Entertainment City Shutting Down

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Earlier tonight I heard a rumor that Entertainment City was shutting down to get privatized and that Six Flags was going to take it over. A few moments ago I got confirmation from a source at Touristic Enterprises Company that the rumors regarding the privatization are true, Entertainment City is sadly going to be shutdown.

The whole park had fallen into disrepair over the years with many popular rides not working like the Water Log, Oasis Express (AKA the Death Train) and the observation tower. The only thing left really was our childhood memories and I have many of those since I’ve been frequenting the park ever since it opened back in 1984.

My source wasn’t able to confirm if Six Flags was actually taking over but it wouldn’t be too far fetched of an idea since last year they announced they were opening in Dubai. But then again, we neither have the tourists nor the popular number of the UAE so I can’t imagine it being feasible for them to open in Kuwait.

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  1. Chris says:

    Indeed, lots of good childhood memories at this place!

  2. 3azeez says:


    based on the news report above the council of ministers is pushing for the development of the entertainment city to turn it into international attraction. I wouldn’t be surprised if six flags was involved.

    basically if you want to know who is the foreign intensity is involved, just look for the company that is failing in its home country… that company which is failing or in lots of debts is the one coming to Kuwait. So if six flax is shutting down its themeparks and laying off people in its home country, then yeah i’d say they’re indeed coming to Kuwait. if not… then look for the other company that is going through this and promote is as the most probable company to be coming to kuwait.

  3. Nasser says:

    It would be really awesome if Six Flags did open. Then we can at least have a real deal amusement park.

    Entertainment City was awesome many many years ago, but today, it’s just a very sad place.

  4. k says:


    Six Flags should come to Kuwait. Kuwaitis and expats love entertainment parks and this isn’t just about tourism/numbers. It would be profitable.

    Kuwait is focusing on tourism according to the tourism minister and many top government officials, they all recently said Kuwait is working on the development of the tourism sector because oil prices are falling and it’s time to diversify the economy. Recently, the government’s puppet MP said alcohol is part of Kuwaiti traditions and customs. In a different venue, he later ranted about how the Islamists are foreign intruders and dual citizens. The guy is a racist troll, but at least the government is using its MP puppets to spur public debate. I think the government is genuinely trying to change because oil prices are falling and the Emir himself said it’s urgently time to diversify the economy

    • 3azeez says:

      1. To my knowledge we don’t have tourism minister.

      2. developing tourism sector in Kuwait statement is a complete joke. They previously said they wanted to make Kuwait centre for health-tourism, they failed. Then they decided to make it a media centre, they failed. they talked about economic centre… apparently they failed if they’re now interested in tourism.

      3. I doubt the alcohol statement made by the member of parliament was to stir any debate. The whole gulf is moving towards the ban of alcohol. Heck even Bahrain and Oman are now limiting the sales of alcohol so I don’t see why Kuwait would move in the opposite direction. If anything that MP statement was to divert people attention of more serious matters. Expect in the coming few days to hear more controversial subjects raising to the surface including but not limited to debate between Sunna and Shiaa along with rise in hate speech and increased threats of terror attacks and possible mini incidents here and there though not serious but only stuff to come on the headlines of the news papers to keep people occupied. I guess it is really difficult to keep people occupied and have their minds away from what seriously matters like our future with oil prices reach $45.

      On a second thought… yeah… maybe its time to vodka legal.

      • k says:

        Bahrain and Oman will NEVER ban alcohol. Are you kidding me? Bahrain’s parliament has been trying to ban alcohol since 1979. Everytime they make the proposal and it passes, the Bahraini King blocks it

        The Bahraini parliament has no power, it’s useless. The Bahraini parliament can’t make any ACTUAL laws. The King chooses half of the parliament’s members or something like that

        Oman barely has oil and they’re in desperate need of tourism. Oman will never ban alcohol. Oman doesn’t have a real parliament, it’s a joke. Oman is an absolute monarchy and their oil reserves are dwindling. Oman’s ‘parliament’ has been trying to ban alcohol for several years now. Oman is desperate for tourists, they’re trying their best to attract as many tourists as possible

        Oil prices are falling therefore the Gulf needs to diversify its economy more than ever right now. No one can forget that OIL prices are falling, this is in the news, headlines, it’s everywhere. Alcohol legalization is necessary for entrepot trade in Kuwait, go read Michael Herb’s book ‘The Wages of Oil: Parliaments and Economic Development in Kuwait and the UAE’. Kuwait is lagging behind UAE in foreign investment and entrepot trade because it requires a higher degree of openness (alcohol legalization). Kuwait is not seen as an attractive place to do business because of the lack of alcohol and bad infrastructure. Kuwait isn’t accommodating to foreign businessmen

