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Post by Mark

Festivity is a local website that helps you plan your event by connecting you with different suppliers. Say you’re planning a birthday party or a gathering and need valet, food, music, a photo booth, balloons, and a trampoline. Instead of scouring the net or hiring an event company, you can find everything you need yourself on Festivity. For example, they have 5 different photo booth suppliers with prices ranging from KD180 to KD350. So you just select what you want and pay for it.

If you’re thinking of planning an event and need suppliers, then check Festivity out by clicking [Here]

Update: Festivity emailed me to let me know my readers can get a KD10 discount by using the code “248AM” during checkout.

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  1. Jassim AlGhanem says:

    yeah! They are incredible! I have ordered from Festivity few times for friends & family gatherings, catering and outdoor seating. Very easy and useful! Thanks Mark

  2. m0hammedi says:

    festivity’s the best!

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