Bayt Lothan is Getting Demolished

Post by Mark

Two years ago, the non-profit organization Bayt Lothan sadly closed down. The community center had become an important part of the local culture scene, hosting a variety of workshops and events, but the owners of the building decided they wanted to move on to other things.

Now the historic building that used to house Shaikh Sabah Al Salim, the former Amir of Kuwait, is getting demolished.

The odd thing is, when I passed by this morning, there were no trucks or workers. It kinda looked like a bulldozer had driven in through the main structure, turned around and then driven back out. The building was also not surrounded by any sort of fence so anyone can right now just walk in and walk around, even though the building is partially demolished and could collapse at any second. Pretty dodgy, kinda like they decided to this now quickly due to the amount of publicity the building was starting to get again on word that it was finally getting demolished.

So sad. For pictures of the location before it closed down, click [Here]

Update: I was just informed that it won’t be turned into a food complex. They might build a boutique hotel or something along those lines, they’re still undecided, but it definitely won’t be a food complex. Also a fence will be put up shortly.

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  1. sheikha says:

    It’s heartbreaking to see this happen. For a long time Bayt Lothan has been part of Kuwait’s cultural scene and a haven for arts. I used to take my daughter for drama classes and have attended countless events there. I took my daughter to see it for the last time and to take photos of the beautiful courtyard before it was demolished. Sad day

  2. khaled says:

    they could have left the building as is and made one of the most unique lodges/boutique hotel.. but no. i understand its their money and what not but somethings stop belonging to a family and become part of Kuwait and the country’s cultural possessions they should have just given them a couple million and kept it.

    the amount of good it provided to Kuwaiti’s youth and community in general can not be understated.

    also people are going to come to Kuwait interested in its past, its history its culture and so on not its malls and hotels solely you could build those anywhere.

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

      2 things
      Through the capitalist free market structure it’s their land they can literally do anything the want in it (that is legal) and niether the government nor the people can say anything about it. Second none is coming to Kuwait, gulf people make up 99% of tourism (family visitors not counted) and the come to Kuwait and literally drive to the avenues as soon as they get past the border. Our tourists only come to Kuwait for the malls the same way Dubai tourism consists of malls.

    • Kuwait says:

      A couple of million .. LOL.

  3. Altaf says:

    It behooves me to understand why the government did not step in to protect such a historical and social cornerstone of Kuwaiti culture. Granted the inheritors wanted to cash in their inheritance. I do not understand how purchase the property was unaffordable in the fiscal budget. I do not understand why there was not some kind of negotiation with the inheritors for preservation for future generations. Another terribly sad example of the disease of avarice consuming what is beautiful and unique of Kuwaiti culture and history.

  4. Farah says:

    This is so depressing.

  5. B says:

    Why didn’t the owners move to a new building? If they really valued the institution they could’ve moved it to a newer place rather than just kill the whole thing. Strange.

  6. Fajer says:

    The structure was perfect for a boutique building and the history as well!

  7. Gus says:

    That used to be my school in the 80s, spent 8 years there. It shut down in 1990 after the invasion. When I used to visit bayt lothan I could still envision the classrooms. Brings back so many memories. Truly sad.

  8. T says:

    Farewell my second home :(

  9. Max says:

    Noooooo I love that place I used to perform music there….

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