        Entrepot trade, tourism and foreign investment are the pillars of economic diversification in the Gulf countries, there is no other route Kuwait can take

        Nabeel al Fadhel is a notoriously racist MP who thinks every Islamist is a saudi dual citizen and he also claims that Islamists are foreign intruders. The guy is a lunatic and known for his blatant racism. No wonder a Islamist lawyer filed charges against him for insulting the nation, he deserves it. Nabeel al Fadhel is originally Kurdish ancestry, why is he talking about Kuwaiti traditions and customs? Who is he to say that alcohol is part of Kuwaiti traditions and customs? He’s the government’s main puppet in the parliament, everyone knows that

      • k says:

        Kuwait has a Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Tourism

        See here:


        Samira al-Ghareeb is the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Tourism Affairs

  5. Ahmad says:

    A few years back a guy who worked in entertainment city was interviewed on البرنامج الثاني على الخط radio show.

    From what I remember :

    He claimed that the lack of development is because the plot land that the city’s built on is apparently some guys “inherited plot” …. they’ve been fighting over it for years. He also claimed that by law they can’t make any changes to the park until a court announces its verdict.

    • 3azeez says:

      I doubt they were talking about this entertainment city… this one is built in the middle of no where away from the old city walls… impossible to believe that the land is inherited by anyone in my opinion. may be they were referring to alshaab park? that one is indeed privately owned and the whole surrounded lands are part of “someone” inheritance so I wouldn’t be surprised if its being disputed.

      • Ahmad says:


        Seems like you have zero knowledge of how huge land plots in the middle of no where get “inherited” in Kuwait ….

        • 3azeez says:


          Take a guess why the theme park is in the middle of the desert and not in south surra.

          • Ahmad says:

            These guys show up and claim land. It’s that simple for them. And the government believes + pays them to buy back the so called inherited land. A guy once claimed a plot that had some governmental building in near the iraqi border. He won the case and got the money.

  6. Neo says:

    Wishful Thinking….

    Disney should take over Entertainment City

    They should have a Disney Land in the Middle East and it could be in Kuwait.


    • abdulla says:

      Well I don’t think disney is involved in kuwait. They wasn’t even involved to make it in dubai. They are focusing on Egypt. But u guess it won’t be. Theme parks are failing cause there is disney land. Once japan opened disneyland, Japan major entertainment cities closed. So happens to nearly whole theme parks around.and 3 companies is focusing in dubai now. Lego land is also being built in dubai and will finish 2016. Of course entertainment city of kuwait will close sadly.

  7. saad-ali says:

    Good place to make a horror movie though or an ad like redbull race.

  8. sala6a says:

    ‘Renovation’ for three years ? If the same as the Kuwait towers renovation, this will never end. Jandoul and Death Train, you will be missed !

  9. sumi says:

    the bubbling crude is not going to last forever…that is why the expats are currently being charged every imaginable fee. Kuwait is looking to diversify and become a tourist attraction. With the bad way expats are treated here..that is merely a pipe dream.

    For me…I’m diversifying too as the future for expats here is getting dimmer by the second. We’re looking for land to buy Stateside as an investment. Its only a matter of time before the expat community starts packing up their tents to go home.

  10. Sal says:

    When is it going to shut down?

  11. Ali Sleeq says:

    I’m surprised it lasted this long. Talk about relic of the past.

  12. Nixon says:

    I don’t any issue with closing it down, it’s not like anyone is actually using it with all of its broken rides.

  13. Simple_Man says:

    I know make it a Mall we could use another Mall. Or a coffee shop.

  14. abdulla says:

    Well i knew this entertainment city will close theme. Theme parks are failing cause there is disney land. Once japan opened disneyland, Japan major entertainment cities closed. So happens to nearly whole theme parks around.and 3 companies is focusing in dubai now. Lego land is also being built in dubai and will finish 2016. Of course entertainment city of kuwait will close sadly.

  15. Entertainment City- R.I.P.

  16. vijil says:

    Respected sir,

    what is the timing Entertainment city……….i planned to visit coming Wednesday 23rd sep 2015……..

  17. Mo says:

    It would be great if they came up with a few new rides:


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