Stabbing at Marina Mall

Post by Mark

Earlier tonight (Thursday) I got a message from a friend that there was a stabbing at Marina Mall. I confirmed that with a Marina Mall security guard an hour ago and a few minutes ago I got photos of the victim lying on the stairs that lead to the food court all bloodied and still. Based on the photos it looks like the victim died. I don’t have any other information on why the stabbing took place.

Update: A reader who was there when the incident took place had the following to say;

I was there last night when it happened and it wasn’t at food court but near Johnny rockets at crescent on the stairs, there had been a fight between two guys who were friends over this girl and one guy went and got his friends and they stabbed the man to death, I’m a 16 year old girl and all the guys got involved and rushed us out of the area as it happened, marina went on lockdown and police were everywhere! – Lola

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  1. Nabil says:

    this is disgusting, when is this gonna end?!

  2. And now we’ll never hear the end of this. Que the lazy fat security guards who are supposed to look “jacked up!”

  3. Fawaz says:

    this shit will never end till everyone could carry a gun legally for self defense, then people think twice before hurting people, because they may get killed…

    • Joe says:

      Dumbest thing I heard in a long time!

      • Fawaz says:

        i wanna ask you two questions
        1- how many crimes happened in last 10 years?
        2- how many executions are done?

        Yea crime happens less than 2 mins since you face a guy who try to stab you with a knife, while the security dont give shit about you and you cant summon the police instantly we dont have a super heroes ,, so at this time you wish to see a two bullets on his legs before he stabs you,, and see him crying and regrets for the moment he saw you and bullys on you.

        • Wishbone says:

          How about acknowledging that this started from failure of parenthood.

          Two guys started with doing something wrong that ended with something even more wrong.

          But then again we can start with handing stupid a gun.

    • Faisal says:

      That’s stupid, man

    • Qster says:

      legalizing guns….in Kuwait? I wouldn’t trust the people around me with a paper butter knife let alone an actual gun.

      • Fawaz says:

        they can legalize electrical gun? for self defense ? stunner? seriously since our law is weak against these crimes,,,atleast you stun the criminal and see him in jail later on….or you kill him and make world better with 1 less idiot.

      • Batitty says:

        There’s already an estimated 600,00 illegal guns in Kuwait; clearly having a law making guns illegal and enforcing that law are two sdifferent things.

        Unless you can guarantee that all illegal guns are confiscated then banning gun ownership only punishes law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens are like sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the psychos out there who don’t care about laws and who wield guns, tasers, machetes, knives, etc…the psychos who we read about everyday in the crime section of the newspaper.

        And the government can’t protect you; the police only show up after the fact, I.e. after somone has been shot or stabbed.

        600,000 estimated illegal firearms in Kuwait! Think deeply about that before criticising those who call for legalized gun ownership. Clearly the law in this context is meaningless and only serves to empower those who don’t repsect it in the first place while unfairly reducing the self defense capabilities of those of us who respect the law!

        • Batitty says:

          Correction 600,000 not 600,00

        • D. says:

          People have this really idealized picture of what owning a gun is like.
          1) If someone is coming at you, chances are good you aren’t even going to remember you have a gun. 2) In stressful situations, your aim will be terrible even if you know how to shoot.
          3) There is always the possibility of YOUR GUN BEING TAKEN AND USED AGAINST YOU.
          4) Having a gun in the house means other people can probably access it. “In the 1990s, a team headed by Arthur Kellermann of Emory University looked at all injuries involving guns kept in the home in Memphis, Seattle and Galveston, Tex. They found that these weapons were fired far more often in accidents, criminal assaults, homicides or suicide attempts than in self-defense. For every instance in which a gun in the home was shot in self-defense, there were seven criminal assaults or homicides, four accidental shootings, and 11 attempted or successful suicides. ”
          5) Being shot is more likely to result in death than being stabbed.

          There is simply not enough of a risk of murder to justify carrying guns as a solution.

          • Batitty says:

            Agreed, having any weapon around carries a risk of misuse. Similarly, having a weapon is not the same as knowing how to use properly.

