Lindsay Lohan is in Kuwait

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Lindsay Lohan is currently in Kuwait filming as a guest on the Swar Shuaib talkshow which will be airing its first episode of the new season in February. Lindsay Lohan along with Tara Reid are at the top of my “Celebrities I’d like to get plastered with” list so I’m kinda having a bit of FOMO here. Check out Shuaib’s instagram story on @sh3aib for behind the scene shots of his new season.

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  1. Khaled says:

    Shaib is single handily doing more for Kuwaiti TV than all of the local broadcasters combined.

    Hats off to him.

  2. Expat CTR says:

    Good ol’ firecrotch herself.

  3. orion says:

    He could’ve chose a better guest but I can’t wait to see what his interview with her is gonna be about.

  4. jm says:

    i love lindsay she is soooo buff specially in “mean girls”

  5. GoogleIt says:

    Lindsay was so damn hot in the movie Herbie when she was a little younger, now after all the drugs (Ik she’s been in a rehab) and that sh*t she’s not that hot anymore (she is but hot when it was before drugs)

  6. manofthemoment says:

    She looks okay to me.

  7. mohammad says:

    While I’m happy that she’s visiting my country. The guy interviewing her is disgustingly homophobic. He once invited a feminine guest and and asked him if he’s gay, made ridicule of him, and mocked him on TV. That was just last Ramadan. It was so horrible to watch. Everyone was laughing at the guest on social media. I doubt she know about that episode.

  8. meh says:

    Is he going to pull out his ipad and confront her about drug addiction, whoring or her boob jobs?

  9. I’d ask Lohan two very important questions.

    1) Who played her twin in The Parent Trap?
    2) Did Putin take his shirt off when she met him?

  10. Security Advisor says:

    I’d ask what was growing out of his ears that caught her attention during the taking of the selfie ?????????

  11. zaydoun says:

    Mark… Tara Reid was once staying in the room next to mine at Palm Beach hotel in Beirut almost 10 years ago. A “hot mess” as they say ;-)

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