Meet the Kardashians… for just KD350

Post by Mark

I can’t think of anyone on this planet I’d be willing to pay KD350 just to meet.

Taken from @KardashiansKWT

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  1. E says:

    I would pay if it includes additional entertainment plans +18 ;p

  2. fawzi says:

    For Meet Only :S ,, if its for Eat :] ,, I will Buy it :D

  3. Haseeb says:

    Joke of the year.

  4. Reham says:

    I bet the tickets are already sold out :D

  5. Patrick says:

    I don’t think you’d even technically get to meet her. It’s just a dinner. With at least 30 other people.

  6. Ali Sleeq says:

    I’d buy it just so I can throw soup at their faces. Especially the shemale (Khloe).

  7. You’re kidding? 350 Dinars to see some obnoxious idiot? That’s more than 5 times what some people earn in a month

  8. Ashraf says:

    My Fiance had actually asked me for KD350 to go to the dinner… (it was a joke, ofcourse).

    but since she is a big big fan of these bunch of wannabe idiots.. i think deep down she hoped i would actually give her that kind of money :P

  9. LOL says:

    Mark you really can’t think of anyone, half the girls in Kuwait are crazy about her, pretty sure some of those girls dads have deep pockets

  10. Z says:

    It would “HONOR US” if you could “GRACE US” with your presence …. And uh .. pay us KD350 .. Priceless mark

  11. SONI says:

    May i know for what is kim famous for ? i mean is she model? actress? or brainless beauty?

    well i dont understand why people are crzy about her? and throw 350 for just a glance of her from far off? i am sure none of the ticket buyer will be able to even shake hand with her,

    gosh this is height of stupidity

  12. M.Chehimi says:

    I would pay that for a lovely new BIG TV and watch her on Full HD screen, all the way with all of her friends. Only if I am into this stupidity… WHICH I AM NOT !

  13. Kash says:

    All proceeds going to charity?

  14. Security Adviser says:

    Yes Charity!! the pay Kim her huge appearance fees and the sponsors profit accounts charity…. not to forget the after hours invite only Kim dancing on a pole party rental fees charity…

  15. Security Adviser says:

    kinda like they saying goes..You PAY ..THEY LAY ;-)

  16. pickles says:

    why would i pay 350 to see “kum” kardashian and her shit-show when i can walk to the trash can outside my home for free?

  17. Al-Marzouq says:

    thats some ppl’s monthly salary… hell thats some maids ANNUAL salary. where do these ppl get off

  18. Adam says:

    I actually considered it! dear god ! 350 whaaa’

  19. ahmed says:

    I would pay 350KD to meet Einstein!

  20. dougmacho says:

    F that…..

  21. MJ says:

    350kd? does it include drinks? I mean mashrobat ro7eya?

  22. I know a few who are willing to pay 500 to just see her…

  23. Kk284 says:

    Meet a person who basically got famous cuz of xxx video!!! Hahaha

  24. SkyHigh says:

    Bu**Sh** kd 350 for Kardashian – Aint Hell No- she can take a ride bakk home less kd 350 dis time!!!!

    Prefer to donate this amt to a charity once a year and make a difference to this world! Imagine just 1000 ppl donating kd 350/year; dats like kd 29/month/person!! WoW!! Its gonna help so many ppl overcome the toughest of challenges what they must be facing currently…

    • pickles says:

      maybe you can use that KD 350 towards an English writing/spelling program. i just had a mini-seizure reading your comment.

      • Arrgh says:

        Or he could wait for enough rappers to make his misspelling into alternative spellings.

        Aren’t they adding new words to the English language every year? How about sone phonetic variations of the same words. Or just behind to turn English into a phonetic language.

      • Arrgh says:

        Edit:November 6, 2012 at 7:43 am
        Or he could wait for enough rappers to make his misspelling into alternative spellings.

        Aren’t they adding new words to the English language every year? How about some phonetic variations of the same words. Or just begin to turn English into a phonetic language.

        • SkyHigh says:

          All right “Trash Can Pickles” and Arrghhh,, A bit of rapping and tapping with a few spelling Errorrrsssss shouldn’t be an issue while expressing a personal opinion-To bad if it hurt ur feelings. It’s the thought which counts not the vocabulary and for Christ sake this is a blog and not your early morning performance review where English has to be perfect therefore take a chill pill guys. What matters is that I got the point across to both u Dumb Heads. Yes/No/May be?  Enjoy the rest of the day, Cheers

          • pickles says:

            hahaha it was a joke, buddy. i got your point, obviously. and no, my feelings weren’t hurt. take a chill pill yourself!

  25. IT'S A TRAP! says:

    a list of pple i would pay 350kd to meet:

    peter jackson
    stephen colbert
    warren buffet
    darth vader and darth maul (175 kd for each)
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Robert Deniro
    Polie, from Rolie Polie Olie
    David Lynch
    Great and Powerful Oz
    Adriana Lima
    and of course Tim “The Tool man” Taylor

    This has been a presentation of Sulfur Flamingos and such.

  26. axed-gamer says:

    Grace us with 350 KD.

    Kim, seriously?
    I mean all I know that she’s a celebrity due to her so called “Reality” show, that could only par with Jersey Shore (thank god they’re dead).
    I don’t know her in person (and I doubt I would ever), She’s popular with girls and young ladies, but for what? I only know that

    Reality Shows = Drama + Sex + “Liberty”

    I know many would hate me, But this how I see it.


  27. Omar says:

    Hmmmmmmm 350

    Iam willing to pay it to see

    1- the hulk
    2 – superman giving batman a wedgyyyyyy
    3- obama bitch slap bush
    4- the hulk
    5- dana white vs tito ortiz
    6- wall-E
    7- americas ironman vs الرجل الحديدي

  28. TJCFILMS says:

    The dinner would probably get interrupted by Kanye anyway.

  29. Adam says:

    “The dinner would probably get interrupted by Kanye anyway.” Haha nice one

  30. AmonA says:

    I would assume food is not included either!!

  31. David says:

    350 kd is so dear! But what is 350 for those earning thousands dinar a month.

  32. HayaAlT says:

    I don’t even think Kim knows where Kuwait is. They just told her that she’d be doing a M&G in the Middle East, then she’ll be traveling back.

    I don’t like her, but I love her style.

  33. il pazzo says:

    Why in god’s name would I pay 350 to meet her?! A porn star wanna be, she’s famous cause of her p%$#&, ppl are so f^#@ing boring that they’d pay money to meet her! Guys just watch her video & you’ll satisfied ;p
    Enough said

  34. Samuel says:

    I would pay 3.5 kd to meet her,ohhh wait i have to go to entertaiment city on that day!!!

  35. JIMMY says:

    Can I use VIVA OR ZAIN OR WATANIYA recharge CARDS ;) to pay.

  36. I hope she wouldn’t ditch ’em just like she did in Dubai! Imagine what a waste of money!

  37. Omar says:

    I would only pay 350 if i could see Kurt Cobain…

  38. Brock says:

    Im certain there are people here who will pay that! Rather, that amount would be great to feed a couple of starving children.

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