            Unfortunately, those points are irrelevant in the context of my original point, which is that unless the 100s of thousands of illegal firearms in kuwait (and other weapons) can be confiscated by the government, any laws banning gun ownership unfairly punish law abiding citizens and do nothing to stop the proliferation of weapons in the hands of those intent on using them – I.e. those who have no respect for the law.

            I never sought to present an idealized picture of gun ownership; that is a seperate argument. I’m only questioning the purpose of having an ineffectual restriction on gun ownership that does virtually nothing to stop the proliferation of weapons in the hands of criminals while depriving law abiding citizens of that same privilege.

            Thus, unless the government can guarantee us that no psychos will carry weapons – guns or otherwise – with the intent to harm us or our families, banning gun ownership becomes an unjust law that reduces the capabilities of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families from these thugs.

            • D. says:

              I don’t see how. We’ve established that their owning guns will do nothing for them, so it’s not “unfair” in any way. It’s not like the people who have them illegally are being encouraged.

              • Batitty says:

                I think you’re missing my point. You’re basically saying that:

                (1) Owning guns carries a risk of misuse. True, but that could also apply to other dangerous household items.

                (2) Some people may not be properly trained to use guns properly; this might also be true.

                I’m not arguing about the pros and cons of owning guns if their legalized ownership was a fact, I’m arguing that an outright ban on gun ownership is basically useless, unjust, and empowers criminals & sociopaths, and harms law-abiding citizens.

                The two points you have made regarding risk of misuse of guns and risk of improper use of guns cannot, in any reasonable sense, be used to take away the fundamental rights of law abiding citizens to have the same capacity to defend themselves as those sociopaths who may potentially harm them.

                To be clear, I am not necessarily against laws banning gun ownership. But unless the government can guarantee us that no sociopaths will threaten us and our families with illegally owned guns, knives, machetes, stun-guns, etc… when we’re in the malls, parks, cinemas, restaurants, etc… then an outright ban on gun ownership does absolutely nothing to stop these sociopathic elements intent on potentially harming us using guns, knives and other weapons when they are in public places and it degrades the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families by taking away their fundamental and legitimate rights to have similar weapons at their disposal to defend themselves.

    • Fatima says:

      I think we should all now just consider getting those metal detectors and a check at every entrance before entering malls. Cuz it’s like you give them freedom and they obviously just don’t know what to do with it.

      • Samer says:

        I fully agree and hopefully this can be implemented the soonest.

      • Wishbone says:

        Metal detector at every mall entrance.
        Long queue while every guy emties his pocket and every lady has her bag checked.

        Your idea fails as people are let in without being checked.

        • whizbabe says:

          Actually, in India all malls have the provision of checking at the entrance. It includes frisking for the men and separate checking for women. I agree that the logistics don’t pan out in this situation, but maybe they can have additional checkpoints. However, the fundamental problem to this solution would be the large entitled egos that people would bring along, and the offence they would take to the idea of being checked/ asked to open their bags.

          • Abi says:

            But it will be like all the hotels where the buzer goes off but no one is ever checked. & the incident in Avenues happened after they purchased the weapon IN the mall. So sad but it wont stop, people have no respect for one another.

    • D. says:

      And pray tell, how exactly are you going to make sure people don’t abuse their stun guns?

    • Jpowlle says:

      And what if the guy thats carrying the gungoes crazy when he sees his cousin out with a guy and decides to go and shoot that guy

    • Ashraf says:

      Horrible solution!

      thank god you are not in the ministry of interior.

      if everyone was to take the law in their own hand, whats the point of having cops & courts?

      legalising guns will only lead to a higher death rate by murder. people will start pointing guns for tiniest of reasons.

      the solution should be metal detectors & a potent security unit..

  4. Danny says:

    Avoid Marina Mall after 6 PM and avoid the Avenues after 6 PM as well. That’s when all the horny rascals start their day with a burger and their d*** in their hand. They follow girls and when the girl doesn’t respond they start the cat calling. I have seen young guys, no older than 19 scream and intimidate a girl in Marina Mall. It could be out of “getting no-action” frustration or just the inability to do as they please as they are allowed in their own homes. Once this is skillfully resolved, maybe there will be a decrease in brawls and violence…but these guys are like dogs in heat competing for the same girl. And you know how dogs fight!

