Al Kout Mall Now Open

Post by Mark

The new Al Kout Mall opened up yesterday and I passed by last night to check it out. Driving down to Fahaheel feels like such a journey which is why I rarely ever go down there and I’m assuming people who live there also rarely ever journey up to the city. This is why the new Al Kout Mall is a great addition to the area.

The new Al Kout replaces the old Al Manshar Mall and the large residential buildings that used to be located right behind it. It’s a fairly small sized mall when compared to the Avenues, but it’s still substantially larger than 360 Mall. One thing I noticed is that the stores are all pretty small, so you have all the big brands there but their store sizes are probably the smallest ones in Kuwait. I guess its how they were able to fit so many stores into the mall.

Not all the stores are open yet nor are the movie theaters and the karting track on the roof. The karting track once completed will be the largest indoor karting track in the Middle East which I think is pretty exciting. If you’re curious about the parking situation, the mall has 3,600 parking spots accessible from a variety of entrances around the mall. But, parking isn’t an issue there its traffic that’s the problem. The street there had heavy traffic even before the mall was open so expect it to be even worse now.

For more information on the mall including a list of all the stores you can visit their website [] or follow them on instagram @alkoutmall

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  1. Has anyone tried Poele in AlKout Mall?

    It’s one of those restaurants that look really good on Instagram but in reality, it doesn’t seem all that.

    Could be wrong though.

  2. Dawn says:

    A group of friends tried this cafe/restaurant yesterday at the opening day of the new al Kout mall which is most welcome for those of us living this far down south, and is totally splendid.
    Although the setting of the cafe looks very nice, the service is slow
    Coffee cold, tea full of dust not even leaves, no choice as to the strength of the tea, slopped in the saucer, and very expensive, not a good first impression, will we go back? What do you think ?

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