Giveaway: Micro 3D Printer

Post by Mark


I’ve been meaning to give this 3D printer away every since I published the review back in July but because I had it boxed up and packed away, I completely forgot about it until now. The printer was provided to me by Clarotek for review purposes and is currently priced at KD169. I’ll be providing 6 filament rolls of various colors including blue, white, red and orange with the printer. If you’re tech savvy and think you would make good use of this printer, then participate in this draw for a chance to win it. All you need to do is leave a comment below mentioning what you could use this printer for.


I will stop accepting entries in the comments section by tomorrow morning at 9AM and then randomly choose one winner and notify them via email. Good luck!

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond, another winner will be randomly chosen.

Update: At 9:02AM I closed the post for comments and using I chose the winner which is comment #219 by Fahad.


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280 comments, add your own...

  1. Stuart says:

    Could make use of some cool little decorative key chains or try to make some unique artwork.

  2. Keith Fernandes says:

    Could really use it for some DIY projects or create some accessories for things around the house as a quick fix… Would be great to create moulds to cast stuff off

  3. ranger says:

    This would be a fun tool to use for making complex 3d molds to cast out of plaster

  4. Ahmad says:

    I’ll give it as a present to my brother and sister, who both are architecture students and could use this printer for their projects in school.

  5. lolguy says:

    I will use it to micro print another 3D printer and give this one back to you.

  6. Sha says:

    I would probably make some coffee sleeves, cable management hive, drawer knobs with labels, space invader toilet paper holder, geometric stand for a laptop.. etc

    I know most of these are outside the potential of that printer but I would definitely try out in the smallest ways possible.

  7. Simple Man says:

    I hope to mod it to make it a 4d printer for use in my time machine experiments I already have a lab coat and clip board.

    ” to infinity and beyond “

  8. E says:

    I’ll use it to print another 3D printer

  9. Yousef says:

    I’ll use it to print cool miniature versions of big things because who doesn’t like mini versions of things? Monsters that’s who…

  10. K3N0 says:

    I would build 3D renders of toys for my two sons and others.:)

  11. Basim says:

    Lego blocks :D

  12. em says:

    funky jewellery

  13. Sauce says:

    pay it forward and print giveaways

  14. Azz says:

    I will use this printer to print cool toys for my kids.

  15. Mohammed says:

    I’d make a small missle defense system in case of WWIII.

  16. Nadia says:

    I’d use it to teach my class about technology and the manifestation of ideas into tangible things. I think it would be cool to collectively come up with an idea and have them watch it be implemented. Concept to reality. ☺

  17. Nabeel says:

    If i ever chosen randomly and get it, then only i will decide, what to do with it :P

  18. Abdulwahab says:

    I’d use it to mimic an organ to demonstrate for a patient.

  19. Noel says:

    DIY! got loads of tiny missing parts of various items around the house

  20. Santhosh says:

    For making an acoustic guitar and maybe flutes

  21. DeViL says:

    I will use my imagination and print some non-regular stuff. My kids will love it too, it’s a good tool to have by your side.

  22. aaa says:

    I’m gonna print tiny 3d sculptures of my face and decorate people’s desks with them

  23. ozair says:

    will use it to print another printer(inception)

  24. fahad says:

    Figurines. So many game and and anime characters figurines will be made.

  25. zaher says:

    If i win , I would use this for make 3D Monuments of Around the world , Like Eiffel tower , Taj Mahal , Kuwait tower , burj al khalifa etc …

  26. Rain says:

    I would make kick ass mini sculptures of my favourite characters.

  27. Merlin1981 says:

    I’d use it to do the same thing I do every night…………try to take over the world!

  28. cajie says:

    Sign me up Scotty!
    There’s a lot of tiny and useful stuff to be printed. Too expensive to get it printed outside. For a start, how about those lens caps that keep on getting lost?

  29. Um Tareq says:

    Will use it to create projects with my children, in order to encourage STEM awareness.