    Second is the crazy road rage. This could also be avoided if people are given appropriate awareness because road rage is rampant in Kuwait!

    And security needs to stop dressing up in casual dishdashas (although they do look very smart in them) and dress in a little more intimidating clothes…like military uniform!

    • 3azeez says:

      1. “but these guys are like dogs in heat competing for the same girl.” I totally agree with this… its like watching national geographic and seeing two animals compete for female in heat. The guys are not the only ones to blame. I walk to a mall in Kuwait, I get the same “excitement” that I’d usually get from a hot porn video! Honestly… Probably that explains the teenagers reaction.

      2. “Second is the crazy road rage.” Yes it feels like the whole population is angry. Maybe they are… why? If the country didn’t care then nothing will change.

      3. “And security needs to stop dressing up in casual dishdashas” most if not all security personnel in dishdasha are bidoon. Their dishdasha is the only figure of authority they have to offer.

      What I think should happen… First, we should get REAL men who have DECENCY and ETHICS to run the local police. Then they must IMPLEMENT the law and launch outreach programmes directed towards teenagers.

      I am a respectable, educated and responsible person. I personally have zero respect to our local police officers… and for me staying out of trouble means avoiding any contact with the poorly raised, untrained, impolite, mad with power and authority police officers.

    • hellppp says:

      in many countries there are areas that are unsafe after 6pm or so but in kuwait its malls .

    • Ashraf says:

      horny rascals!!!! LOL.. HAHAHAHA +10000000

  5. Danny says:

    the photos are already posted online…sad :(

    • Fatima says:

      It’s sad how they take pictures and post them all over online yet can’t go inform the police who are there every night, or even call an ambulance!

  6. Salue says:

    Ya friend sent me pics

    he is 24 Year Old Kuwaiti Guy who died

    Stabbed on the stairs of marina ” Stairs of food court ”

    it happend over a fight

  7. Robyn says:

    Crazy. This gave me something to think about as I ran past it this morning. Seems this is happening more and more.

  8. Simple_man says:

    I was just wondering the other day has the last guy who stabbed someone in the Avenues Mall been put to death or is he in Jail or free via WASTA?

    Anybody Know his status and that of his accomplishes? Please post.

    • moe80s says:

      I was to he got free after 2 weeks… And Now another young Guy is paying the price.. god helps his mother :(

      • Fatima says:

        Is it the same guy?! What the heck, seriously so people or WASTA or whatever, is willing to free a murderer – that is so messed up!

        • moes80s says:

          it wasn’t the same guy but when you free a criminal using wasta what do you expect? messed up boys will think that it is ok to do whatever you want and u will not get judged over it!

        • Pedro says:

          Stop making things up.. He and his friends that supported him in the crime scene are still in the death row and in jail

          • simple_man says:

            That is good to know has a date been set to put them all to death? This latest murderer needs to watch this guy and his friends die.

  9. Fawaz says:

    Ministry of interior losing the control
    in traffic and they Blame ministry of works and some people agree
    now they losing control of security
    they will blame parents and some people will agree because the killer is a teenager
    what if the killer is adult? they will blame the security Company of that mall,,
    and security company will blame “Babo with [65 KG weight and 148 Height ”
    after investigation ,,,they cancel Babo Contract and they fire who hired him,,while Killer sitting in jail Eating Twix reading my comment and laugh.
    #Executions please

    • 3azeez says:

      Of course parents are responsible. However since we are no more a closed and conservative community we used to be… and since we have adapted to western life style… then western style policing should be implemented ie officers who honer their shirld, respect the people and implement the law.

  10. susan G says:

    This is so sad. Having a strong police presence on foot and in traffic patrols would help. I never see police in traffic unless they are on the side of the road . The young officers appointed to a mall look barely capable of shaving. I understand police are reluctant to arrest friends, family or tribe members, but it shouldn’t excuse them doing their jobs. Wasta needs to go away when it comes to law enforcement. If persons were truly held responsible for horrid crimes, some of these things would be deterred. I think anyone who yells at police , ” do you know who my father is?” should get an automatic fine of 5,000 KD for being a jerk. You do not honor your father or family by breaking a law ,then getting out of the punishment you deserve.

