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Linda coming back

I previously posted that Linda who hosts the morning show on 99.7 had left Kuwait permanently but I got word from a friend who works at 99.7 that Linda will be coming back soon. Not sure if this is good or bad news for people who listen to the morning show, I know no one liked her when she was on but I also know that people prefer her over the new replacements. For now I’m filing this under gossip & rumors.

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Well to be precise No one with a soul liked her, i got nothing against her but she simply doesn’t fit for a radio, she lack any sense of humor and boring as hell

Guantanamo bay can make a use of her, just lock criminals in a room with her speaking through the radio they will confess everything.

“You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green”

A quote by an unknown.

Some will get it, some will continue to be confused.

Oh thank God. I have had my radio turned off ever since she left.

I’m not saying Linda was any better – a native English speaker who still managed to mispronounce almost every word [my personal pet peeves were the way she pronounced “Shoowakhhhh” (for Shuwaikh) and “Theee-ate-er” (for theater)]. But at least she isn’t 12 years old and has had a lot of years of experience being a DJ. Yakky and Sappy are about the worst DJs I’ve ever heard anywhere. What is it – “Bring your kid to work day” – EVERY day? And what is with the continual music-to-commit-suicide-to – every morning? Let me shoot myself now….

Ministry of Information: Puhleeeze get your act together! The station has now gone global – people can access it online from anywhere; AND IT IS INCREDIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL! It’s a national embarrassment.

I don’t believe that you would place non-native Arabic speakers on the Arabic radio or TV stations. Why are you putting non-native English speakers on an English radio station? Does it make sense?

@ Desert Girl, I know a lot of Kuwaiti natives speaking far better English than Americans and will do a good job at their English radio. The new DJ’s may not rock but are making an attempt and not going on and on!

When I hear an American or Brit on the Arabic station speaking Arabic, I can reasonably reply to this.

And em… “Attempt” should never be a job qualification at a national radio station.

The guy on the night ride is AWESOME. Now he’s a non-native English speaker with style, class and professionalism. Kudos.

If you watch Russian or Chinese news stations they have people who speak Arabic as fluently as an Arabic speaker, it’s crazy.

The point is not english grammar. Hell there are a lot of nationalites that speak better english than “some” americans and brits, but again that is all subjective and influence based.

The point here is about personality. Linda was just outright boring. She’d repeat the end lyrics of a song after it was done, like she knew the artist personally. So for example, if cry me a river just got done playing, she’d celebrate the end of the song by going “yeaah! cry me a river!”. WTF?

But I agree, she’s still better than the listless individuals they have on now.

Are you seriously serious?

You are actually comparing an econony that has over 3 trillion dollars in annual churn to a country with barely 4 million people? Economics and job salaries are subjective and Kuwait’s salaries are piss poor compared to the US, even in bad times. The reason most Americans and others come here is to make a few tax free bucks, save it up and then go back after a few years to invest back home. Some choose to stay longer and some don’t. Americans and many others don’t come here because the money is better 🙂
Read the economist, it will help you.

The only place where the money is better in Kuwait is in the govt. sector, but wait, guess who have all of those jobs.

Tester, our income (if earned abroad) is tax free up to $92,000. We’re only taxed on the amount we make above that and there are even some Americans in Kuwait who make less than that… resulting in a tax free income.

Caesar, you’re 100% correct. Sadly that would exclude many of the US Contractors who go to Kuwait (and other overseas locations) with limited education and experience. In America some wouldn’t qualify for a $10 an hour job, yet overseas they’re making triple that.

Just put music until they can find energetic DJs like 88.8.
Those guys at Marina FM are hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I arrived to work laughing like crazy.

oh thank good theyre bringing her back. those new replacements make me cringe every time i hear their voice, especially the annoying DJ Aki or whatever. please remove them from the show. i love 99.7 and i want linda back, even though i disagree with 99% of what she says on her show but who cares.

Linda is cool but sadly, she needs to correct a lot of things in the show.

