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Shaab Park is No More

According to a contact of mine at the Touristic Enterprises Company, Shaab Park will not be reopening again. Back in August, the park along with Sultan Center and other businesses in that block were closed down and the whole area cordoned off due to contract issues. I was under the impression that the park was owned by TEC, but turned out only the land is actually owned by them.

I still have memories and photos of when I used to go to Shaab Park back in the 80s. It was a lot greener back then and it wasn’t fenced up as it is now (I should dig up the old photos). Even though I wasn’t a fan of the current iteration of the park, it was a place for young guys and girls to go hang out and meet up in so I’m sure it will be missed by many.

Photo from Fried Junk

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NOOO! That place was the best thing ever ๐Ÿ™ I never went there a lot and this is unfortunate. Didn’t even know they closed the place down.

I am starting a campaign about this issue, the goveremt is closing down all of the outdoor theme parks in Kuwait Including Discovery. By 2018 we will have NOWHERE to take our children. Shopping malls are expensive for taking your children every weekend. PLS FOLLOW AND SUPPORT MY CAMPAIGN. @kidsofkuwait on twitter and instagram ( still developing on instagram.)
I hope all of you feel the pain.
Thank you

Discovery isnโ€™t a theme park, itโ€™s a mall and should be closed down to make way for phase III of al shaheed park. If you want to take your kids to a mall you can still take them to avenues.

Wait… so they really are tearing down Discover Mall????

That mall shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and I know a lot of families who don’t like it for their kids. Many prefer Promenade

from what i understood when the land was given to discovery mall it wasn’t meant to be for a mall, it was meant to be for a childrens area, like a non-profit thing for kids and then it turned into what it is today. thats why they went to court.

Since they are removing discovery mall,for third phase of shaheed park,dose that include the ice skating ring as well?

While Shaab park closing is a sad thing, especially for those of us who used to love going there as kids, i am more interested in whether Sultan Center will open again.

That Sultan was EXTREMELY convenient for me.

Does anyone have some fresh pictures from Entertainment city? From what i can see on it now looks faded like silent hill.

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