Fire at The Avenues

Post by Mark

According to a friend of mine there was a fire today at Carrefour in The Avenues. The parking underneath was also flooded but not sure if its from the sprinklers or a burst pipe. If anyone has any more information or pictures [Email Me]

Thanks Patrick

Update: According to another source of mine the fire actually started at the Athletes Foot and not Carrefour. Fire sprinklers went off at various spots around the mall and that caused electric shorts as well as flooded the area hence why there was so much water in the parking lot.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Good that that firewater systems are working at least.

  2. Rehab says:

    The must I know, it was electrical fire start from Avenues Phase 1 backroom, near Vavavoom…

  3. Tuan says:

    Atleast the cars got a free wash :P

  4. Security Adviser says:

    Athletes Foot should never have invited Flash to come on in and try out those new sneakers.. a fire was bound to start with all that speed and friction ;-)

  5. marvin says:

    Probably caused by a cigarette.

  6. Neo says:

    Hope no one got hurt…

  7. The Real Burhan says:

    “Fire sprinklers went off at various spots around the mall and that caused electric shorts …”

    This is not good. KFSD didn’t evaluate the fire alarm systems? What’s next? The fire sprinklers go off (good), but the water causes a short circuit (bad) which leads to another fire (worse).

  8. Say what? says:

    Have you noticed the shotty construction at the new section? Start wandering around the Arabic village or down the not-so-busy paths, the construction is horrible. Which leads you to question are the people who work on these buildings in Kuwait really all qualified? I have been watching key projects in this country, for example, the new ministry building in south Surra and this massive project on the 40 FWY near KOC and I never ever see people working there and the weather is nice? Who works on these projects, ghosts?

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