  30. k says:

    i’d love one to make guitar picks

  31. SV says:

    I’ll try to make coffee beans with it.

  32. G says:

    Hi Mark,

    I will use it to/as exercise the project I’m working on, I’ll print personalized known characters that will inspire people giving them self power and faith,

  33. UCF says:

    Door Safety Latches cause I closed the door on my hand today

  34. Shaheen says:

    I would definitely start printing little sculptures I’ve been designing digitally for awhile now, I’ve always loved the idea of miniature and minimal sculpting and I believe 3D printing is perhaps a shortcut, but definitely something incredibly interesting to work with! Best of luck to everyone!

  35. thek5 says:

    deathstar.. and toys for my kid and a few other things

  36. Kulsum says:

    Haha! My kids would love to have some printed ‘toys’!!

  37. SSF says:

    I would put the imagination to reality. use it to make the missing link where required.

  38. Just another guy says:

    Prosthetic limbs

  39. Naser Ali says:

    It can really help me in University with my graphic design major!

  40. Jaber says:

    I will use it to 3d print an iPhone 7.

  41. A says:

    Architecture stuff.

  42. Bilal Khan says:

    My kids gonna love to see their toys in making process… :P

  43. Umair Shaikh says:

    Will use it only for fun projects (decorative stuff)

  44. joebs says:

    will give it to my kids to create cool stuffs!!

  45. santosh says:

    Will use to print toys for my kids

  46. Khalid says:

    Chess pieces

  47. Dawood says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’am an engineer by profession and have a little work shop at my workplace, I would probably use the printer to design and print stuff related to everyday use at my work, e.g. tool kit, gaskets, o rings etc. would come in handy if I win it.

  48. Ahmad says:

    Looks like im getting a 3d printer

  49. Mustafa says:

    i’ll surely make something which i can gift to my cute nephews there in india..ill gift the printer itself to them
    ill make sinchan or doremons of all :)

  50. me like salmiya says:

    DIY project

  51. rawan says:

    I would use it to make toys for my kids :,) I just want to make them happy

  52. Nasser says:

    Create cases that can be used to put in a raspberry pi and make custom video games systems

  53. Leya says:

    Ooooh, I could use this to print out some really cool props for an upcoming costume party!

  54. Theodore says:

    More than me my son will be happy if I get this printer as he always wants to do his own toys and broken parts. :)

  55. Dun (with a real email this time) says:

    I really want to print this for my mom, who is always struggling to open water bottles.

  56. David Malamuth says:

    Hi Mark,
    I think we could use this printer in our office and at home with my two girls that could make some awesome projects to bring to school too.
    Have a good Day

  57. Jeff says:

    Would great to use teaching Design to students.

  58. Sue says:

    I would useit to up my game and make a cool hip at home business maybe, i will make creative cool things of all sorts and start an online store ❤️

  59. Kandari says:

    Something amazing for my wife.

  60. jacob john says:

    I would utilize it for my daughter for making miniature toys which she loves most,teaching her shapes etc

  61. Lancy says:

    Action figures to my son and Barbie doll to my daughter

  62. Amro says:

    i will use it to create amazing gift for my son Inshaa Allah

  63. Christopher Gadde says:

    Would use the printer to print all sorts of action figures, toys, tool etc.. the possibilities are endless.

  64. abd elrahman elnomany says:

    i’ll surely make something which i can gift to my cute Friends there in Egypt & here in Kuwait

  65. V says:

    Will use it to create a mobile holder.

  66. Coolj says:

    I need this….

  67. Mustafa says:

    I will fulfill my dream of 3D printing

  68. Rey says:

    I’d use it for business…man its extra income!

  69. Kingoftheworld says:

    I can make some wobble heads with this. More like mini me.

  70. Samir Alamaary says:

    I would give this to my friend Mohd Hasbini who is owner/manager of Hasbini Art near old MEA offices in Abdallah Salem street. He would make great use of this.

  71. Mo says:

    Make some petrol!!