  11. Tee says:

    I guess all the deportations of expats is actually a good thing–it’s for their own safety!

    Oh Kuwait. The more I read about you, the more I’m glad I live in the UAE,

  12. Salue says:

    u guys are serious ? stabbing and killing been in Kuwait from 90s same as this how do i know i lived them ? people are just starting to saying this coutnry is going bad to much killing LOL this been happning LONG LONG ago BUT now people are starting to know because of social media is evolved in terms of sharing info
    blame the parents, blame the country blame the people

    blame everything in the end even if the parents are angels a son can be bad even if the secuitrty is amazing and 100% the best there will be still killing if not then no priesdnt would be dead

  13. mm says:

    its because of all the drugs that are going around at the moment, except no one is really doing anything about it. thats the main source of all this violence yet no one is acknowledging it.

  14. B says:

    It happened in Marina Cresent in front of Asha’s.

    الله يرجمه

  15. Lola says:

    I was there last night when it happened and it wasn’t at food court but near Johnny rockets at crescent on the stairs, there had been a fight between two guys who were friends over this girl and one guy went and got his friends and they stabbed the man to death, I’m a 16 year old girl and all the guys got involved and rushed us out of the area as it happened, marina went on lockdown and police were everywhere !

    • praetorius says:

      A colleague of the victim’s sister said it was not about a girl, but rather, it started when the victim taunted one of the suspects about his “weird” hairdo.

  16. dougmacho says:

    Marina has the most kids during the weekend evenings, police are hardly ever there. They need to outsource the police department in all of Kuwait. Kuwaitis cannot police themselves.

    Death for the criminal and deportation to his family as well.

  17. rg16 says:

    im carring a mechete from now on. anu one gets a bad idea, I should just flash it once and it should be over. the size of that thing is overwhelming.

  18. HMS says:

    I think a number of you present legitimate solutions in deterring violence in Kuwait. Having said that I still do not believe any of the latter options presented will actually solve the underlying problem.

    Having a greater security presence in malls may stop an offender from assaulting someone at that time, but it does not necessarily stop them from carrying out a violent action in the future. Making people walk through metal detectors only affects their ability to bring in weapons to malls at a given time, however there’s always a way of getting around these so called obstacles (I mean look at prisons systems which have tons of security but there always seems random murders) as people are quite innovative.

    I think there are a few items that need critical analysis: what type of individual is capable of using a knife to violently stab someone (as this takes on a higher level of culpability). More importantly what social and psychological problems has that person been exposed to and how can those issues be addressed.

    I would also like to point out that these murders also give a good glimpse of the human psyche. There have been countless stabbings in Kuwait over the last few years however because they were not in the public eye they were essentially swept under the rug (kind of like Syria). I think this stabbing and the one at Avenues is shocking to people because they feel like it could have happened to them.

    • Areej Sultan Al-Essa says:

      +1000. It’s very simple. Lack of proper parenting, lack of morals, ethics, education, ambition, too much time, too much money, grandiosity….I can go on.

  19. Sash says:

    Execution for Murderers is the answer, there should be strict law.

    • The Real Burhan says:

      All the best laws in the world are useless if they are not enforced.

      “There is more law in the end of a policeman’s nightstick then in a decision of the Supreme Court”.

  20. Wishbone says:

    WHat happened is proof of failure of parenthood o a mass level.

    2 guys did a wrong thing which escalated till one lost his life. Kudos to the parents in teaching them whats right or wrong.
    Lack of police force, kudos to their parents teaching them to respect their work and know right from wrong, a “costume” wont teach you that.

    Let me go ask my nanny what else is wrong :x

    • Chris says:

      Yea, I guess many don’t see it. It’s the way the kids were raised. Giving them all the freedom at a young age is a very bad idea

    • Mukesh says:

      Putting the entire blame on the parents isn’t justifiable. Given that people have free will, people may try to do whatever it is that they want to do. The suspect’s parents may both be laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize who did everything that they could to nurture their child. It might just be the case that the suspect was “differently” wired internally.
      tl;dr: you can’t accuse the parents of anything without knowing the suspect’s psyche thoroughly.

