Rumor: Equinox Gyms to Open in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Equinox is a popular luxury gym chain in the US and according to a reader, they’re going to open in Kuwait (and most likely the region). Alshaya are bringing the brand which will most likely compete with the likes of Inspire, The Burrow and Elite Fitness.

No information on when or where they’re planning to open as of now.

Thanks Andrew

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  1. Abdulla says:

    Al shay a opening a gym?
    But will it have a Starbucks or Pinkberry?

  2. Sh says:

    and a MAC too.

  3. Abdulaziz says:

    What are they gonna charge you extra for at their gyms? Extra pounds on your dumbbells?

    Seriously tho, AlShaya are cool people who at least invest locally.

  4. JamesJ says:

    we have overpriced gyms… where you pay 40k.d. a month.

    and luxurious hotel gym much cheaper, but u pay foe a year in hotel

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