  72. Yassin says:

    I will probably use it to make keychains.

  73. Stebin says:

    I will make toys for my kid. And will help my niece for his school projects.

  74. Sameh Helmy says:

    I probably use it to design building simulations.

  75. I could use it to make some spare parts for my photography equipment.

  76. ZUZAR TUTAWALA says:

    Will print Another 3D printer

  77. Adel says:

    I’ll teach someone in the Creative Children International School ( on how to use it and then donate it to them.It can be used to create projects for creative children.

  78. Pau says:

    I will finally be able to print some furniture mock ups

  79. Mohamad Islambouli says:

    Sweet, i could use this to print my mother a steady supply of iphone covers. She keeps losing hers XD I would also love to try my hand at keychains and stuff!

  80. Husayn says:

    would be a good learning experience for kids in my house and maybe get them interested in something they could pursue in the future.

  81. MisterStretch says:

    Would love to have a 3-D printer.

    I would print up some fingers crossed to help my chances.

  82. TT says:

    The possibilities are endless! will probably start small, like a keychain or something :P

  83. islam hakim says:

    i need it because i am 3d artist and i need to print alot of things that i designed


  84. Husen says:

    I will learn how to 3D Print.. then i will decide what to do with that…

  85. Yousif says:

    Make my own board game! <3

  86. Yahya says:

    Pokémon iphone case

  87. Dimitri Karam says:

    I will be forwarding it to an artist that would really make use of this printer and it would be an amazing addition to his tools to create nice designs

  88. Adel says:

    Hi Mark,

    May I know why you deleted my participation in the giveaway? I’ll wait for a reply by email please.


  89. Abdullah says:

    Would love to try this out

  90. Wassim says:

    Would use it to learn more about 3D printing and how it can be used as part of our day-to-day life.

  91. Golam says:

    Awesome. I would love to have it :D

  92. SB says:

    would build another planet earth as it’s time to leave this one :)

  93. Kuwait says:

    I would make a miniature version of ME!

    Actually, there can only be one me, as my friends say. In that case, I’ll make burgers :D

  94. Rio says:

    Could make some cool phone cases for my phone :-)

  95. Bu3amraz says:

    I can use it for several things, such as, printing little people to fit in my die cast model cars that I collect, or small accessories, and small collectable toys such the our childhood little green army etc …

  96. wixx says:

    I would probably use it to print plastic trollbead or pandora compatible charms.

  97. Q8GEEK says:

    Never won anything, so I’m wondering if this would work. I’d print midgets.

  98. Bu3amraz says:

    as well as the small ornaments figures that fit in the jack whole in most phones and ipods, small figures to hang on necklaces, bracelets charms, and car ornaments that hang on the rear view mirror in a car.

  99. Moe says:

    Me and my son will have a blast printing/making great stuff✔️✔️✔️

  100. AP says:

    Thanks for this. Will use it for mini action figures & small collectibles. Cheers!

  101. Carol says:

    I would like to see for real what my girl age 7 imagines her dragons to look like.

  102. mohammed says:

    since am an architect am required to print an a3 models.

  103. Rio says:

    I will print your datsun 240z……… and paint it black….

  104. ashley says:

    Its going to be very useful

  105. hussain says:

    i see people are commenting many things here lol,
    ill be genuine , i love to print some good cases for phones and other creative items and will sale them ;)

    Love to print this kind of Unique Stuff

  106. D. Basu says:

    I definitely can make use of it to create cute 3D models.

  107. Deviant_Art says:

    I would use it in a useful way and be creative with it.

  108. LaoyO says:

    Building toys for the kids

  109. Noor Zahid says:

    Would create lots of puzzle/toys for my son and beautiful phone covers for my wife as shes fond of covers :)

  110. Tareq says:

    Will attempt to create figures with it.

  111. Garielond Pueblo says:

    I would love to have a 3d printer to some cool figures and action figure parts for customization.

