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Post by Mark

Two days back I posted about how I was looking for a personal fitness trainer to come over to my place and give me a work out in my home gym. Surprisingly only two people emailed me recommending me a trainer, the rest of the emails were gym owners asking me to try out their gym. I don’t have time for a gym, I work till 7 and once I get home I start working on posts for my blog. I have two full time jobs basically with no time to waste at a gym. That’s why I declined all the offers.. except for one. The owner of Core Fitness emailed me. It turns out we had met via a friend last year when we went offroading and he promised to transform me from top to bottom for free if in return I reviewed his gym. As I was typing my thanks but I have to decline your offer email I decided to check out his website. There wasn’t anything there except for the logo and the line “Only 20 minutes Twice a week”.

20 minutes? Twice a week? I thought that was interesting. So I emailed the guy back asking if that was true. He told me to pass by the gym and he would explain everything which I did earlier tonight. So this is the deal. I’ve signed up for a 7 week course at Core Fitness and I will be going 3 times a week instead of 2. The gym is located opposite Al Massalah building on the Gulf Road which is the road I take back home after work making it very convenient. At any time there are a maximum of only 3 guests working out at the same time at the gym and each guest will have a personal trainer through out the whole 20 minute session.

I told him I found it very hard to believe that three 20 minute sessions a week would do anything. He told me to try it out and just share with you guys my experience and my honest opinion which is what I am going to do. Tomorrow I have an assessment session where I will get all my body stats, find out what weights I will be using and have my diet plan finalized. Once I do all that I will post everything here (including my diet plan) and we’ll see how things develop from there. I’m strangely excited to try this.

Update: Found this on their Facebook page

1) Every workout is 20 minutes, provided a scheduled appointment and personal trainer.

2) Each membership is based on the client’s specific needs. We do not have a set membership because people do not have common requirements and goals.

3) We aren’t a spa, we don’t have a jacuzzi, a steam room or a swimming pool; as far as we are concerned, those things are only for pussies and deliver no significant results.

4) We are a facility that delivers results. We provide the necessary tools to promote healthy lifestyles to our clients.

5) Failure to witness results will be strictly held against a client, since he was too busy eating his hamburgers and nesting on some couch rather than busting ass at Core Fitness.

In short, we own you for 20 minutes of your life (be it 2,3, or 4 times per week) and push you to the point of no return till you go home and cry like a baby.

Personal diet and demoralizing dietician included.

Contact us on 22520407 and find out 101 ways on how we can make your life a living hell.

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  1. Akbar says:

    All the best. Sounds like a real deal. I am positive this will work wonders for sure. Am glad you found them or they found you!

  2. Haterhaute says:

    They have a machine called a “Vibrafit” in my gym, that promises the same thing, a whole body workout in 20 minutes. And you are only supposed to do it every other day.
    And even Curves has a 30 minute circuit they do.

    Whatever it is they’ve got going on there, it’s probably going to be INtense. Stretch well and God Speed. :D

  3. Mark says:

    Yeah I know which ones you’re talking about. I first saw it at Selfridges in London but the one I saw was called Power Plate

    According to the owner they don’t do circuit training. Start Saturday so will see exactly how it works and post about it here.

  4. Mark says:

    Will get the prices tomorrow

  5. KhaledAlS says:

    Sounds like a good deal. Good Luck And We Will Be Waiting For your review;)

  6. gargoyle says:

    is this just for losing weight ? or will it add muscle mass ?

  7. ahmad says:

    used to go to this gym few months back. At the beginning I thought that 20 minutes is nothing but after the first 2 sessions I wanted to make 15 minutes. results were good but got busy after that. Good luck

  8. A M says:

    great gym with great results..!

  9. Dan says:

    As we say in America. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Beware of quick fixes. They just don’t work. Reminds me of those books claiming you can learn English in 7 days without a teacher!

