Aramex – Start the new year with our new more expensive prices

Post by Mark

Aramex have yet again increased their shipping prices. The first half kilo is now KD3.250 when it used to be KD3.150 and each additional half kg is now KD2.750 compared to 2.650 last year. I’ve noticed they no longer even try to explain the price increases anymore. [Source]

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  1. cajie says:

    They are still far cheaper than DHL and their erratic volumetric pricing.

  2. بو_جاسم says:

    Sad. It seems to me they are slowly wanting to reach a point where nobody ever orders anymore. Maybe only once in a blue moon.

    • 3azeez says:

      Trust me, there are assholes who will continue to pay for their service. Couple assholes are here in this post as well. I don’t understand why people at least from this blog continue to use Aramex and DHL considering the number of blog entries and forum threads that talk negatively about the services!

      There are plenty of other solutions that they can go with.

      • BB says:

        plz can you name some?

        • sub-80 says:

          Yeah please give us an alternative solution?

          I hate Aramex and DHL, it disgusting that they increase their prices since there is no completion.

          I’ve want to order a pressurized Co2 kit and some liquid fertilizer for my aquarium, but they are in the restricted material, any solutions? PLEASE

          • The Real Burhan says:

            You can ship them DIRECTLY through DHL/FedEx – you will just pay a lot since they are considered HAZMAT (hazardous material).

            For fertilizer, you probably need a license as well.

            Shop & Ship and Borderlinx are restricted because of the nature of their service (freight forward/dropship).

      • 7th says:

        So just because you don’t like their services, other that people that use it are assholes?

        • DHL Customer says:

          Good point. Please don’t call us “assholes” because we (or I) enjoy DHL (or aramex for other people) services and you probably can’t afford DHL prices so you use a cheap service provider and then cry about their services.

          Here’s a tip for you: NEVER compare apples with oranges.

  3. Mohammed says:

    Thats it. No more ARAMEX for me! Many alternatives out there.

  4. checkmate says:

    Do what I do, and STOP USING THEM!
    I stopped almost 3 years ago.

    We need to show them the red-eye like what the USA people did. They joined together when the milk producer raised thier price by 0.10 Cents and boycotted the company. Within days the company brought their prices down.

  5. I stopped too, trying at least.

    they are getting really expensive, and its cheaper to ship directly to the house using expedited shipping co.

  6. Hielda says:

    I stopped using them… So not worth it!

  7. naser m says:


    • ibnturab says:

      How is myus any cheaper than aramex ? Their prices from their website are ridiculous. 45 usd to ship 0.5kg item to kuwait ?

  8. Mazen says:

    Their packages are taking longer and longer to arrive, their custom clearance takes for ever! my last item has been in customs since Dec 23 (11 Days!), just today I got the SMS that it will be delivered today.

    With DHL even if you didn’t use express you will get in max 5 days!

  9. Rayboy says:

    im trying out Mr. Babu, if it works out well on a bulk shipment. lets see.

  10. MAC says:

    so far i am using the DHL and there Volumetric thing is pain in the ass but i dig that they are fast and precis “so far”
    did any one try to send the package directly from amazon “or whatever website” to Kuwait ??
    is that what you “QABAQ | قبق ” are doing ??

  11. Naif says:

    why is Saudi Arabia the most expensive :@

  12. Sulley says:

    I use what i like about them is that u can hold ur packages and wait for others to send them in bulk. and you got dhl and fedex to chose from as well as variety of other packaging instructions.

  13. Corolla Man (AE86) says:

    Srew Aramex I have not been using them for 3 year now. I just used for 3 shipments 3 different dept (car stuff, Iphone Cable, Watch) they are much better.

  14. adam says:

    Each year, peoples salaries go up. Prices in supermarkets and across world markets go up.

    This is called inflation. Inflation is the rising cost of monetary value as a result of an increase of many factors, oil, salaries, basic groceries, etc..

    Especially if you are a company that relies on logistical operations, this involves fuel prices more than other industries. You cannot logically expect these prices to stay the same. If they do, then they are takin a cut from their own net profit.

    Obviously this a small concern to many people, but stop moaning. Don’t like it, move on. Simples.

  15. Talal says:

    plz can some1 tell me a good alternative to Aramex and DHL ?? I used aramex this year and not only did they deliver so LATEEE they charged me more than the actual stuff !!!