  112. AshleyA says:

    My post didnt appear earlier.
    Hope i can participate, i would do some art work with it.

  113. Hanz says:

    For my Kids

  114. Saleha says:

    Definitely DIY!!!

  115. Zee113 says:

    Printing miniature houses.

  116. stathis says:

    I am an architect therefore i will use it to print my designs, and will also collaborate with others that need it for free. We are 6 in the office and probably will get more later on.

  117. Husain Zahid says:

    Use it to print plastic tools (spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc) for my kids to learn and play with. Kids would love them for sure.

  118. Non Kuwaiti says:

    So many entries, but my plan is to make a small army of 3D printed expats. If Kuwait is missing anything, it’s expats. So everybody would gain, simply from me winning this tiny but cool contraption.

    • Non Kuwaiti says:

      Also, if i won it, you can be assured it wont end up on a Facebook ‘buy and sell’ page 1 hour later.

  119. Patrick Yeoh says:

    I’ll use it as an education tool for my 11-year-old son who is fascinated with 3D printing technology.

  120. Doc says:

    I would print 3D CT reconstructions of complex fractures for use in surgeries.

  121. Aasif Khateeb says:

    Would use it for fun and creative stuff.

  122. Aasif Khateeb says:

    Would use it for fun stuff.

  123. Unnikrishnan says:

    I am photography hobbyist and would like to make 3D prints using photos taken by me.

  124. Jerry says:

    Toys for my lil one!!!

  125. aresto says:

    I’m gonna use it with my 4yo son to have one of his robot drawings fleshed out :)

  126. Zafar Khan says:

    I will use it make some educational toys for kids. And with the help of some NGOs will distribute to under privileged ones in Mumbai, India.

  127. Fawad says:

    Dear Mark,

    Hope you are doing well. First of all, I would like to thank you for providing excellent guidance to the community of Kuwait through your valuable blogs.

    Secondly, I would like to use this printer for making small craft kind of items such as earrings, keychain etc for selling to people. Through that, I would like to create a business. Once i earned the money to buy a new 3D printer from this business, then i will buy new one and will give it(new printer) to you. My wish is that you should create another draw for giving it away for the people who you believe will create value. My wish is that it should continue on like a chain reaction. From this noble act of yours, i would like to see many people should be helping one below another continuously. It should go on and on and on. Thank you for this opportunity.

  128. Abhijit says:

    I will let my teenaged children learn how to use it and start a business from home.

  129. Navin says:

    I would use it to print a small play area for my two pets!

  130. Nicholas says:

    use it to create 3d calligraffiti

  131. I want to use the 3D printer to make some creative art-works like Card Holder, Books Stopper, Cable Management Hive etc. Basically just adding a personal touch to some of the common used accessories.

  132. Ozzy says:

    will use it to make small automotives, moblie covers & for everything else …. anyone can have my models, or their requested models for free :).

  133. Adriano says:

    Hmmm…Let’s start with making miniature abstract art pieces to place on my table. :P

  134. syed says:

    If I get the printer, will try to make miniature toys for my son!

  135. AJ says:

    Comment, puppets, comment!!

  136. Raw says:

    I’ll use the printer for my work as an architect

  137. Mohamed says:

    To make 3d molds.

  138. Ismail says:


  139. Rakeshwar says:

    I would be using the printer to print the seven wonders in 3D architecture, and many more historical artifacts, constellation on a print would be another awesome use of it and put them on my wall of Fame….

  140. Unknown ;) says:

    I would give it to my wife, so she can print me in 3d lol

  141. rosy says:

    A tennis ball

  142. grav says:

    Use it to produce mobile covers/small accessories and start selling them to mobile phones shops in Hawally/Sharq, maybe online store as well in the future. Reinvest the revenue into the business, hopefully getting a license, shop, and recruiting proper sales/marketing/design personnel who would like to grow within the business and hustle each day for it success(not a charity, but empowering people). Creating ultimate branding with design line may lead to potential exit strategy within years.