  10. Marzouq says:

    I know some people who go to core.. let me tell you this.. if you get thru the first few sessions without throwing up you are off to a good start!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Two of my friends actually threw up in their first sessions. I guess it’s my turn too… Hope the place doesn’t smell like puke.

  12. Jesse James says:

    Sounds like a bargain if you ask me, looking forward to seeing your review.

  13. suspic says:

    You’re gonna regret that burger review.

    It’d be cool if the trainer was ex-military and called his customers “bitch”, and threatened to rip their eyes out and exercise intercourse to their skulls. (Full Metal Jacket)

  14. Mathai says:

    I have a feeling the workout session is gonna be similar to the ‘Jason Statham’ workout. Its very high intensity and lasts for about 20 or 30 minutes. Good luck Mark.

  15. ar53nal14 says:

    Don’t let them scare you, Mark. You basically have to do 130 pushups, 120 sit ups, 100 crunches, and run as fast as you can for 10 minutes. So no worries! :D

  16. FJ Bliss says:

    Goodluck! i heard they’re really good.

  17. dlc says:

    all the best Mark.. ;)

  18. vimal says:

    nice goin people … ull proabably scare him off. its a gym …. its free
    (for you) …. n its only 20 minutes .. wats not to like ?

  19. Ahmed says:

    i was them last summer , they do an amazing job seriously , if you take the two times a week its for 90 KD , 3 times a week cost 135 KD ” the one i picked ” and i think the last one is 4 times a week for 160 or 150 i dont remember . overall the experience was excellent and the results were amazing . the staff is very friendly and helful and their always ready to reschedule your timings if you cant make it on time but i gotta warn you its a very intense program and u cant skip any session to get the results you want . Enjoy

  20. cajie says:

    No harm in trying. It’s just 20 minutes.

    I am pretty sure it will be INTENSE – and by that, I mean REAL INTENSE. The objective will be to throw your metabolism out of the window.

    A large part of it will be diet though.

  21. cajie says:

    found this interesting post on this gym, and corroborates what I wrote above. hahaha. go home and cry like a baby. priceless.

    “5) Failure to witness results will be strictly held against a client, since he was too busy eating his hamburgers and nesting on some couch rather than busting ass at Core Fitness.

    In short, we own you for 20 minutes of your life (be it 2,3, or 4 times per week) and push you to the point of no return till you go home and cry like a baby. Personal diet and demoralizing dietician included.”


  22. TweeZ says:

    their program is the real deal, but you have to keep it up and not slack off. Good luck and may the force be with you!

  23. Mark says:

    lol this is funnier

    3) We aren’t a spa, we don’t have a jacuzzi, a steam room or a swimming pool; as far as we are concerned, those things are only for pussies and deliver no significant results.

  24. zaydoun says:

    And this is where I jump in as one of Core’s earliest and most continuous members (living across the street also helps)

    It’s basically 20 minutes of getting your butt kicked, you walk out dazed and confused yet strangely exhilarated!

    But is it worth it? Hell yeah! I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years… still need to lose some ab fat for summer though

  25. T says:

    GET OFF that chunky KEISTER and work out on your own!..Personal trainer? are u kidding me? U wanna do cardio – park your car far from your work and walk it..every frikkin day!

    U wanna weight train – strap some weights to your extremities and do the YMCA…

  26. Just says:

    Why don’t you do a before and after thing,

    like a profile picture of your body now and one after 7 weeks,

    or like a chart with your stats now, you know, heart, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. etc.

    You know, something similar, you’re a smart guy, figure something out damnit!!

  27. TweeZ says:

    mark I think you should do “before” and “after” pictures before you start…..and maybe share them with the rest of the world.

  28. Raza says:

    Mark, will you be posting before and after pics as well?

  29. qoz3a says:

    they suck i went there on dec 28 or so they took my number to call me back but no one called from that day till now !

  30. Yours Truly says:

    Loooooool ok all the comments about how intense this 20 minutes will be are cracking me up I have tears flowing seriously!

