Kuwait has the 9th Highest Cost of Living

Post by Mark


According to Numbeo, the crowdsourced global database of reported consumer prices, Kuwait has the 9th highest cost of living in the world. Qatar was next Arab country on the list coming in at 27 followed by Lebanon at 35 and UAE in 36. The ranking is based on a multiple factors including consumer prices, rents, restaurant prices and local purchasing power. I don’t think anyone living here will be surprised by this.


On the other hand if you’re looking for an affordable place to go on vacation, the list above is of the countries with the lowest cost of living. I have a friend who just came back from Nepal and according to him his room was just $7 a night. Check out the full index [Here] and the infographic [Here]

Thanks Ryan

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  1. The rooms that are $7 in Nepal are typically in deplorable condition, rats everywhere, feces in the corners of the room, no electricity past 5 pm (electricity load shedding). I’m not exaggerating, most of my backpacker friends stayed in those rooms and after seeing where they stayed at with my own two eyes,I quickly realized that it really is a matter of you getting what you paid for. The rooms I stayed in were between $20-30 a night and they were pretty freakin’ luxurious, I have to say. Then again, I was there for my annual vacation, they were there for months on end so they had to stretch their dollar.

    I really hope you venture out to India or Nepal someday, I know you’ll have a ball there.

    • Mark says:

      According my friend the place was clean had its own bathroom and a beautiful view of the mountains.

    • James says:

      That’s untrue. £7 rooms in India and Nepal are very nice. No five star amenities but clean and well made with good food. You need to know where to go to. From your feedback you either were fleeced or bantering based on perceived public notions about third world countries. You don’t need to pay a bomb to get a good room in these countries. Yes there are rat invested rooms too but cheaper than £7

      • “Bantering based on perceived public notions about third world countries”? Bitch, please. How fucking dare you! I’ve been to Nepal, India (multiple times) and Ethiopia and I love those countries as though they were my own. My friends Itay Shilo, Mendy Lifshitz, Stacy Leko and Caitlin Deakyne all stayed in Thamel, Kathmandu in rooms that were between 300-500 rupees, which is approximately 1-2 KD and I hung out with them in those rooms and yes, there were rats there that were bigger than your over-sized ego!

        • 7th says:

          Why are you taking this so personally?

        • James says:

          I’m sorry you got offended. So it looks like you got fleeced then.

          Your language and retort does not reflect that of a seasoned traveler especially the part where you used the ‘f’ word and referred to your ego while looking in the mirror. Also I don’t really care for your friends or their names. I’m sure they’re nicer people – especially when you ‘hung out’ with them and then moved to a more ‘luxurious’ room – you see what I did there- I got a little nasty and personal like you did. Lets just be nice and objective shall we. This is a nice blog where people ‘discuss’ like men and women – not immature whacks. Cheerio :)

          • Kk284 says:

            James the use of the term ‘third world’ is in itself deplorable and used in a post colonial context as a dergotary reference to countries that recently achieved independence, even though originally the term was originally used as a reference for countries neither allied to the U.S nor USSR.

            • james says:

              I should have used the world poorer. But lets not get hung up on technicality – the world is just getting too sensitive while leaving a bunch of people behind. Point was I was referring to countries where people travel to and look down on them when they should be looking up to them. India for example has the worlds oldest civilization, have served the world over and in this country they become fodder? They are referred to as hindis in a degrading way instead of technically. There’s a difference between Ana kuwaitit – enta Hindi vs Kuwaiti – Hindi. My reference was to the latter while Mr. Mixed up trail sounded like the former when he/she clubbed up rats and Nepal. People need to quit complaining and grow up. You go to a place appreciate its niceties instead of expecting a Missoni room. Again seasoned traveler vs traveling on someone else’s money or I got cheap free tickets n stay! All over the place but you get the point. Again, did not mean 3rd world in a bad sense. Cheers mate!

              • I think since America is 36th on health care according to the World Health Organization and that 1 out 5 American children don’t know where their next meal is coming from that it’s a third world country.

                I stayed in a guesthouse, James, not a Missoni room.Last I heard, $20-$30/night is not enough for a Missoni room.

                That’s what really irks me about you, you think you’ve got everyone pegged. Well you don’t sweetheart. I volunteered in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai, the second biggest slums in Asia and an orphanage for children born from Kashmiri prostitutes in Kochi, I did not go to India on a luxury cruise.

