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Paris Hilton Hacked

paris hiltonParis Hiltons T-Mobile Sidekick II was hacked awhile back. Now most of her private info is online. The Sidekick II is a phone with PDA like features and also has a camera built in. Today three of my favorite sites had links to places where you can see what was on her phone.

These sites might not be safe for work because they might contain Paris nudity.

Here are three links:
7 Pounds

Update: I just read somewhere that the Secret Service is now also investigating the T-Mobile hacking. Sites hosting the Paris Hilton stuff are being shutdown 1 by 1 so the above links might not work anymore.

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From the address book I called Christina Aguilera and got a company’s PBX asking for an extension, Nicky Hilton and the number was not in service, Lindsy Lohan and an answering maching of william something picked up. I’m starting to think that this addressbook is actually fake…

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