    Mark, I was thinking of posting on who knows a good personal trainer, but for women not men.

    As for curves, does anybody know it they do this? because as I know, curves is about having one schedule on a set o machines and that’s it. No personal trainer.

  31. Yours Truly says:

    it they do this = if they do this.

  32. Danderma says:

    Oh i heard about them… my cousin and my husbands friends go there … they say they are very good! 20 minute it is but they are such intense 20 minutes that after they are done… they decline to do anything but go home and crash… but u have to be punctual… 20 minutes that start at this time MEANS you start at this time… you better be there at your appointment… good luck :D

  33. Fiend says:

    hmmm is core a mixed gym… or strictly for the men? i wouldnt mind doing a boot camp kinda thing which this seems to be…

  34. RxKuwait says:

    Core Fitness is a Performance Management Center.
    Men only.
    Our programs are (and not limited to):
    1) Fat-loss
    2) Muscle-Building
    3) Endurance
    4) Fitness/Maintenance
    5) Fitness Boxing
    6) Boot-Camp Training
    7) Sports Specific Training.

  35. Mark says:

    There is no way on earth I am going to post before and after pictures. Actually, if my after pictures look like Marky Mark then maybe.

  36. razaldo says:

    Mark, you could always photoshop them.
    Nobody would know :P

  37. RxKuwait says:

    @qoz3a our apologies. We were fully booked and couldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity so we had to stop registering people.

  38. R. Halamer says:

    Gotta agree with T. I was around 145 kgs in march of 09. Now I’m 85. How? Climbing stairs, cardio on the treadmill, lifting weights and a STRICT diet. Best of all I do it at home. An hour to an hour 30 everyday combining everything split into 2 or 3 sessions daily. High Intensity Interval Training. If you factor in the time it takes to get to the gym and back I’d say it’s a pretty good schedule. Paying someone to teach you that eating right and exercising daily = longer life with a tighter body is something I don’t (nor ever will) understand. But since the guy’s willing to do it for free go for it mark! Just remember though. It’s a lifestyle change that you’re gonna have to maintain if you want to keep that toned body you’re going to work oh so hard for ;)

  39. rampurple says:

    Sounds like a damn tough boot camp.
    Some people mention puking, but it also sounds like they’d make you cry!
    I personally am not into these “military” type of fitness programs.

  40. yo_ghurt says:

    20 mins, 3 times a week sounds about right. The key, as many have said, is to keep it going. It has to be a regular part of your life from now on. I’m sure you will see the difference (and, before that, feel different) within a few weeks – but then you have to keep going! I know many people who ‘belong to a gym’, but very few who actually go to one…As far as exercising at home goes, great if you have the will power, but the benefit of something like Core (or a personal trainer) is that you can’t avoid it by slumping in front of the TV or Mac as soon as you get home.

    By the way, don’t knock swimming – 3 x intense 20 min swim sessions a week also makes a big difference. Arguably a more long-lasting one than the gym…A good swim trainer can also make you puke, if that’s your thing!

  41. Cyc says:


    Take a picture of you body every week to see the progress.. fron side and back pictures


  42. purpleram says:

    Am guessing you’ve updated your ‘ICE’ entry in you phone directory!

  43. Just says:

    ok, no before and after pics then.

    What you should do now is, count how many push ups you can do in a row, after 7 weeks do the same, let’s see the difference,

    Do a before and after, anything, you’re a smart guy, figure something out damnit!

  44. Mark says:

    i think i can do 5 push ups now lol

    well the before and after will be the stats. let me see how much detais they mark down today and then see if i need some more before to measure with the after.

  45. Jinxd says:

    Try the 20 mins and ur gonna throw up.

  46. ... says:

    why is the words on facebook so harsh ?! I liked the idea but why harsh words ??

  47. Mark says:

    I would tell you but you would find me answer also harsh hehe

  48. RxKuwait says:

    @… it’s the place’s attitudes. It emphasizes how intensifying the workouts are.
    Why you’re asking about harsh words seems pretty irrelevant to me.

