Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre Garden and Fountain Area Now Open

Post by Mark


The garden and fountain area where the restaurants are located at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre is now open. The timings are as follows:

Weekdays 8AM to 11PM
Weekends 8AM to 12AM

A few of the restaurants are also currently open including Beit Shoukri, Shishawarma, Googoosh, Kashounat Al-Bait and The Chocolate Gate.

To stay up to date on the cultural centre, you can follow their official instagram account @jacc_kw

Photo on top by @nosa50

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  1. بن نحيت says:

    Makes me wonder how long does it take for the public to litter it, I won’t be surprised if a BigMac or a diaper is floating in there

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