You know you’re a Mac geek when…

Post by Mark

* You have an Apple ][e in your room
* You have over 5 web browsers installed
* You use an old desktop-format Mac II/Powermac as a laptop stand
* You’ve been to 1 Infinite Loop
* You’ve used System 1 on a 128k Mac…within the past year
* Your external hard drive has Apple stickers on it
* You’ve stood in line for at least one Apple Store opening/OS release
* If you see a Mac/iPod in a movie or TV show, you know exactly what model it is, how many megahertz it has, and whether it can run OS X at a decent speed

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  1. McArabian says:

    does 4 out of 8 mean I’m normal?

  2. Mark says:

    if you got 4 i think you are a mac geek. i only got 2 :(

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