  49. FYI says:

    Mark a note to you and your readers, its always important to get a general health check and consulting a doctor before embarking on such a rigorous workout program. Some people might have serious health complications that they aren’t aware of till they start pushing their bodies to the limit; for example heart problems.

  50. RxKuwait says:

    @FYI True, but don’t over think things unless you have pre-existing problems.

  51. laish says:

    hi i went there last year and i did 3 courses…my overall experience was okk at the begining was very good it was very very intense but with the time you dont feel the progress..you feel you do the same over and over again but with no progress.my aim was to loose weight and they told me i can loose weight quickly if i follow a diet which i did.
    my weight was 94.8kg and after the first 7 weeks it was reduced to 89.2 which was good because i wanted to break the 90 barrier. but after that i hitted the platteu as they say my weight did not go down and after the following 14 weeks i lost only 4 kg. which was sad for me because it did expect more. i decided not to go any more and i went to a dietian instead which was better for me as i lose about 8kg in just 4 weeks with light running everyday.
    the last thing i want to say is that make sure you train with JV he is the best or edward and try to avoid dusty he is no good.

  52. Bu Khaled says:

    they are very professional and well mannered oo the training is just perfect, pushes you to your limits without any injuries.. Ive been with them for almost 4 months now and im very very pleased with results natural and with no supplements other than a protein shake.. surprisingly 20 min workout can do wonders and the best thing you can never say i don’t have time or malee khilg because its just 20 minutes which can be fit into anyone’s daily schedule.

  53. Tcyp says:

    i use to go before in other gym but the trainers sucks,but when i came to core i find an awesome place.the trainers are daaaaammnn good,,but be carefull they’re all killer monsters.goodluck guys

  54. Tcyp says:


    Dont forget to bring power bar,u nid it guys after workout cause u gonna faint and puke.goodluk

  55. RxKuwait says:

    In regards to Laish:
    Core Fitness does not emphasize on weightloss. We put emphasis on fatloss. Weight is muscle, fat, bone and water. Its always easy to run, diet and lose weight; but it’s never easy to put up with 20 minutes of hell and diet properly while you’re at it.
    Our Core members physically change, but little weight is lost, a lot of fat gets burn and gains of muscle are a side effect.
    If you plan on turning your life around, then you might as well look like a man doing it.

  56. ... says:

    Mark : tell me your “harsh” answer :D !!

  57. ... says:

    and about the “harsh” part…..you no that this thing will get customers to go away instead of coming to you :P me myself changed my mind and surely my friends who everyday read this blog changed theirs too

  58. RxKuwait says:

    @… clearly uncalled for. I was just clarifying a point.

  59. RxKuwait says:

    @…. Allah ezeed Webarik. You and your friends are more than welcome to Core Fitness at anytime.

  60. FJ Bliss says:

    LOL hello jealousy.. some rats are just too stupid to realize the words they pick are simply a “jealousy alert”. Plus, i think kilwa7id i3arif rujoolta, no one is waiting for your approval mr im too cute to read harsh words. Lol

  61. Bodie says:

    @….: Ummm I don’t know what exactly happened between you and Rx but you do realize muscle weighs more than fat right? What Rx does is make u lose the fat and feel better. If your idea of losing weight is seeing the scale go down, Core Fitness isn’t for you.

    Mala da3ee rujoola o hal sowalef. Ilryal sa2al o Rx rad 3ala so2ala. Also, I would think that if Laish was offended, he’d tell Rx.

  62. Good Luck Mark!

    My only advice would be is to consider changing your eating habit by staying away from fast food which is something very challenging.

    Myself that’s my 9th year i haven’t eaten from a any fast food place (no McDonald or Burger king or KFC for me)

    That woud be a really something that you will never regret. :>

  63. Ahmad says:

    اذهبوا إلى ي. ومعرفة ما اذا كنت enough.i الرجل اعتاد ان يكون هناك لمدة اسبوع ولكن أنا دائما تبرزها كل جلسة في غضون أسبوع

  64. ablatif says:

    hey guys?is it true that the trainers in core fitness are ex military?coz i heard a lot bout their training is very intense like a military.