      • Wishbone says:

        Agreed, the parents of both youths are laureates. The parents of all bystanders who could have done something are laureates. The parents of all policemen/woman are doctorates in their fields and esteemed scientists.

        Its a failure on a massive level.

  21. moes80s says:

    Mark it is true i was there too the guy died on the stairway next to johnny rocket, he got stabbed in the neck and the stair was covered with blood.. my wife and 2 other girls didn’t sleep all night long after seeing the dead person (RIP). I mean seriously the malls should have metal check in the entrance or stop allowing entrance of group of boys! I was against the idea of allowing only family and couple but after seeing this terrifying incident I believe banning teenagers and group of boys (gangs) would be a smart move..

    • Roxas says:

      “banning teenagers”
      That’s a bit too much, don’t you think?

      PS: I am a 14 year old boy.

    • seriously says:

      did you even think about that before writing it down !!
      last time they banned boys from malls the usage of drugs , smoking and crime rates increased to a point that it looked like all teenagers are on drugs
      do u want them to stay home like maids or what !!

  22. Pedro says:

    Disrespecting a girl would get you in trouble with her family or bf or who ever..

    If all go to malls for a reason of chilling, shopping, eating, hanging out, no one will get in trouble …

    Every time I go to a mall I have a reason.. Its either I want something or there to eat.. I never said I had nothing to do lets go just roam around and abuse girls .. And make them feel like whores … Sorry for the words but thats the truth

  23. Buzz says:

    According to local reports a suspect has been apprehended. He is a Palestinian male in his early 20s.

  24. 3azeez says:

    Run Lola… Run!

  25. neoark25 says:

    Stupid horny mutant teengers!

  26. Wishbone says:

    In a year we got two stabbings occurring in public areas.

    Lets wait for the knee jerk response. Its much better being reactive that proactive.

  27. Omar says:

    What i feel is lets follow the SAUDI way….have separate hours for the ladies & family to shop and have separate hours for the guys!!!!….atleast this would help the ladies shop in peace and not end up in such situations.

  28. 3azeez says:

    btw they caught the killer and his friends.
    Apparently the killer is Kuwaiti (not ‘original’) and his friends are two bidon.

  29. Salue says:

    it was confirmed today by news and police that the problem was over ” why are u looking at me “

  30. Security Adviser says:

    Yeah I want to know what a non-original Kuwait is also….

    Also legalizing guns in this country is crazy simply because if you have gun and I have a gun and we are both idiots and hotheads then I am going to put a bullet in you just coz you looked at me wrong. You want the see the violent crimes go up in this country?? Then please legalize guns.

    For that matter legalizing tazers is just as bad simply because of the same reasons instead of knives people will be carrying tazers and as and when an argument or a fight breaks out a device used by trained law enforcement personnel for self defence or to stun a criminal into submission will be used wrongly by the local hedgehog hair styled idiot and the victim will end up being electrocuted to death.

    I think the proper solution is for the cops to forget which family or tribe they belong to and remember first and foremost that they are enforcers of the law and keepers of the peace. The moment they put on that uniform they are no longer Mr. so and so but officer so and so with a duty to carry out and job to do. Regardless expat or citizen even if it is their own family and they committing an offence they get pulled up. Then you will see change

    But then again pigs don’t fly… And they are too busy deporting expats for a broken tail light or not wearing a seat belt. So thats never going to happen

  31. Ali Sleeq says:

    We live in a violent society and it’s almost like the Wild West where the law is almost absent at the time of the incident and everyone else thinks he’s a badass cowboy.

    Killing someone in cold blood in public in front of kids and families shows the type of the barbaric nature of the country.

  32. Khalid says:

    there should be the metal detector in Marina gates, lots of idiots going in with those weapons.

    • Miro says:

      These people that kill for Parkings , girls etc… Are from the Stone Age they do not need no metal to kill ..
      But I think even the Stone Age people had a convincing reason to kill .
      Every time I read those articles I be like woo cavemen !!! Ooga ooga!!

