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Museums are Open!

Yesterday I was driving by the Abdullah Salem Cultural Center and it was PACKED. There were cars backed up all the way outside the museum entrance, a scene I hadn’t seen since the museum first opened. That reminded me that I should probably post about the fact that museums are finally reopening again! If you’re looking for something to do, below is a list of my favorite museums and their current opening hours:

Abdullah Salem Cultural Center (ASCC)
They’re open from 10AM to 8PM with the last admission at 7PM.
Fridays they only open from 2PM to 8PM and Sundays they’re closed.
You can find photos and information on the museum here.

Bait Al Othman Museum
They’re open daily from 9AM to 1PM and then evenings from 4PM to 8PM.
Fridays they only open in the evenings.
You can find photos and information on the museum here.

Tareq Rajab Museum
They’re open daily from 9AM to 1PM and then from 4:30PM to 8:30PM
You can find photos and information on the museum here.

Al-Salam Palace Museum
One museum I think a lot of people are interested in visiting is the Al-Salam Palace Museum. That museum was set to open just as the pandemic hit. Their Instagram says they’re opening soon but they haven’t mentioned a date. A friend of mine who had previously booked a tour before the pandemic hit got a call recently though to set up a new date so I think right now they might be going through the backlog of people who had booked early last year. I was lucky enough to get a tour of the museum before they opened and you can check that post out here.

Update: Due to high demand, ASCC now opens from 10AM instead of 2PM.

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This reminds me of last year with the walking paths lol. Before covid nobody would use them but when covid started everybody suddenly became an athlete

Mark you shoud update the post with this

Now the ASCC expand there opening time and the timing now from 10 am to 8 pm

Any idea what an expat can do to get vaccinated if I didn’t receive the message, so not vaccinated yet and everything will be closed in my face in the next week?

I kept waiting and waiting but nothing happens…

What’s the scene at the Kuwait National Museum and the Planetarium ?
Are they open and is the restoration work after the damage from the invasion now complete ?
Does it still house the famed & legendary Al Sabah collection or is that now permanently traveling on loan arrangements with various world museums ?

The al-Sabah Collection exhibiting now in Amricani Cultural Center, kindly write me your email or telephone

My Dear great information i love to see this iam staying in kuwait very long time with my family but i never visited this places after your post iam really existing to visit this places once again thanks brother appreciated

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