  65. Patrick says:

    are you preparing to enter the UFC? lol.

  66. holla says:

    Cool description, swimming is for pussies LOL. how much is this? I might have to check it out and see if they really are as hard as they think :D

  67. ablatif says:

    not so but i want to enroll with a tough gym that will guide me achieve my goal.its core,because i have a lots of pals there and there in shape

  68. TweeZ says:

    @ …

    they have a nice gym that is just right for you at the discovery mall bil sirdaab!

  69. Mark says:

    I deleted …’s comment

  70. laish says:

    i doubt being a man is the factor to turn your life as i saw so many sissssyyysss at the gym and i think iam man enough to that…..the problem with your gym is that it is very over rated and expensive and if you go to platinum or oxygen you can achieve the same result..im not saying the gym is not good but very over rated..and believe me the trainers there are not at the same level you will be lucky if you train with a good one..also you can get there trainers (secretly dont tell any one) at home to train you and they are welling to do that..i know a friend who did it for 90 kd a month but the guy has a gym at home and the trainer will come every day rather than 3 times a week..

  71. RxKuwait says:

    @Laish You’ve been with us last year and a lot has changed.
    Core Fitness continuously updates its workouts and techniques to ensure continuous progress. I invite you to a free trial whenever you give us the chance to prove to you that Core Fitness is a gym that takes it’s clients to the next physical level.

    Feel free to contact me at rxkuwait@gmail.com or info@core-kw.com.

  72. k_ says:

    Guys, these kind of training routines are called High Intensity Training, created by Arthur Jones and perfected by Mike Metzner. its basically low number of reps and sets, but high in intensity. read about it and save ur money, ive been doing it for over a year and i am 135 kd richer than the core members.

  73. k_ says:

    forgot to add, the jacuzzi and the sauna are great for recovery between workouts, they are for people who train seriously not sissies.
    and swimming pools are the best for endurance training.

  74. RxKuwait says:

    @k_ True, but high intensity training is not as simple as you think.
    Many people call themselves practitioners of that technique but fail to reach its true potential, since they neither carry the experience nor the workout ethic to push themselves to their absolute limit.

    In reference to the jacuzzi, we are well aware of its uses, but we are not a gym nor a spa. We are a Performance Management Center that produces results.

    You can’t judge a book by merely looking at its cover. A good selling point is offering clients a free trial for a week, which you are more than welcome to take advantage of.

  75. Akbar says:

    Mark, When are you posting about your first day at Core and your topless pic. in the Mr. Olympia pose?

    Oops..I meant:


    Chill out guys. Let us all goto 360 mall and not worry about getting ripped, pumped, time to get pimped at Gulfrun. Over and out!

  76. cookie monster says:

    is it open for both genders?

  77. Akbar says:

    Hey Cookie, it says Male only. Women’s metabolism is different to men, they need different set of exercises and diet than men.

  78. TAT says:

    Let me say this in 3 months went from 26% body fat to 18% body fat and lost 10 Kilos and I had muscles that were not there to begin with…

    I left the gym only to realize that I have to go back because its not just core fitness it’s Hard core fitness.

  79. Bobader Alsarkastiki says:

    If you really think that harsh words and a military attitude is the way to make a man do something, then you can hide where the sun never shines. I’ve been to the best fitness centers in Australia, Newzealand and in the UK, the military attitude that you use is a portrayal of how lazy the trainers are, when it comes to getting involved in the trainee’s psychological work out. That attitude is for someone who doesn’t want to get involved with you, or even want to know about you, its merely an excuse for them to tell you that

    “Hey you listen to me, do what I do and you get what you get, no iffs or buts please, and if you dont like the result, it is because you are stuffing yourself with burgers and chips all day”

    Trainers outside go through an academic process to get a certification in fitness, they understand that not EVERYONE lose the same amount of weight, or put the same amount of mass, because of genetic limitations that has to do with your metabolism and age. I really find the idiots behind core fitness to be amateur trainers, they need to be professional, and more involved, if you can’t, then please stop what you are doing, its a joke to us.

