed: 133Mhz
1.25GB RAM
Score: 44.86 46.16

Tivo-Guy’s Mac mini
mac mini
CPU Speed: G4 1.4ghz
L2 Cache: 512KB
Bus Speed: 167mhz
Score: 37.04

Ripping Fabric
12″ PowerBook
CPU Speed: G4 1.33ghz
L2 Cache: 512KB
Bus Speed: 167mhz

Score: 29.18

12″ PowerBook
CPU Speed: G4 867mhz
L2 Cache: 256KB
Bus Speed: 134mhz
Score: 25.13

I was expecting Tivo-Guy to get a much higher score then mine but surprisingly we are pretty close. My brothers (Ripping Fabric) and Nats Powerbooks were the slowest but thats expected. Although again I was expecting my brothers Powerbook to be a lot faster then Nats.

Update: I added a Mac mini and G5 Powermac to the list above.

Update 2: I rearranged my hard drives and somehow I now score a 46 instead of a 44 bringing me 1 point difference between my Mac and Tivo-Guys Intelmac.

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  1. fadibou says:

    you need to try the Dual cpu or a dual core processor to get closer figures, I am assembling a dual core system with Dual GPU from ATI. It might be a good time to test then.

  2. Mark says:

    dual intel won’t make that much of a difference. a Single G5 1.8ghz chip powermac with 256MB of ram scored a 49.61. Which means 1.8GHZ G5 runs Tiger faster then a 3ghz P4 runs it.

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