    • Danny says:

      The guy who killed the Lebanese dentist bought the knife from Carrefour.

  33. Ahmad says:

    Hundreds get killed every week in the us and eu in killing sprees and school shootings and no one gives a damn.

    3-4 people get killed here every year

    ohh kuwait is violent kuwait is not safe.

    please stfu

    These things will continue to happen forever and sadly there is nothing we can do about it other than executing those idiots

    • Nixon says:

      Your right, but we can do something about it besides killing the idiots.
      Metal detectors – anti violence plans – separation of female and male times in mall (unfortunately, this seems like the only solution) – and other stuff…

    • Miro says:

      Nah man your right q8 is 100% safe !!!! Hundreds get killed out of millions don’t compare the states or any other country with millions + population with Kuwait
      Compare it to other small gulf country’s Eg. UAE u don’t see a damn fight here Oman people are always drunk but shit that happens in Kuwait doesn’t happen there!! Don’t fool yourself look at picture of them kids all 3 of them are under 20 this is a big issue must be talked about

  34. Zohak says:

    When I was young, if we had a problem we settled in with a punch up. The guys goes down and its all over.

    Nowdays these bitches want to pull a knife everytime because they cant handle losing a fight.

    These guys are pussy cowards, its not just in Kuwait its accross the Globe – None of them can fight one on one, they all want their mates to back them up or go around carrying a weapon.

    Pull that sh^t on me and I will bitch slap all the way back home and then bitch slap your dad for bringing up such a loser!

  35. Knife on the Waterfront says:

    Only places right now that appear to feel safe in Kuwait are Salhia, the Grand Hambra, Al Arraya and Souk Mubarakia. And for sure, stuff happens all the time in the Emirates- the difference being over there a rule is a rule no questions asked. There law enforcement is much more effectual and nonpartisan in matters of preservation of civil harmony. Otherwise, it will hurt tourism and their economy. As an expat mother of three teenage girls I can only say that in the immediate aftermath of the Marina homicide, the next two weeeks will be unusually safe for my girls to go wander anywhere they like on the Marina Crescent before the riff-raff once more erupt all over the place.

    I have two observations to make; ones that in my view will partly tame the problem of yobbish behavior observed in the majority of Kuwait’s youth:

    1) Ban segregation at schools and colleges immediately. All that pent up testosterone is not coming from nowhere. Girls can have a moderating influence on wayward boys who have had zero parenting happen to them.

    2) Open the economy to commercial tourism the way Dubai did in the late 80s/ early 90s. You need to re-calibrate social order as we know it today and fast by encouraging nay facilitating social interaction between Kuwaitis and expats for a sobering effect.

    That is my only submission.

  36. the Zohan says:

    Having expat security guards to patrol malls is so besides the point. It has come time to have Kuwait Airways style black cat commandos to deter any hanky panky from armies of precocious brats found cruising the malls.
    Isn’t it strange that none of the major malls in Kuwait has a formidable bookstore presence in them?! These boys- can they even read or write?

    What are the authorities doing to encourage the reading habit in Q8 which would hopefully, curb the menace of sexual harassment and uncouth behavior from such ‘boy men’?

    It would appear “the Shabaab” in Kuwait are more at home in Somalia than in Kuwait City.

  37. P says:

    They should not allow the sale of knives (or other sharp objects) to anyone under the age of 25– at least not during the weekends or evenings. This should be a law. An idiot could easily pass safely through a metal detector, and then go inside Lakeland/Williams Sonoma/West Elm/Carrefour/whatever, buy a knife and end up killing someone. People seem to have some maturity (I’m HOPING) by that age…

    • Miro says:

      For real mate?? Baning sale of knifes ?? You wane break a door finding no hammer will stop you from breaking it down??
      Instead teach your selfnthat breaking that door is wrong

  38. Mo says:

    I guess “No Smoking” signs in the malls replaced by “No Killing” should be a good start !!

  39. DNAQ8 says:

    my friend in the school his best friend was stab and he is crying for the whole school day

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