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Nano Sim Cards in Kuwait

The new iPhone 5 uses new “nano” sim cards that are smaller and slimmer than micro sim cards. Luckily it seems all local telecom providers will be getting nano sim cards and we won’t have to do any cutting or card slimming to get it working with our iPhone 5’s. Wataniya already posted on twitter that they will have nano sim cards and Viva just confirmed to me that they will also have nano sim cards available. I’ve contacted Zain as well but I’m still waiting for a reply from them.

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Rotten Apple keep doing less innovative stuff just to impress the world, yeah nano sim is so much important to keep the iFail 5 on par with S3 i think after doing a patent for nano sim they should make a patent for the 5th row too :/

of course i did… this is why the smiley face was there 😉
i can also sense that someone can’t wait to get their hands on the iPhone 5 🙂

actually believe it or not I am not in a rush. Haven’t even ordered it yet.

The iPhone 4S is so good that I’m fine with it and I’m just upgrading to the iPhone 5 so that I am update to date with the latest iphone.

Well when you release an update every year you’re gonna run out of ideas. The leading android phones weren’t always Samsung.

This doesn’t really prove anything other than a lot of people never used a 4S. For those of us with a 4 or 3GS it’s getting slow and sluggish and an upgrade is needed.

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