Fashionista Gets 10 Days Jail Sentence

Post by Mark


The public prosecution yesterday detained a well known fashion blogger in Kuwait for 10 days and referred her to the criminal court on charges of forgery. She allegedly left the using her friend’s passport before the forgery was discovered at Dubai airport and she was returned to Kuwait. [Source]

Since I like gossip, does anyone have any idea which fashion blogger Kuwait Times is talking about?

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  1. Fantailfan says:

    I always wondered why in AE the airport folks really liked to look at you……like really look. Now I know.

  2. Farrah says:

    The term ‘fashionista’ in the headline is whats shocking to me :(

  3. k says:

    anyone else think this is a prime example of the incompetency of the idiots working behind the immigrations counter. also, arent fingerprints taken at immigrations, how the hell did she manage to get through that!?

  4. AmericanGirl says:

    I wonder if it was the same one who was arrested for prostitution late last year?

  5. Inkuwait says:

    Oh this sounds interesting – fashionista needs to fashion herself an alibi…..

  6. John says:

    What case is that? Is that Caudabe The Veil XT?

  7. snakeparty says:

    another kuwaiti who thinks they are above the rules for the rest of us. problem is, Kuwait itself teachest that lesson!

  8. Inkuwait says:

    Snakeparty – predictable…..don’t like it/ us? Leave. She committed a crime and was arrested. Good. The authorities can’t win in your eyes, can they? Catch her- you criticize. Let her go, you criticize.
    Bad feeling in our country is not what we need- we need people of all nationalities pulling together- is your home country above criticism? Where are you from?

    • snakeparty says:

      read the comment below – 10 days for something that is quite heavy. Also – you’re an idiot. What makes you think I am writing in from your armpit part of the world?

  9. lolguy says:

    Hang on, just 10 days for travelling on a forged passport?
    Am I missing something here?

  10. Bernie Donald Cruz says:

    Tough to say considering three quarters of the female population in Kuwait likes calling itself,’fashionista’.

  11. Security Advisor says:

    This was in the Kuwait Times 02 days ago. I don’t know whether to laugh and just be amazed at the irony.

    Authorities beef up security at the airport which mind you has no way near the traffic and capacity of Dubai and yet they have difficulties recognizing forgeries and some how allow what to me is basically a bubble head to circumvent their so called beefed up security.

    It took well trained dedicated fellow GCC security officials from another country to catch and return Ms. bubble head back to Kuwait. Wow. Maybe they should swap; send our people there and their people should come here.

    Uhhh no wait scratch that we cant the let the rest of the world and Dubai’s reputation suffer for our inequities.

    Beefing up security has its place especially now and with what’s been happening around the world. But lets start with the basics, how about putting in refresher training programs where the officials are re-trained and updated on the latest security techniques? How about training them that its not how you look and the amount of make up you wear but how the person you are looking at your booth is when compared to a passport photo and how to look through the 10 tons of make up bubble head is wearing?? How about ensuring that all are fingerprinted as they enter and leave and that their data supports the information in ones passport?? These are all equally important. Also yeah being vigilant, that’s important too. Being asleep with your eyes open or playing candy crush on your phone just because its a slow day is an absolute No No.

  12. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    On a different note since April Fools is right around the corner. This mostly pertains to the locals since they cry about price hikes more than the expats.

    I see this as a way to agitate the locals, the way they did with the Legal Alcohol April Fool’s joke from about 10 years back!

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