    This could be the one story starting of your printer :)

  143. Mohammed says:

    I will use it to be more

  144. Gabbar says:

    I will 3D all my dreams and fantasies to come true :D

  145. Ahmad says:

    I will be giving this to my sister who is in engineering school. She would love it.

  146. Navin Kuriakose says:

    Learn how to use it.

  147. Tester says:

    Would use it to print accessories for phones. Maybe even print out some funky sunglasses while Im at it.

  148. Eb says:

    Would really be cool to learn about 3D printing. Maybe even be useful for my DIY synth projects.

  149. Abdul Awadi says:

    I am going to use it to crash the Meme industry.

  150. Johney says:

    I would use it to print spares for my son’s Arduino robot for his school exhibition.

  151. EMF says:

    Donate it for a school lab :)

  152. Hassan says:

    If i win this printer, i would love to 3D print all those tiny yet essential components for my ongoing Uni project which is based on creating an Affordable prosthetic arm for the general public to purchase :D

  153. Faisal says:

    print miniatures of my kids!!

  154. Rahul says:

    I could use it to make cool stuff for the kids and also to make them missing/broken parts for their toys.

    Kids happy, wife is happy and that makes me happy.

  155. Raul says:

    I’ll use this printer to print lovely little things that would make people in smile, since people in Kuwait don’t usually smile!

  156. Reema says:

    I will use this printer to make toys and educational stuff for my little one.

  157. Khalid says:

    Flesh lights

  158. Rakesh says:

    Use it for DIY projects.

  159. Joshua says:

    Hi Mark,

    Wow….everyone sure does come outta the woodwork for a freebie. ;-)

    If I were you I would create an auction on your website to sell the item and then I would donate all the money to your favorite local charity. Just an idea.

    Have a Great Day!


  160. bo5illy says:

    it will help me innovate new things

  161. colin says:

    I would use it as motivation to learn how to create 3D models on the computer that I can use for everyday applications (phone holder, cable clip, cup holder to prevent knocking it over).

  162. Abdul says:

    I would use it to print something from my imagination!

  163. Jassem says:

    3D shawerma #shawermaforlife

  164. mEL says:

    IF id win , id re-create the death star from star wars.

  165. Roc says:

    mini figurines

  166. Lulu says:

    Toys and figurines!

  167. Yusef says:

    I build and fly drones. There are so many parts that you can build with a 3D printer!

  168. Ban says:

    Would try making bird feeders/nest

  169. Dev says:

    This is my chance to win one and and get hooked to 3D printing

  170. Hamed says:

    I’ll use it to print small sculptures.

  171. Samuel says:

    HELLO…. Here …. This comment please!!!

  172. T says:

    sky is the limit…there are so many exciting things that I can print through this.

  173. Alaa says:

    I’ll use it to rapid prototype parts of a 3D VR experience I am designing for children in hospitals!

  174. Ashraf A. says:

    I’d use it to 3D print a whole bunch of board game organization. Accessories and 3D doors and chests to use in our weekly board game sessions

  175. Basel says:


  176. mohamad80s says:

    First I will learn more about this technology then work my way up to create innovative items that can be used for my tech startup project. I heard it has alot of potential if you need to work on a tech item project so I hope they’re right.

  177. Sara AbdelAziz says:

    Will use it to create leg braces for injured street animals, that no one will sponsor to get treated.

  178. sally says:

    i would probably sell it :D

  179. Dominic says:

    I would use it to make various little storage things around the house or to fix broken parts in existing things.

  180. MNS says:

    Space invader toilet paper holder :)

  181. Muhammad Amin says:

    I will use it for productive purposes

  182. Ally Burgesd says:

    I work in with tech in a Primary School. I’d donate it to the DT department. After a play ofor course 😊

  183. Ahmad says:

    I will print a phone cover for my note 7 in case it explodes i will have a shield at least

  184. Jiten Jetwani says:

    I would use this to print paper weights and print out cool tech accessories. Print out stuff that Barnacules prints.