    The spa is for pussies? I do my damn workout and I want to spend 10-15 minutes enjoying the warmth of water circulating around my muscles, and dry myself by sweating through the sauna, it is my damn choice that I ENJOY these acts, notice the word enjoy, because if you think that by engaging in them is to lose weight, then sir you are an idiot, please also tell me that by you not having shower rooms is because you think its for pussies too? and a man should be confident with their odor and sweat after training, but no, some people develop rashes if they dont shower soon enough after a hefty workout.

    Wallah maskhara, using “be a man” as an excuse for everything to cover for the lack of facilities you have to offer is just too poor, try better I say, its for the sake of your new baby business you are trying to market. That was just my 2 cents by the way, maybe you can think twice about it because of this block of text.

  80. RxKuwait says:

    @Bobader Thank you for taking the time to right such a long body of text. Our trainers are certified. Moreover, their certifications are renewed yearly.
    Again, we are not calling people out, but that’s our gym’s attitude. You are more than welcome to see for yourself.

  81. epxw says:

    wow…this is the first time ever that I read A LOT, A LOT comments against the topic….mark maybe you should think of whats best to you…your readers or a tranformation for free ?!?! Bo Bader I agree with you

  82. Mark says:

    epxw: There isn’t a single topic against the post so I have no idea what you’re on about. The disagreements here are on different methods of training which is a healthy discussion.

  83. The UnderDog says:

    To Bobader Alsarkastiki:
    There is more then one way to get to what you want to achieve, Core offers one of these ways, a method that is non time consuming, produces superb healthy and life changing results, what’s so good about it is that it
    works. I’v been a member for 4 cycles now, and iv lost more then i lost in 2 years at other gyms in Kuwait and the US. The workouts are amazing, the diet is so realistic and easy to follow.
    For those haters out there, you are more then welcome to try out the small facility yet very productive, that will transform your big head into something you couldn’t achieve on your own. To all the staff at Core, I thank you for helping me achieve my goals. GO CORE GO!!

  84. Love Q8 says:

    It makes me proud yet at the same time disappointed to read the comments here. It makes me proud because from what i read, that this gym “Core Fitness” is a Kuwaiti developed concept by young Kuwaiti’s. They deserve credit and support from the whole community for what they are doing, especially the Kuwaiti community. However it is disappointing to see other people not supporting and saying rude things about this establishment. Its pathetic that these people call themselves Kuwaiti’s. I truly think they are not! All true Kuwaiti’s support and respect each other. It shows how the owner of this gym is a true Kuwaiti, his response is very supportive and respectful. Respect to the owner of Core Fitness oo allah yewafgik ibshiglik inshalla. oo iljama3a ily sarkastikiya allah yi3neek oo inshalla idawrlik deera thaniya la’ana ilkuwait matabee ashkalik!

  85. RxKuwait says:

    @Love Q8 Thank you for your kind words :)
    it is truly appreciative of you to recognize our exhausting effortS in producing genuine Kuwaiti innovation.

  86. k_ says:

    alas, these are not inovations, these are well known methods that are actually used in kuwait by alot of people. im sure that Core deliver results, no doubt about that. but the problem is with their prices, which are absurd and funny. make profit but dont be greedy.
    for 26 kd, i go to a gym thats opened for 24hr, filled with different facilities. does that make me a sissy ?
    at least im not paying 90kd for 160 min. per month

  87. RxKuwait says:

    @k_ Prior to the implementation of our prices, we have studied what the market has to offer and we are cheap. With your request, I may provide a further analysis and explanation on this subject, listing what the competition has to offer, including freelancing personal trainers.