                My Nepali friends call me an “honorary Nepali”. I love Nepal more than anything, flaws and all. I was not complaining about the rats, there are more rats in New York than Nepal. I’m sorry that I didn’t want to spend my vacation sleeping next to them. Would you? That’s your prerogative.

                You will not put me in a box. I came back to this blog this morning because I was about to apologise to you for blowing a fuse yesterday, I admit I got out of hand but now I realise that you are one of those people who is making living in Kuwait so intolerable.

                Oh and don’t say “Cheerio” again, you sound like a straight-up uptight snob.

                • James says:

                  Glad you cleared that up – especially that you did not mean to be a snob and condescending. I’m also glad you came to apologize for that erratic behavior. I did not mean to put you in a box – got better things to do in life. Glad to hear you’ve been moving around helping people – I’m interested to know how you helped the people in Dharavi, I’m involved in a lot of long-term projects that impact less-privileged people in places like Dharavi.

                  About the Cheerio advice, I’ll just accept you were peeved about my earlier comment and leave it at that! Cheerio :)

              • Soso says:

                Dude Third World Countries is used to refer to a poorer country from pre era of cold war but it is not commonly use now a days only the primitive minds does, countries with lower standard of living are now called developing countries and not third world countries anymore so educate your self before saying something.

                • I concur, Soso. James, someone needs to take you down a peg or two. We find your mentality very regressive. We don’t agree with the way you view nations or people but that being said, I just wish to say that I will never again get into an argument with anyone about anything on this blog. I told that to Mark this weekend in person. He himself doesn’t care but I do. I’m not that kind of guy. It doesn’t matter whether I disagree with someone or not, internet feuds are completely futile. I’ve never clicked on Salman Khan videos on Youtube and started attacking the guy even though I personally dislike everything he stands for. It’s just not me. Have a good week everyone, you too James.

                • James says:

                  Thanks for the education Soso on technicalities and terminologies. I hope I see you fighting in the real world (or blogs in this case) when ‘real’ primitive practices are being discussed.

                  Mix, I’m saddened that you want to ‘take me down a peg’ I don’t agree with you and you don’t agree with me – we have a right to our views – just remember to be respectful. Just saying you don’t want to get into an argument doesn’t mean you aren’t. You continue to berate people like you just did this Indian star Salman Khan – why say you want to respect people and then berate them randomly. Respect my friend! Enjoy your week!

                • I am entitled to not like an actor. Everyone is. For the love of G-d, look up the word “berate” because it clearly does not mean “dislike”.

                  What is your problem?

  2. If she/he could see the mountains then my guess is that it’s not in Kathmandu. That’s the most expensive city. You can definitely find accommodation that is much cheaper in other towns like Lumbini or Pokhara.

  3. ted says:

    Howz it possible that q8 is expensive than dubai?

    • aaa says:

      Because it’s crowdsourced and the “groceries” section is being thrown off by people putting in 70KD prices for alcohol

    • James says:

      Q8 was cheaper than Dubai until 2008-9. I just returned from a two month stay there. I lived as a guest at the sprawling Gardens. Three bed room house with electrify and water taken care of with swimming pool, etc etc. Guess how much 450kd a month. Restaurants? Way cheaper with more options. Groceries? You got lulu in both places – figure it out. Education. Prices the same as the Brit schools here. So again how is Q8 cheaper. The perceived notion of Dubai being expensive is that there are a million things to do there and people are treated with more respect so they go out and spend!

      The only thing more expensive is fuel. It’s no deal breaker considering the well connected and amazing bus-metro-tram-taxi services.

      Salaries have stagnated for expats in Kuwait and the only increase has been the ridiculous increments I’ve seen in the public sector. So you actually see obnoxiously priced shops lining up 360 and avenues. Worked for a while but the Kuwaitis have wisened up. The average expenditure for luxuries by expats have largely decreased. Those who want something and can afford it head to Dubai or Europe where the fashion lined are current and charged equally for the older lines in Kuwait. Rents are sky rocketing, everything is getting more expensive, plus the increased harassment of expats is just increasing the talent drain.

      • con says:

        Most expats in Dubai are migrant workers. They can’t afford anything. You’re confusing tourists for expats

        • James says:

          I’m not talking about those on the fringe – who by the way make the same demographic ratio here in Kuwait as well, if not more. You’ve obviously not lived in Dubai. I’m talking about middle class expats and all that I said holds true.

  4. aaa says:

    India cheapest? Sure if you want to live in a village. Go to Delhi you’ll pay prices on par with New York.

