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The guys from MyFatoorah got in touch with me back in August, they were interested in advertising on the blog and they also wanted me to try out their product so I could review it. Like I tell all my advertisers, I can’t promise you I’ll write about your product, but if I try it and like it then I probably will. After trying their service not only do I like it, but its now become one of the primary ways my clients are paying me. Just to be clear, this isn’t a sponsored post. Not that I need to explain myself but it’s one of the rare occasions I’m writing about a product which is currently being advertised on my blog with a banner, so I just need to point this out for transparency reasons.

MyFatoorah is an online payment solution and I’ve been using them to collect payments from my blog advertisers and from my clients whom I do freelance branding work for. Previously, the methods of payments I had available were bank transfer, cash or cheque but now I also offer knet or credit card payments because of MyFatoorah.


To begin using their service, the first thing I had to do was download the MyFatoorah app, sign up and add my bank information and that was it. No need to wait for approval, no need to send a copy of my civil id or anything of the sort, you can start invoicing people and collecting payments right away. Within the first 3 days I had invoiced and collected payments from 5 different people and the amounts got deposited straight into my bank account in less than 24 hours.

To invoice people its a fairly simple process, you open the app, click on “Quick Invoice” then you enter the name of the person you’re invoicing and the amount. You then click “Send Invoice” and you could either whatsapp or SMS the person the payment link. That’s it. All that person needs to do then is click the link you sent them and settle the invoice either by Knet or a credit card.


The service isn’t free, MyFatoorah make their money by charging a transaction fee. Their standard charges are 2% for Knet payments and 3.5% for credit cards, this means if you bill a client KD100, MyFatoorah will take KD2 if the client pays using Knet. The charges are negotiable though, for example I’m getting a ridiculously good rate cuz wasta, but depending on how much business you’re expecting to perform, you could contact them and try to work out a better rate. The way I also have it set up is, if a client pays me with Knet, I accept the charges, but if the client wants to pay using a credit card, they’ll have to pay the 2.5% charge. I like being able to decide that from within the app.

Now another surprising way I’ve started using MyFatoorah is collecting money from friends or family. So for example I bought some event tickets a few weeks back and sent out knet links to my friends to pay me for their tickets. My brother needed to transfer me some money and instead of setting me up as a new beneficiary on his online banking account, I just sent him an invoice for the amount and I got the money that way. It kind of reminded me of the app Venmo. When I was in the States last summer, everyone was using Venmo to pay each other. If a person bought movie tickets for everyone, then the group would pay that person via Venmo and I’ve been using MyFatoorah like that as well.

One final way I’m going to start using MyFatoorah is with a donate button on the blog. I’ve always kinda wanted to do that ever since I started blogging since it was a fairly common thing in the early days of blogging. But since I lived in Kuwait, there wasn’t a way to do that previously. Now I finally can although I’m like a decade late. Basically MyFatoorah allows me to setup a generic payment link which anybody can click on and pay me whatever amount they’d like. So if you want to donate money for my lattes for life fund, here is the [Link]


There are a couple of features I’d like to see in MyFatoorah that are currently missing. One feature is the ability to copy paste the payment link from within the app to an email. Right now the only two options I have to send an invoice is SMS or Whatsapp. To send a link to a client by email, I need to choose Whatsapp as an option, then when the link opens up in Whatsapp, I copy paste it back into an email. There will supposedly be an option to copy paste the link in the next app update, but as of now this is what I am doing. Another feature I’d like to see is the ability to setup an automated reminder email or message. Right now if someone doesn’t pay me, I need to awkwardly message them and be like “hey, how are you? Hope everything is well. I just wanted to remind you regarding the pending payment…”. I hate doing that so I’d like the app to send an automated reminder on my behalf say once every week to remind the person they have a pending payment. Like an annoying accountant.

So yeah I like the app as you can see. It’s great for freelancers and small businesses like me. The software has other features like the ability to integrate into your ecommerce store like Shopify or Magento, but I’ve personally been using it just to collect money from people. So if you’re interested in signing up, you can do so from their website or just download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    You can finally pay me the remaining amount you owe me for buying my Lego in 2007.

  2. meh says:

    I wonder how they deal with money laundering and illegal transactions?

  3. Mohamad Islambouli says:

    Hey mark! could you use this application to send links to people OUTSIDE of kuwait?

    If i had a guy in america who would like to send my money. This could be a great alternative to paypal.

  4. Guru says:

    Prices are too high for people without Wasta. They charge a 100 fils extra for customers paying through KNET, though they stopped in my case. Looking forward them to introduce Promotional/Coupon code. All said, their service has been good so far.

  5. Fawad says:

    Hello Mark,

    You have mentioned that you have struggled to copy the payment link. But I have done it so easily. Please click the payment link button available below Quick Invoice. Once i clicked this button, it copied the link and i opened mail and paste there without any hassle. Please try it out. Update me whether I got it all wrong.