Please do not refer to Kuwait as if it’s a part of the US. We are simply not. We don’t understand American lingo, daily American/Canadian mannerisms, foods etc. Sultan Center is not the only place people visit for grocery…maybe try to diversify the show…hint…so that everyone understands what you’re talking about. I know you’re a huge country music fan, but not everyone is. Don’t keep playing songs which you like daily (for example “I just come here for the music” (which by the way you played twice in the same hour a few months ago)). Not everyone cares who won at the Country Music Awards and not everyone cares to hear everything about Luke Bryan and Eric Church. Although I do like Luke Bryan. Please play some Adult Contemporary in the morning. I seriously don’t want rap, rn’b and hip hop as my morning dose. Some acoustic guitars, soulful lyrics (Train, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Garth Brooks mixed with some Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley, Alter Bridge etc etc) added to a variety of uplifting morning music would be great. I cannot stand hearing “where da hoes at???” and “shake that booty” first thing in the morning. Whatever you are promoting, please do it with some class. I may be wrong, but did I hear massive promotion of Burger King during the diabetic week? I know 99.7 makes some solid cash advertising and thats ok, but it’s really done in a very uninteresting way, like a parrot reading the same line over and over. Why not tell us some interesting facts, history, or whatever of whatever you are promoting. I have realized that VOA is far more diverse and interesting in their selection of songs so why are we lagging behind? KTV2 has lost all hope and would be sad if 99.7 also becomes the same. Whatever happened to that heavy metal hour which used to air every week? Now I heard some silly UK DJ playing a repetitive beat over and over and over and over……BORING!

I’m pretty sure 99.7 has a pre-approved list of billboard hits they have to play. They’re a Top100 station so you basically get the same 100 songs over and over.

I haven’t listened to the radio in like, 10 years.

If you have a smartphone there are thousands of free podcasts for you to listen to. There are streaming music services if you want playlists of random songs. You can download your own music and listen to it… if you’re sick of the same old music, try out some sites that put up playlists of a hundred songs every month or so, it’s like your own personal radio except only of the genre you want.

There are so many options and people are still complaining about Linda like it’s 1999

Anything to stop hearing the flawed pronunciations and weird accents of the current duo. If the guy has to say DID-ANT he might as well just say DID NOT !

woow thanks god r u kdding me .. no one liked here in the show !!! do u like the pooring replasment !!!… i never thought i ll miss anybody in the radio but i realy missed her i was listeing to her everyday .. i never even know here name untill i read it here in this page … wish her all the best and plaese came back LINDA and save & shine our mornings :-)))

please get those annoying children off the air now! put linda put anyone else for that matter! but those 2 were the biggest mistake in RADIO!!

Being worked for 4 years in the ministry of information, I can say chaps there don’t much do for the entertainment, well yeah a part of it. But I see 80% of the staff there are just to say ok I did my job, now do yours. But I have to admit the staff in the 99.7 dept are extremely friendly and hardworking, this goes to shejoon the head of 99.7 and Linda(speaker). I usually go around the stations doing my routine checkup on the servers and pcs for the on air and used to come across Linda pretty often in her studio. She’s one of those kind souls who cares about others. She always ask how my family was doing and how was my job going by ,issues in Kuwait and other chit chats. Such staff who cares and praises should be there. From what I had seen, there were two kind of groups, those that mind their own buisness and not help other people, well that’s ok as long as you don’t hurt any one. The second group of people are those that feed on politics,gossip and what not and survive there and make their way up the ladder by killing the poor once under them. I always stand clear from this group. The reason is even if you were a bystander and just watching, you will get sucked into the gossip and politics and later be blamed for nothing. I know politics is everywhere but there its too high.. Well this is my opinion, thought of letting guys know how it was there

Lol, the Indian fm seems I heard from a close aid they went into bit of a dept..I mean a loss.its not soo easy to run these as they need to pay up lots for the Licence to the ministry. Also heard they were gearing up to come back..

Lol @ kaid,very very true. In fact when I used to be in her studio doing repairs and other stuff, I tend to hear she talking about Burger King, ice creams and what not which makes me hungry and mouth watering, I immediately dash out of the studio as I couldn’t stand it.the station makes huge money from these kind of ads she told me.

I kind of like the new show more than Linda’s version. But the only thing that bothers me is the way DJ Aki talks! It makes me cringe so much!

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