  185. Les says:

    Hey Mark,
    Being a middle school tech teacher, I have been trying to get my hands on a 3D printer to be able to use in my class with my grade 6 students for a long time. Being a Canadian technology teacher, I am used to teaching my students hands-on skills that teach applied learning. After 8 years in kuwait, I find that schools are more interested in the math and sciencescience, and I want to change that. I haven’t been able to convince them of the benefits and how drastic student learning excellerates when hands-on learning is used. We would research authentic problems that occur in their daily lives and use CAD software to try and solve the problem.

    Thank you for your consideration

  186. VJ says:

    I would create all the Model Cars i love and create my own Collection. Would be a great device for Car Lovers Like me. I would do this if i Win 😂

  187. Abdul Qadir says:

    Would be great for experimentation!

  188. Sami says:

    I would use it to for raspberry pi projects

  189. Muhammad says:

    I’ll use it to make small gifts for others…! :)

  190. I have a dream says:

    I would use it for my Science club at school. The kids would love it! :)

  191. DN says:

    Make small necessary things for stuff around the house and experiment with new items.

  192. Rshaid says:

    I’d print prosthetic legs for injured dogs and cats and probably a mini bathtub looking soap holder because honestly why not

  193. Ryan says:

    Could use the 3D printer to print board game stuff!

  194. Surge says:

    I would make a ton of things from small motorcycle/automotive parts to some experimental everyday accessories.

    Kudos for the giveaway Mark, I’m sure all your readers appreciate it.

  195. Abdulaziz Almarzouq says:

    I want to make buttons for my keyboard !!!!

    a gaming mouse cover maybe?

  196. OS says:

    Gift it to my lovely friend and ask her to make a 240z out of it. If it can be done, she’d do it. And we’ll gift it back to you.

  197. Debashis says:

    Never won anything online, but yet worth a try.

  198. Ahmed says:

    mostly to create some action figures :P hope to win

  199. kev says:

    I’d use it to print cool badges for the kids in my sci-fi afterschool club!

  200. Mo says:

    I cant think of a single specific thing right now of what i’d do with it… the possibilities are endless…. But damn, i so want one!

  201. AbdulQader says:

    I would use it with my son who is just around 6 years of age, which would help him develop his creative skills as it would be a lot of fun!.

  202. Ali says:

    Tintin figures. :)

  203. Jyoti Chandnani says:

    Design vinyl DIY figurines

  204. paul says:

    Could use it for making some spare parts.

  205. Waris says:

    Would Use it to create some designer things or for fixing some broken items,And there is a huge endless list how to use this 3D printer.You would get tired reading them :)

  206. Kevin says:

    …will print personalized key-chains for my friends

  207. Mohammad Bouresli says:

    I wish I had one to make my own key medals

  208. Queen says:

    I am gonna print chocolate 😍

  209. tony says:

    to print toys for my kid and his friends

  210. Fahad says:

    It would be really useful to gift it to my little brother who would use it for his projects.
    It would be a v handful tool for him.

  211. z says:

    become self sustainable

  212. Alex says:

    Like to print My son miniature

  213. Kashif says:

    Well, would love to print/create some of my son’s arts & designs. Memories as well as encouragement for his creative side. Nothing tech savy, just father son thing :)

  214. Naser says:

    cover and holders

  215. Paparazzi says:

    Nah, I think I’ll skip this. Just give me a double chance on the next giveaway ;) :p


  216. Sak says:

    I’ll make cool doorstops!

  217. Basel says:

    I can use it for my teeth retainers metal mold (invisiline) to save money from dentist bills.

  218. Hamadooo says:

    I would use it to make toys of different cartoon characters and donate them to دار الايتام orphanage

  219. DJ says:

    DIY projects !

