Local Mail Tracking Temporarily Unavailble

Post by Mark

If you’re expecting a package to arrive to Kuwait through the local post office then this info might be beneficial to you. There is currently an issue with the post office internal tracking system and so at the moment they won’t be able to track your packages. Neither you nor them will know where your package is until they get the issue sorted out.

Previously when a package arrived to Kuwait you would be able to check on the status by visiting tracking.moc.gov.kw but now you’ll just get a “No information, please check your item identifier” error.

No timeline on when this will get fixed, supposedly they’re waiting on the Minister who is currently MIA.

Thanks Abdulaziz

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  1. simplesimon says:

    Try this one, works for me..

    • Abdulaziz says:

      Global Mail cannot be tracked from this link from the Kuwait side. To do so, you need the MOC system to be up and running. Ex: A GM package shipped from Germany to Kuwait, you can see the last location in Germany but not its current location in Kuwait.

  2. aceboy44 says:

    Mark, how is Posta Plus? Does it still take 7 days to deliver to your door or are they slow?

  3. Kuwait says:

    I’ve been tracking something for the past 2 months based on this :| Now it looks like I’ll have to head to Kaifan anyway.

    • Aisha says:

      Good luck! My husband and I have been after a package for almost 3 months now with not a clue where it is. Also just an fyi south surra/sideeq is the new main post Office Depot!

    • Abdulaziz says:

      If the internal tracking number starts with R it means it has been sent to the local post office. Which means you are out of luck. Have fun!

  4. Fahed says:

    TIL Kuwait postal has tracking system….

  5. M4 says:


  6. Dalal says:

    Did you try calling their call center? They always answer (shocking I know!) and are sometimes quite useful XD


    Another option is:

    Hope that works

  7. jakewolfson says:

    35 years … plus ca change …

  8. Ash says:

    it has been 2 months since the package that i’m waiting has been shipped and i really dont have any idea where to pick it up or to know if it is already here in kuwait or wherever it may be. urgh! they said i need to go to kaifan and then others say shuwaikh and then others say depends on what letter my tracking details start. like seriously how would i know :( mine starts in UA :( urgh super clueless

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