    • Mark says:

      Payment Link button is not related to the invoice. Payment link button is a generic button which I’ve used above in my post as a donate button. There currently isn’t any way to copy the invoice link from within the app unless u choose SMS or whatsapp.

  6. Dun says:

    The name sounded too familiar until i realized that’s who processes edfa3ly payments.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Is there any service to use my knet as a credit card online, or buy digital credit to buy stuff online.

  8. blackswan says:

    What`s a “Cradit Card” ??
    Seriously, we`re in 2016, you put out a simple mobile app, you must have a clean interface without spelling mistakes.
    Otherwise a very handy app.

  9. Nasser says:

    Mark, how long does it take for the cash to show up into your account?

  10. KW says:

    Tap is much cheaper!

  11. ahmed alrasheed says:

    if i can manage to get thier k-net rate below 1% i am in

    i am billing multiple companies and with banks unable to do “recurring payments” this can be the perfect solution

  12. Charles says:

    There’s a spelling mistake in the app,the second image (the screenshot of the app). CRADIT CARD CHARGES. Should have been CREDIT CARD CHARGES

  13. Ahmad says:

    You might wanna watch out with the whole donations part. Any donation/charity must go through Ministry of Social affairs. It can get you in trouble I know a guy that got blacklisted.الشؤون-تصدر-اللائحة-التنظيمية-لعمل-الجمعيات-والمبرات-الخيرية-الا-يقل-عدد-المؤسسين-عن-اشخاص-للمبرة-و-للجمعية/

  14. Pan says:

    You cant use it for donation

  15. shabz says:


  16. 7aneen says:

    It’s truly my pet peeve when a business owner sends me this link. At first I thought it was super convenient but when I realized that the additional cost (both KNet & Credit card) were passed on to the costumer, I felt so ripped off; and not only because it happens once or twice but I receive it A LOT from many places I purchase from and this cost adds up.

    When business owners send me Tap links I am much more inclined to pay and don’t feel ripped off.

    • Mark says:

      Your anger is misguided, passing on the fees to the buyer is the choice of the seller not MyFatoorah. The seller decides if he wants the customer to pay the charges or not. In my case I choose to pay the knet charges myself but if a client wants to pay with a credit card then I pass on the 2.5% charges on to them.

      MyFatoorah allows the seller to decide who pays the fees instead of making the decision for you.

      • 7aneen says:

        Actually the anger was always towards the business owner. Why would a business owner ever want to pass on this cost to the customer? It doesn’t even make sense to have this feature.
        All brick and mortar shops with KNet POS machines also have extra fees for credit cards, but they’re never passed on to the customer.

        The business owner is the one who needs the payment made, and yet they somehow abuse the customers and charge them extra to pay.

        Customer Experience at its worst.

        • Mark says:

          I completely agree, I would be upset if the business owner passed on the fees to me. But, in my case as a freelancer I think I can let my client pay the fee since I offer multiple ways to pay:

          Bank Transfer
          Credit Card

          For the first three it doesn’t cost any of us anything. For Knet it costs me 500fils which is not an issue but for Credit Card it would cost me 2.5%. Since credit card payments is one of 5 different ways to pay, I let the client decide, if they want to pay by credit card its a 2.5% extra charge, the 4 other forms of payment? Free.

          • meh says:

            There is more incentive for the customer to use credit cards because of discounts and points. Also, it’s a nice way to get back at the business owner ^_^

    • Mark says:

      btw the fact you can’t pay Tap payments using a desktop browser instead only through your mobile phone has to be the dumbest decision ever and i’ve already mentioned that in my previous post on Tap.

      • 7aneen says:

        Hmm, yea I’ve only ever used it on mobile

        • Mark says:

          yup so what happens is there would be an event and to buy tickets you need to pay using Tap, so I post about the event on the blog but anybody on a computer (which is the majority) that clicks the link would automatically be taken to the Tap homepage instead of the payment page for the event.

          The only way they can pay would be to get on their phones, come to my blog again and then click on the same link again but this time from their phone. Then they can pay for it. Super clumsy.

  17. Burhan says:

    Regarding passing off the charges to the customer; if you are doing this – you have to inform the customer before hand and let them agree to the charges. Otherwise it is against the rules; and the vendor (in this case, its MyFatoorah) can get banned by the network.

    It depends on how the person paying gets notified of the extra charge.

    Notoriously Jazeera Airways used to pass off the KNET charge to the customer, but it was the customer’s choice to pay it.

    Credit Card charges are a different matter all together.

    Its a great service for those micro-payments, but there should be a cap on the maximum amount you can charge out.

  18. Rahol says:

    don’t use this, one of the worst support and wort api they giving.

  19. Sumaiya aniz says:

    Hi mark, When someone sends you money using this app from abroad does myFatoorah ask you to send them the other persons personal details? For example copy of passport and a copy of there Visa card or MasterCard?

  20. Othman says:

    Thanks for the information! I just have a question; isnt it illegal to charge the customers for the transaction fee? (as i read in your blog about the surcharges)

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