Cultural Centre Opening October 31st

Post by Mark


According to a reliable source of mine, the opening date for the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre has been officially set as October 31st. I didn’t receive any other details but I would assume a performance will be taking place there to correspond with the opening. More details when I get them. In case you missed the post on my visit to the Cultural Center you can check that out [Here]

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  1. memyselfandi says:

    Do you know if they have a website?
    Do they have any events lined up?

    Dubai Opera House announced events 2-3 months ago of all the events happening in the Opera House up until Feb 2017!

  2. q8 says:

    The Emir will open 7 enormous cultural centers. Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center is the first of the 7.

  3. MNS says:

    Check this one out:
    It’s a visitor center By KOC.

    Opening soon.

  4. Culturatti says:

    The opening night will have to be special if not actually huge. I think they still do special back in Kuwait. I am hoping the New York philharmonic orchestra, the Russian Royal Ballet Co or maestro Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s concert. Hope they don’t ruin it with a Haifa Wehbe or a Nancy Ajram nite.

  5. zaydoun says:

    Here’s the Dubai Opera program, as a benchmark

  6. Jaber says:

    Yay! I’m going Trick-or-treating there. who’s with me?

  7. JQ says:

    Finally a Great Opera House. Boccelli in Kuwait, that’s historic.
    Unlike the Dubai Opera, the schedule, and tickets information are nowhere to be found.

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