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Yesterday while at my mechanic getting some work done on my Datsun I decided to kill time by exploring the area a bit. For some odd reason there are around a dozen scuba diving shops near my mechanic and in between them was this one store called Alazame that sold outdoor gear. I decided to walk in and check their products out when I noticed they sold NiteCore flashlights. I’ve been wanting to get a new flashlight for awhile now since the one I have I now keep in my Datsun. I had researched a few and had decided on ordering a NiteCore one off Amazon and luckily I hadn’t placed the order yet. Alazame turned out to be the local dealer for the NiteCore brand and their prices are exactly like on Amazon. The two flashlights I had my eye on were the P12 and the MH12, the P12 sells for KD18 and the MH12 for KD24, which are their prices on Amazon not including tax or shipping. I ended up picking up the MH12 and figured I’d post about the place in case anyone is ever googling looking for one of their brands in Kuwait.


Alazame are the dealers for the following popular brands:

Jack Wolfskin
Buck Knives
SOG Specialty Knives
Buff Headwear


They have an online store with some of their products and brands which you can order from although it’s not very accurate, the NiteCore P12 for example shows as out of stock but they actually did have it in stock. Still its a good source to check prices out and if it’s something you really want you could always call them and check if they have it in the store. Their website is and their phone number is 66322666. If you want to pass by their store then here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. q8expat says:

    Well that’s a good find locally…..good on you !

  2. Samer says:

    Is that store on the side facing subway and the carwash companies? Or from the backside. The same complex has a shop that sells solar panels, and next to it used to have a shop that sold handmade wooden puzzles. Shuwaikh is full of gems like that.

    • Mark says:

      no, there isn’t a subway or a car wash in the area

      • Samer says:

        Yes it does. I work in that area and I just passed the store it’s inside the complex. Great catch

        • Mark says:

          There is a subway and car wash in that complex??? Where can u mark it on the map?

          • Samer says:

            Not in the same complex. Maybe im not being clear. Subway is on the other side of the complex. My guess your car mechanic is next to the indian restaurant and boat repair shops. If you walk through the complex towards the other side you’ll find subway. A 2 minute walk will even land you in Jannat al shuwaikh bakery (owned by the original owners of shuwaikh cafeteria in canada dry st)

            Subway: Dropped Pin


  3. Yousuf M says:

    Will check out the gerber knives

  4. FromBahrainToKuwait says:

    If you are a supporter of innovative campaigns/products, I found this on Indiegogo ->

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