How to Avoid the Winter Wonderland Traffic & Lines

A few days ago I visited Winter Wonderland and one decision I was glad I made was getting the ASCC x Winter Wonderland combo ticket. The ticket costs 3KD more than the usual entry ticket but allows you to park in the cultural center underground parking next door, and enter through the new gate connecting both projects together. You of course can use the same ticket to also visit the museums which is what I did since I was with a friend who hadn’t been before.

The biggest advantage of this combo ticket is you get to avoid the traffic jam on the main Wonderland entrance, as well as the queue to scan your barcode when getting in. The ASCC parking was empty with no traffic to get in or out and then the entrance to Wonderland from the cultural center was also empty. I went in and out twice and both times it was just me and my friend going through.

The park in general doesn’t seem as crowded as last year, but if you’re hesitant in visiting because of the traffic, just get the combo ticket and avoid the headache. Here is the link to their website.

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Any idea how to get in touch with them? they charged me twice for the tickets and I cant find any contact info online, tried messaging them on instagram but no reply yet

@Hisham, have you tried contacting your bank? When I have a problem with a service overcharging, I contact my bank and they get my money back.

I reserved tickets and then after entering my pin code on the Knet page it told me that the tickets are no longer available and the money will be charged back to my account but it didnt, so I reserved another 4 tickets on a different day, just wanted to clarify that I wasnt charged twice for the same ticket.

But its weird that they dont have any contact info online except instagram messages!

in combo ticket, is it necessary to visit both the locations on same day or we can visit ASCC in one day and next day Wonderland on same ticket ?

I heard itโ€™s possible to buy the ASSC-Only ticket offline (5KD) from the gate. But any idea how to get inside the parking before reaching the gate and buy tickets ๐Ÿ˜… ?

I don’t understand how STC is a Platinum sponsor, yet when you try to buy a ticket online and use your STC Saudi number to receive SMS verification code, you don’t receive it!

Someone need to reach out to organisers and let them remember Kuwait has neighbours who regularly visit Kuwait

We get happy when we see our neighbouring countries visit Winter Wonderland or Riyadh Blvd,

This technical problem need to be fixed immediately so GCC residents can buy tickets online


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