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Post by Mark

Seven years ago I decided to get off the couch and join a gym. I was overweight, I was eating extremely unhealthy and I wasn’t involved in any sort of physical activity. Through my blog I ended up meeting Fahad (aka Trying to be Fahad / @thedietninja) who invited me to come by and try out his gym called Core Fitness, and ever since I haven’t stopped going.

Lots of gyms have popped in the past seven years, a lot of beautiful looking gyms but I kept going to Core mostly because I was comfortable there and because I had my routine and didn’t want to break it. It was a small personal training gym, maximum three people at once (each with their own PT) and it was an all guys gym which I’m always more comfortable in. But the place really didn’t change much over the years and although I didn’t mind it, when I recommended it to friends they always found it visually underwhelming.

But recently, things changed drastically. First thing that happened was we moved to a new location, the 10th floor of the new Crystal Tower in Kuwait City. The second change was that the gym changed its name from Core Fitness to XAthletic and with that, a complete revamp of the brand and interior look (which now resembles a traditional gentlemen’s club). They also brought in a bunch of new trainers and replaced all the previous gym equipment with beautiful new ones. And my favorite part? They installed four huge ass speakers in the gym that pump out a ton of bass. Pretty dramatic overnight changes and I’m loving it so far and there are supposedly more things coming.

The gym is currently in its soft launch phase but is officially opening on May 1st. If you’re interested in finding out more you could check out their instagram account @x.athletic

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  1. Kuwait says:

    If this is the same Fahad, it is because of one his blog posts about a Ramadan diet and exercise plan (like 5-6 years back?) that I got inspired with and took seriously.

    Good luck to him, x-athletic and fat mark.

  2. 3azeez says:

    In Kuwait nowadays you cannot have go the gym, attend a concert, or a damn social gathering without having the organizers or owners themselves snapping us and posting us on the social media.

    seriously wtf?! I joined a gym because I want to get fit. I want to squat and sweat like a pig. I don’t want our coaches to post us on snapchat and instagram stories.


    I know that was totally random. But this is just frustrating me.

    • 3azeez says:

      ignore errors.

    • Mark says:

      why don’t you tell them not to take pics of you? I personally don’t like it when they do as well, my gym doesn’t take pics of me but when I do yoga they usually do. last time in a middle of a session a girl decided to setup a photoshoot instead of doing yoga and i found it super distracting. the yoga instructor should have told her off but he didn’t.

    • mmsx20 says:

      IKR!!!!! its really frustrating especially when they approach you with their camera while your in a middle of something… like i know im not in my best shape in the gym i sweat alot and i give it my best while working out and snapping me isnt the best idea so what i did

      is i simply and nicely asked the staff at my gym to not film me.

  3. cajie says:

    Looks like Fahad gave up on his blog, and moved on to instagram.

  4. meh says:

    Of course, everything nice is in shuwaikh or a tower in the city.

  5. Mark, any recommendations for the best crossfit boxes in Kuwait?

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