  220. Ahmed Al Bannany says:

    I will print car parts. Lol😂😂

  221. forzaq8 says:

    i don’t mind more clutter :P
    hand it over :)

  222. Maz says:

    I have six kids so it will help me for school projects

  223. hansel says:

    Will use it to get some cash, once i put it up for sale on the 248am classifieds, at a discounted rate :P

  224. Mad says:

    This seems really cool to make geometrical/architectural designs through different colors and put them together as an artistic piece with architectural uses.

  225. Shaikh says:

    Lego blocks !

  226. Mishal8 says:


  227. Da7oom says:

    I will use it to print small usefull iteams

  228. 6oma6 says:

    I’ll use it to print this 💩

  229. Kudi says:

    Gonna use it to make a copy of myself

  230. Rehman says:

    As being home savvy person, i would certainly love to use it for practical use which can be build at home for everyone’s home, although there are many things right now in my mind but i would go for building decorative items.

  231. If i win the i will use it to create DIY items.

  232. Abhishek says:

    I will use it to print stuff…

  233. Sajjad says:

    I will use this printer to print out branded give away stuff for my website users.

  234. Azaz says:

    Well i will use it to make diferrents things like keychains , logos etc nd would distribute it in kids

  235. DH says:

    Printing possibilities are endless!

  236. sm says:


  237. Mohammad says:


  238. Ali says:

    I’d use it to create tiny figures

  239. M3T4L says:

    I’ll use it to print action figures

  240. Omer Zalmai says:

    I would print a 3d car

  241. Nick says:

    I would like it to help teach my son about 3D printing

  242. Roy says:

    to complete my other 3d printers collection

  243. karam says:

    Would use it to make little art projects.

  244. fahad says:

    I think My kids would love to have some toys

  245. JJ says:

    create products for everyday use

  246. Francis says:

    I would like to make different versions of batman.

  247. Bo 3li says:

    I’m going to be making android figurines and superhero logos from movies and shows.

  248. am63 says:

    nifty stuff

  249. Yousef says:

    I will make a fork and eat spaghetti with it. :P

  250. marksteve says:

    3d CAR

  251. SAMMY says:



  252. Scott P says:

    I’d print parts to make a giant voltron robot. Maybe print pieces to make 3D Catan.

  253. Jasmine says:

    Miniature kitchen set and dolls for my daughter to pay with

  254. Blaise says:

    I would use it to make some toys.

  255. MJ says:


  256. Seyed Ebrahim Esmaeili says:

    I’ll be using it to transfer models created in 3D Max to actual objects that can be touched and played with :)

  257. kamakazi says:

    i’d use it to print keychains and action figures as well as make small supports that could help pets i see on the street :)

  258. lancy dmello says:

    Auto parts for me

  259. IB says:

    Can be — Creativity @ its best .
    Lets see how it may come handy for Robotics & other activities.

  260. Gigi says:

    I`d use this machine for toys and some DIY projects in the house.

  261. Seif Orabi says:

    I would be manufacturing aftermarket parts for my BRZ. LOL! I’m just dying to mod the car. I’d also be printing game figurines like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, among other collectables.

  262. brownstrawman says:

    I will gift it to my kids and teach them how to use it and get joy from creating things, better than being glued to youtube or the likes!

  263. Just says:

    shirt buttons if I ever lose any
    phone cover
    phone / ipad stand
    card holder
    you get the drift, everyday useful stuff whenever needed.

  264. SB says:

    I am an interior designer and my dad is a civil engineer who is working from home.
    I would gift this to my dad!
    We would bring our ideas from computer to reality!

  265. Izzyq8 says:

    WHoa made it barely on time :P

    I plan on printing 3D puzzles and riddles with it

  266. Sak says:

    Toys and give aways

  267. techfreak says:

    will love to try 3d printing :)

  268. HYR says:

    To create projects with my niece.

  269. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    As a teacher, it would be totally awesome to show my students! Also, to print little things to augment my son’s Lego creations!

  270. Jo says:

    I want to give it to my husband. Since he is an artist, he will be really happy to have and use it for his artistic ideas.


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