  16. Andy says:

    If you can get Amazon to ship here they are fine. Website says 10-15 days but gets here less than that. Amazon won’t ship everything to Kuwait. Tried to ship some comic book collections and they wouldn’t do it.

    I ordered a good Power Supply for a PC and it got here within 10 days, cheaper than Aramax or Hawalli….

    Am in the process of trying Mr Babu….

  17. TweeZ says:

    for years i’ve been telling people to boycott Aramex. just do it for 6 months.

  18. Mohd says:

    so youre mad Aramex raised the prices but youre ok with KDD charging us the most in the gulf?

  19. Lucky_Boy says:

    Their loss, the more they increase the prices, the less likely I’ll order something online using them verses buying it locally.

  20. Bahraini Mini says:

    The problem is that there is no real alternative, DHL Borderlinx charge too much, the others are slower and charge too much or have other proplems.

    it baffles me, it’s huge market,not only in kuwait but in the entire Middle east people use mail forwarding services to get what Amazon don’t ship outside of the States or UK, yet NO other company see this and try to enter and take some of Aramex share/cake?

    If let see Fedex enter with their own mail forwarding service or Borderlinx just lower their crazy prices I’ll jump to them in no time.

    • cajie says:

      That should give us a clue that it is not really a very profitable market – and what Aramex charges is the real cost of brining stuff into Kuwait plus a reasonable profit margin for the Company. If Aramex was a rip-off, there would have been dozens of companies tring to take a slice of the pie. Many tried, almost all failed.
      R.I.P. ushopweship.

      • sub-80 says:

        Yeah but it is a profitable market, Aramex is Globally known unlike ushopweshop which only existed in the GCC, which has to pay rent to airlines such as DHL and UPS to get the products to Kuwait. Unlike Aramex and DHL which have their own planes.

        Aramex and other courier in Kuwait (DHL, UPS and TNT) are like the ISP company they have a monopoly of the service so if they increase prices there is no other choice.

        It cost me 40 something KD to send some papers to a European country through DHL and it cost me about 25KD (including VAT) to send some paper a passport and civil id to Kuwait.

        There was an interview that a friend told me off with the GCC or the kuwait representative of the cheese cake factory with a CNN reporter, where the reporter asks the prices here are three times higher than that of the US and the representative replies yeah they can afford it.

        • The Real Burhan says:

          Aramex don’t have their own planes, only land vehicles.

          In fact, other than their land transport, everything else Aramex operates its either leasing or renting and passing on that cost to you.

  21. Slaymaan says:

    personally… Haven’t used Aramex in sometime… I DHL borderlinx mostly, yes, it is more expensive. But, I don’t have to pay tax, and it takes max 5 days, and they are precise..
    I ship small packages to DHL… if I needed a large package (that is not expensive), I’d might go to Aramex.

    Expensive = More Tax = DHL better

  22. Shop and Ship says:

    Dear all,
    Due to a global increase in the international operational cost we have increased our shipping in selected countries as of January 15, 2013 . We highly appreciate your continuous support and will do our best to keep them stable for as long as we can. For any queries please contact us at
    Thank you
    The Shop and Ship Team

    • ! says:

      If you really care about customers how come I have been asking you to put the full shipping fees in your website so that when I log in I know what to pay your drivers, I have been asking Mr. Bedair and he said that will be put into action after two months and that was in Nov. 2009 how come until now you didn’t implement such a suggestion? Why not show us all the charges so that we know exactly what costs what? And don’t give me the excuse of the receipt the driver gives me on delivery, in the end it doesn’t break down the costs in detail.
      Answer me in detail and I may believe you care about your customers who have been waiting for a direct answer for 3 years now.

      • Shop and Ship says:

        Hello, you can see the total charges for shipping. We are trying to add the customs to it but as the customs change frequently, we are working on a software that will calculate the customs+ shipping cost. We do infrom customers about the total charges in the SMS we send out while the shipment is ready for pick up or delivery. Please email me at so we can disucss this in detail. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you

        • ! says:

          Mashallah you have been working on a software since late 2009! I have emailed aramex many times without a proper response and the sms is not a breakdown to my total fee I want a detailed receipt please.

        • marisa says:

          Why don’t you deliver in Qatar???