    • James says:

      Why would anyone pay the rates that missoni and Radisson charge in Kuwait when there’s nothing to see or do in Kuwait. Yet they seem to be floating. Delhi, new York, London people would willingly pay more because it’s worth it!

      • con says:

        what does Kuwait have to do with this? aaa was talking about New Delhi. Its not like New Delhi is a global tourism destination

        • James says:

          I don’t know why I’m responding but anyways. You have obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Delhi may not have drinking wells on a beach but that does not make it not a tourism destination – in the least it has one of the worlds seven wonders AND the best choice of mughlai and other indian food you can find. People flock just for that.

          So back to my point and your question – I believe properties should be built and charged by the allure of their location or allure planned for the future – Delhi has both. I chose Kuwait as a familiar reference stick not to berate it, I could choose hotels in North Korea but no one would relate to it. You tell me, why would I pay 70-120KD in Kuwait and not pay ‘alteast’ the same if not more in the Intercon Delhi – which is a pay better property in itself

  5. It’s only going to get more and more expensive, by the way it seems McDonald’s has increased their prices by 50 fils on every item.

    • James says:

      Finally someone who is realistic and has a pulse on what’s really happening. I did this crazy experiment after a friend noticed this in 2008. Everytime I do a monthly shopping (that used to 70-80 KD in 2008), I’ve punch in all the numbers into an Excel sheet. I revisited that every 3 months and saw exactly this, they were incrementing prices at unnoticeable levels – ocassionally using the 2+1 offer before taking the offer off and selling it at larger premium. I look at the sheet and the prices today (of course they have to increase) and I am shocked – that’s hyper inflation right there! I’d rather flock to the Jamaiya where they are realistic and cheaper without compromising on the quality. Thank you Kuwait Government and the Baladiya for that!

    • Mystical Pessimistic says:

      Prices climb as long as people are willing to pay. I mean why would anyone not cash in on people who don’t seem to attach value to money.

      The best part is when they complain that they don’t have enough money, kicking their feet and throwing a tantrum to get the government to raise salaries. If the gov complies, they’ll just end up spending their unvalued money undiscriminately until businesses rightfully adjust by raising prices. This, of course prompts another tantrum. It’s fucking disgraceful.

      The problem isn’t businesses, it’s the people.

  6. Rickstove Stunic says:

    Anyone who has lived in both Kuwait and Dubai will tell you that Dubai is far more expensive. Basic things like rents of appartments is much much more. I have lots of family and friends in Dubai and they always cherish their ‘Kuwait’ days when it comes to expenses.

    • James says:

      Not true anymore my friend. Their cherished days were over years back. Find me a decent sized clean flat first and then find me a decent sized flat ‘cheap’ and we’ll talk. People are living in expensive flats and are afraid to move out because they’ll be charged more at the next place. Ask mark. He lives at a good location but had no space to put in a dish washer. (not picking on you mark) just making my point. Lets be realistic and really look at the numbers

      • Mark says:

        i have no space to put a dishwasher true but thats because of how i had the kitchen designed and not because I live in a tiny apartment. I live in a huge two floor 3 bedroom apartment… in a not so great location.

  7. James says:

    I stand corrected Mark :) Thanks for the clarification.

    Again how many people have access to a great location, great space and affordable rents in Kuwait? Landlords are getting greedy. And let me qualify that My neighbor has a 4 bedroom villa next to the Arabella mall and he was paying 500KD for it. He moves out and the landlord has kept his empty because he hasn’t found a tenant for (drums roll – 1000+KD) Why would any expat in their right mind pay that much – If I could do that amount, I’d left a stand alone villa a block away on closer to the sea for 1200KD!

    Now let me be fair and talk about the positives of Kuwait. Fuel (till now) is cheaper. The Jamaiya’s are something not replicated anywhere else in the region! Each location having a Jamaiya, Workshop, Petrol Bunk, Shopping mall, Clinic, Laundry and oh – Hardware store. That is something Dubai sucks at. The Jamaiya’s are also surprisingly better at times than the Saveco and Sultan. Get this, I take a fancy drive (I love doing this everyday) to Jahra and I cannot start to tell you how amazing the Jamaiya was there. Huge and great selection of everything – not to mention fresh veggies which felt they were just plucked – not to mention cheaper than Lulu and Sultan.

  8. meh says:

    Restaurants are certainly more expensive in Kuwait, especially local establishments.

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