    In regards to our Core rules, they serve as an identity to the gym and nothing else. Personally, I don’t believe in those things (spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, etc), but that doesn’t mean that you have to practice what we preach. I’m an individual who believes in getting in and out of the gym as soon as possible in order to fulfill much larger aspects of the fitness game, which include nutrition and rest. A workout that is both short and sweet is what Core Fitness practices and we are more than welcome to provide free trials for any non-believers.

    We are in the process of starting up a larger branch that includes prices that suit the current financial situation, but do not deter from our quality of service. Our workouts will be cheaper, but intensity will not be sacrificed.

    I hope anyone of you who sees Core Fitness as a threat understand that we don’t force ourselves upon you. You have a choice and you’re free to join at a KD 26 gym or ours. We truly appreciate this healthy debate; it gives us the opportunity to improve.

  88. laish says:

    ….if you change your location and lower you price i will think of joining the gym again…please when you do that inform me..

  89. RxKuwait says:

    @Laish We will inform all old members prior to the launch of our new branch. Prices will be lowered, including discounts to our loyal customers which include yourself.

    Locations in Kuwait are not as easy as people think. Large corporations strive for locations of their businesses but fail. As small businessmen, we tried our absolute best to find the best location. However, our opinion of a good location might differ to yours. We all wish to open a branch at an area such as South Surra, Mishref or Qurtoba; but politics play a large part in this, an as small businessmen we neither have the political power or influence.

  90. Core Fitness for Core Fatness says:

    Core fitness is totally rad for Kuwait! Now it’s only a matter of “when” before Fitness First and LA Fitness open store in Kuwait.

  91. Core Fitness for Core Fatness says:

    Core Fitness is a totally rad idea for Q8! Will the “LA Fitness”es and “Fitness First”, now please stand up!

  92. META says:

    what the heck guys…ur all like a child..all of us are kuwaiti we should support each other..not like this..ur all disgusting

  93. Dbsustan says:


    Anabolic Steroid Side Effects:

    1. Inhibition of Natural Hormones
    The inhibition of natural hormones is probably the most common and probable side effect experienced from the use of anabolic steroids. In almost all cases, adding a hormone into your body will send a message to your endocrine system to stop producing it. This is because your body wants to remain in a very balanced state — called “homeostasis,” if I remember my high school biology class correctly. To maintain homeostasis, the body wants to avoid having too much of any particular hormone. To achieve this, the body sends a message to the testicles to slow down, or even stop producing testosterone when there is too much circulating. Unfortunately, this happens when any kind of hormone is added into the body, so even if an athlete is not using testosterone, but is using other anabolic steroids, the body will still send this signal 99% of the time. Of course different steroids cause varying degrees of inhibition ranging from total shut down of endogenous (natural) testosterone production, to very mild inhibition, where some natural hormones are still being produced and circulating. In almost all cases, this inhibition is over once the steroids aren´t active in the body anymore. In the following charts, we can see a mirror image of the level of steroid in the body (Nandrolone), compared with the level of natural testosterone being produced.

  94. theZay says:

    Yo what about girls in all this?

  95. J3ff says:

    Greetings mr.Mark

    A friend of mine sent me this link to check it out..

    So how did everything go with u ??

    I’m totally excited by the idea

  96. Ali Ali says:

    Yo why all the hate ? From what I have heard core fitness is a great gym that actually gives you the chance to become fit and healthy & not just bulked up with muscles. The fact this high intensity training program is mastered by trainers and repeated by many wanting to achieve goals is a great idea, especially in such a country like Kuwait. I would honestly love to join such a gym as it is not a usual gym, but one that is focused on the health of their client and well being. Stop hating & start your own business that could benefit you & your customers.

    Oh btw LA fitness just rips you off big time.

  97. Ali Ali says:

    I would love to join such a gym but I am in a less expensive gym at the moment, but my actually consider it soon*****

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