Kuwait Graffiti #1

A group in Kuwait called BLD have started posting videos of their graffiti escapades. So far they’ve posted only one video titled “Kuwait Graffiti #1” and there is a second video on the way soon. I personally prefer more colorful graffiti which hopefully their second video will contain. [YouTube]

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Cool seeing kids engaging themselves in activities (even if it’s minor vandalizing). It’s better than hanging out with the wrong people in malls, chasing and harassing girls

that’s nothing last year i was in al 3dwany high school in audailiah and a bunch of student’s had this talent going on real good, so the principal of the school asked them to do a no smoking pics and words on the school wall inside near the Cafeteria cuz all the students smoke their, lol but really they r good u can call them to paint ur room for like 40 or 50 kd but they r realy good u should go to that school and take a look at them if they still ther.

I don’t agree with it,,would you like your house have tacky paint on the outside shame on them

I am sorry Mark, but I think this graffiti isn’t good enough to be posted here. Imma get you some pics in a few days of how we do it here in Salmiya. πŸ™‚

hope they get busted, then raped like a pig in the joint, so by then they will think if they should get back or not to their dumb hobby.

… Unfortunatly… I’m so upset from my I see… is that what you guys learned from the Private schools… !!

I’m in the mid of 30’s .. and I don’t recall that we done such thing before.. it’s a waste of Money… ha 3aqad bacher yakhthoon monaqa9aat to paint the walls.. and they paint it poorly… and by the end.. We wasted our money of some stupied kid who’s acting as pro…

walla 7araam..

@Kuwaiti: Graffiti is not a work of “3aqad” or a “waste of money”. It is art as it is considered in many countries where it started and targets walls that are unused/abandoned or their own as a matter of fact. And no, we don’t need to go to private schools to know that…

Thanks Kuwaiti..

Les; You can pass by Ice skating anytime and see how these idiots are ruining the place and everything around it..

anyways, the guys at MOI are working on this issue.. Good luck!

Salbader there is a difference between people who spray paint in public places that are still being used and people who spray paint in abandoned or soon to be demolished places.

he knows a little bit about spraying … and the piece he did was not really complicated …
but i give him credit for at least coming up with a little creativity on the design of his letters and tag… not like most hoodlums here in Kuwait that just spray a name on the wall or something like “F@#k you!” or “R.I.P. 2Pac” or “Ali is greatest!” and shit like this.
If he continues and does bigger and more colorful pieces he might get somewhere! He should try some block letters (3D) and some shading and stuff…
loooong loong time ago I did similar things back home and luckily was never caught… at one point I gave up the illegal scene and got paid doing my thing by holding classes and monitoring school projects on graffiti and doing things for companies! I made a some good extra bucks! Two of my friends are still doing it and believe me … they are doing very well!
And yes … graffiti IS ART !! go ahead … try it yourself at home … most likely you’ll fail miserably! It takes time, skill and creativity …
There is some nice graffiti in Salmiya in this old parking lot thingy … top floor … close to the old souk there… go check it before the building gets DEMOLISHED !

Hey I saw that graffiti the other day while at the traffic light. Was planning to go check it out but maybe i should do so a lot quicker than I was going to.

ohhh … and before i forget …
mayor cities in Europe/USA are actually PROMOTING graffiti!!!
They offer the kids walls in train stations or somewhere downtown where their pieces (yes … pieces … like in pieces of art) will be exposed to a huge audience! Because that is what all sprayers want …. FAME!
And by giving them the opportunity to show their talent LEGAL … the illegal graffiti started to disappear!

Cops can’t trace their accounts, but Kuwait is small and everyone knows everyone else. This kind of graffiti is ruining many places in Kuwait and one of them is where I live. Therefore, I highly encourage anyone who knows these kids to download the video and report them to the police.

Evil Knievel, They are promoting graffiti… but that does NOT mean in anyway that anyone can grab a spray can and just put whatever he wants wherever he pelases.

It must be done by professionals.
It must be permitted where to apply them.
It must deliver a useful message.

Just like the overramps we have in kuwait, instead of asking KFH to paint it green or citycenter to paint it pink, we could have kids with real talent to put some useful graffeti instead of as Suspic just said “boyslovedick”

Report them for what? How do you know these are the kids that are vandalizing your neighborhood? If the kids in the video above were spray painting a wall of a building about to get demolished where is the harm? There isn’t any so stop assuming every graffiti artist is spray painting penises all around town.

Could you please share with us how one becomes a “professional” without starting off by spray painting initials on abandoned walls?

Mark, Any illegal act should be reported. Whether they own the building, or its to be demolished or not is a matter to be investigated later on. Yes people like that do vandalize my neighborhood and I dont appreciate seeing this kind of tasteless stuff where I live. If you disagree with me then bohoo… its illegal so its not a matter to be discussed.

Its not illegal if the property owners don’t care. Thats why people spray paint on buildings that are getting demolished, the owners don’t care so its ok. The act of spray painting isn’t illegal its the act of vandalism that is.

And about how someone can be “professional”… public properties are not an art class for kids to vandalize. I realize that you probably live in one of the shittiest areas in Kuwait, but there are suburban areas in Kuwait that now being vandalized with kids like those.

They spray paint Co-ops, school walls, power distributions buildings, and even the small boxes that are used for telephone and whatever.

Abandoned buildings are owned by people. People don’t appreciate having someone entering their property and vandalizing it. Even if it is an old building, you never know what plans people have. Maybe they want to restore it or sell it?! its their property. I’m sure you’d be pissed if I make my own graffeti on your wrangler… which is old in my opinion and abandoned since its not your daily commute.

Mark, how do you know people care or not? are they supposed to put up signs on their buildings telling people not to mess with them? How do you know a building is to be demolished or restored? Yes spray painting isn’t illegal, but spray painting public or private properties without permission IS.

What type of person? I’m rationalizing, you’re giving personal opinion. Is that the only reply you have!?

3azeez if you think spray painting my wrangler is the same as spray painting a building about to demolished then there really isn’t much to discuss or debate here…

What’s the difference? They’re both items of personal property.
Either way, besides that, I think 3azeez raises a good point.

Unless the guy is doing something in the caliber of Banksy, I’ll consider it vandalism. How is “Boyslovedick” considered art???

A study was conducted that showed people behave and act according to their surroundings.There will always be more crime and vandalism in an area that looks like a slum.These boys probably thought if the municipality don’t care about the state of the area,which seems to be the case here,then why should they.

“Its not illegal if the property owners don’t care. Thats why people spray paint on buildings that are getting demolished, the owners don’t care so its ok. The act of spray painting isn’t illegal its the act of vandalism that is.”

Mark how do you know that the ppl don’t care have u asked them ?
have you met them before and after their properties got sprayed !?

Hey, graffiti that’s actually artistic? Maybe Kuwait is changing for the better.

Also a giant, hearty laugh at the people who are actually bothered by freaking graffiti. How OOOOLD must you be? XD

Z: but this paint if it was without permission it will cost the owner money to fix the wall.. get the idea ? if not please post your address here to get a free Demo on your wall πŸ™‚

Bliss Street =P if you wanna come spray paint the AUB walls be my guest. If not, I see plenty of graffiti in salwa as it is. Surprisingly it doesn’t bother me.

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