This is Not an Official Apple Store

Post by Mark

A bunch of people and friends have been forwarding me the screenshot above taken from the account @kuwait_projects. Kuwait Projects post is a bit misleading since he makes it seem like an official Apple store is opening in Avenues Phase 4. That isn’t the case. The store in the picture above is just a regular authorized Apple store, not an official one.

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  1. Jamal says:

    Also, Apple stores have a distinctive building designas seen in many countries!

  2. Salah says:

    Oh come on people! At this day and age how can you still fall for such absurd rumors? Do you think if a company like Apple opening a store in Kuwait, it would be such a secret that only gets uncovered by a snap? That just shows how people are still lacking the little effort to read anything and confirm or deny rumors.

  3. q8expat says:

    Heard about a dedicated showroom for Apple being done at the Avenues (not sure at the Prestige or the phase 4) by the Trafalgar group.

  4. Kuwait says:

    Kuwaitis believe everything in whatsapp, snapchat and instagram.

  5. Crumble says:

    There can never be an Apple store in Kuwait without a change in the law. Apple stores are fully owned by Apple, no Kuwaiti partner, no Kuwaiti franchisee, no kafeeel wajed shadeeed.

    So if it would happen, it would be in the free zone

  6. HYR says:

    This summer I ran into an Apple Employee at an Airport Terminal. Anyways, he said that he visited Kuwait twice for a possibility of opening an official apple store in phase 4. He didn’t want to confirm though.

  7. fahad says:

    bought the IPhone x for my mom from the states. lately it has been freezing alot. does anyone know if US apple warranty is usable with Kuwait authorized sellers ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ummm who told you it’s not official….I work on site in Avenues phase 4 and it is official… To the point where they’re changing the entire facade of the Shopfront to make Apple happy…

    • Mark says:

      Avenues/Mabanee told me it’s not an official store.

      If it was an official Apple store you would have heard about it the day after the papers would have been signed. Apple doesn’t keep their store openings a secret and Avenues for sure would have used the signing of Apple as way to boast how great the mall is. Assima for example announced that a NatGeo store and UFC Gym are opening, two years before they’re meant to open. If Apple was actually opening, Mabanee would have used the Apple store to increase the value of all the adjacent stores. No way it would have stayed a secret until a month before opening.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The store won’t be open when Phase 4 opens. They have yet to begin interior construction. So technically speaking mabanee didn’t keep it a secret until a month before opening. Anyways….I’ve heard other things that it is official. And I work on site so I see do see these transmittals and letters. Mabanee refer to the store as “Apple Store”. Whether it’s official or not we will have to see. The store is in the center of Grand Plaza, near VOX. That’s a VERY prestigious area. Why would mabanee give a reseller that Shopfront, especially considering there’s already a reseller in Phase 3 (Digits). The store is now in process of changing its exterior design to make the tenant happy. It would be ridiculous and non-sensical to do all of that for a reseller. Digits isn’t even in Grand Avenue…. it’s hidden. There’s no way Alshaya would allocate that Shopfront to a reseller. If it was a reseller it would be in Electra.

    We will see….

    • Mark says:

      Well it’s not official and I don’t know why you’re insisting it is. The store owners just emailed me. It’s the new Trafalgar project. So Avenues, Mabanee and the shop owners all say it’s not official.

    • Sunny says:

      “Why would mabanee give a reseller that Shopfront”

      doesn’t that depend upon the rent paying capacity of the store owners ??

      or does Mabanee selects which store should be allocated which space ??

  10. Khan says:

    So, u r an Apple customer.. an original Apple store opening up in Kuwait is special to u because….??

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

      Well it could mean a wide range of Apple services being available, plus someone who actually knows what their doing would fix my product.. hopefully

    • ibrahim says:

      because we wont fear whether they’ll be giving you original or counterfeit stuff. Plus you won’t find original battery replacement outside an apple store. All the shops here sell “like original” (lol) or original batteries scavenged from iphones.
      I think thats why people are (well, “were”) excited that an apple store was going to open. Oh well, maybe in the future…

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