    • ! says:

      Will see how many times in 2013 Aramex will increase the fees. I commented many times in this blog that aramex does it on purpose if it’s not why all the vagueness when it comes to showing the full fee on your website maybe aramex doesn’t want anyone to hold something against them in the courts of law?!!!

  23. blush says:

    I want to bring a shipment from hongkong about 9kg through aramex and its costing me near to 50Kd, where as when I checked with DHL, they are charging me a ridiculous big fat amount of 180KD. I mean please, what the hell? How can they be so ridiculously expensive and not to forget that the shipment are always lying in customs for weeks and when they are released, you need to pay another big fat amount.
    I really wish we had a courier company cheaper than Aramex.

  24. Ali Sleeq says:

    I’ve not had any problems with Aramex over the years but the price increases are now unbearable. I’m buying things for 10 bucks and it costs triple to ship it. There’s no savings in it anymore.

  25. Marcopolo says:

    Aramex is done for me, MyUs, enough said.

  26. sub-80 says:

    Hey Guys;

    I really need a solution. I want to order a pressurized CO2 kit for my planted aquarium and some liquid fertilizer to help my plants grow.

    I found one store that sells pressurized Co2 kit but its for 120KD three times the retail price and for the liquid fertilizer I couldn’t find the desired brand.

    DHL and Aramex have liquids and compressed gas as a restricted material. Is there any solution???

    Please Help Me!!!

  27. Randy says:

    i’ll gladly pay DHL’s higher prices since I tend to get my packages within just a few days .. unlike Aramex’s typical 10-14 days

  28. The Real Burhan says:

    I use DHL – two (main) reasons:

    1. They repack and consolidate your items.
    2. They somehow manage to clear customs 10x faster than Aramex. So now, there is no excuse for Aramex to delay stuff in customs.

    That is enough of a reason for me to use them, even with their prices. At least I am getting the stuff on time.

    The other reason I like DHL is that I pay once up front, that’s it. Unlike Aramex where you pay online, and then you have to pay again to the courier. What a ripoff. It seems only Aramex needs to charge these “extra” fees.

  29. strumming says:

    Because Aramex does not let one consolidate their purchases, I have things I ordered the week before last coming in in at least 3 different shipments. The consequence of it was the pain I felt when I handed over in excess of KD 12 in charges for a frigging usb connector that costed me $2.99 and a memory card reader that costed me $16. By the time I’m done with paying for the other shipments, I’m going to be a very angry man.

  30. Andy says:

    I tried Mr Babu and ordered two rather obscure board games from his site.

    At my door in 7 days. Strangely no customs form attached and the two shrink wrapped games were wrapped in brown paper tied up with string!!!

    Seems to be pretty good at the moment….

  31. JuventinaQ8 says:

    I really hate aramex, they are expensive, slow and their service is bad as they lie and don’t care or even pass ur complains. I may try mr babu one day.

  32. Yousef says:

    Can you guys tell me Aramex prices ?
    for 1kg how much will u be paying ?
    3.25 + 2.75 + 1 customs ?

  33. theshopaholic says:

    DHL KUWAIT has launched its new service called SKYBOX available at with New feature like VIDEOTRACKING to see your orders and check their contents by video. When tracking your purchase you will find an icon with a camera which will lead you to a video streaming where you see how we process your order upon receipt and verify the contents and repacking option is also available.

  34. BS says:

    Everything in q8 is a ripoff. I hate everything. ARAMEX you SUCK!

  35. MagikMou5e says:

    Borderlinx is an excellent service mainly because :

    1) They repackage shipments if the volumetric weight is high.
    2) They consolidate your packages
    3) If you still feel the price of shipping is too high, just email or chat with a customer service rep and they will do what they can to reduce the cost.
    4) They clear customs for shipments even on Saturdays and usually overnight. That’s a lot faster than Aramex.
    5) All your charges are upfront. Nothing post delivery.
    6) If you wanna shop at a store that doesn’t accept international credit cards the Borderlinx Concierge Service will buy and ship what you want to your suite address!

    How’s that for service??
    If you haven’t fully explored their options, don’t be dissing them.

  36. Robert says:

    Hi Mark,

    “Posta plus” is just sending whatsapp broadcasts introducing their services in Kuwait. They mentioned like 2.5KD for the first half KGs.

    Any experience from your side that you would like to share about posta plus?


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