Picking up mail from the Post Office *updated*


Today I picked up a package from the post office for the very first time and I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.

A few weeks ago I ordered an item from an online store in Germany and chose DHL as my shipping option. Little did I know that DHL also had postal mail which is how the store mailed my package to Kuwait. When I found out they had shipped it by regular mail I almost had a heart attack. The item was limited (just 1 of 5) and I thought it was gonna get lost for sure because I kept hearing how screwed the local mail system was. It took around 10 days for the package to get here and I finally had the time today to go pick it up.


I took my tracking number and headed to the Kaifan Post Office where all international mail gets delivered to. Package pickups are in the basement and all I had to do was give a woman behind a counter my tracking number which she then typed out on a computer and told me that it had arrived and to wait while they get it. Five minutes later my name was called and I showed them my civil ID card and signed a paper that I had received the shipment. My shipment was then passed over to the customs agent who opened to see what was inside before handing it over to me.


It was such an incredibly easy process that I think I’m going to be shipping stuff to Kuwait via regular mail much more often. Things to note, they’re open from 8AM to 1PM and once a package arrives to Kuwait they store it for 40 days before sending it back or destroying it. If you want to know where the post office is, here it is on [Google Maps]

Update: They’ve changed the location. To pick up mail you now need to head to Al Sadiq, block 5 near the police station and boubyan bank. Here is the location on [Google Maps]

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That is great that you got it quick and easy. If you have to pay customs or taxes on bigger items though, you have to make a trip to the Shuwaikh Port Authority building and spend a good 2-3 hours going back and forth between government windows, typewriters to type up your stuff and banks to pay for the charges. I’ve done it twice now and both times it took more than one day to complete everything and get my shipment out.

Anyone can help me regarding my parcel it is sent through USPS,and its still in sorting mail center..i dont know how to get it,and i dont know where i could get it,ive been trying kaifan,hateen,mirqab,farwaniya post office still parcel departed last January 28,2021,from doha qatar.its been long time now still i didnt hold my parcel.hopefully somebody can help me to solve my problem.thank you.

yeah I have tried several times from different online website, they are pretty good, they call you up first to confirm to pickup the parcel. If its something big or electric items then it goes through custom else they give you straight away.

I used to order at kaifan address, I switched to farwaniya address and they are most faster. straight away they just see ID card and that’s it.

Who will call you to pick up your parcel,the post office or the shipper? Because it’s been two months since I order my items and till now I have no idea where it is.

hi Milind,

I have a parcel sent by normal international airmail to a friend in Kuwait (not by DHL or any snail mail), tracking number begins with RA. I traced it online which shows the location, “18_SHUWAIKH-(IND)”. Does it mean the parcel is at Shuwaikh Industrial Post Office? I also wrote his phone number on the parcel. Will they call him to pickup?

Hi its been 2 months that my parcel sent from india i trakd so many times but no any mail and call from post office. It was just my clothes but no any information till now😢😢😢


Hello everyone i was hoping for an advice,
I was expecting a mail(and thru standard delivery)
From canada and its been about 2 months and still didnot reach me,can anybody give an advice,much appreciated..
I put al-rai,avenues mall for recepient..which post office shoul I go?
Thank you all

Hi Mark,
I just want to ask ,if u received any letter from the post office.that your package was arrived here in kuwait..?bec i have a package from singapore and still i didnt recieved any call that my package was already arrived here…pls reply thank you

Is there door to door delivery here in kuwait? I have a parcel from uk and the post office here in hatten messaging me that my parcelnarrived already. Do i have to pick it up or u have to wait to deliver here

Here is my experience with the postal service in Kuwait. I instructed my warehouse in Australia to ship some tea to my brother in Kuwait. While giving explicit instructions to courier it. Somehow there was a mixup and the parcel with 2 kilos of various tea left by regular mail. After following up for a good ten days or so, I gave up and prepared another package to be sent through a friend. But low and behold about two weeks to the day, somebody called up my brother from the post office and actually came and delivered it to his door step. I was absolutely gobsmacked. However I thought this was a one-off deed for a Good Samaritan. Reading your post actually made me wonder if things have improved and share my positive experience as well.

Sender from UK sent me a letter using Royal Mail “International Signed For” service. The tracking number started with “R”, my address in in Khaitan. The letter arrived in Kuwait on 16th March, we began our search on daily basis from 17th March on-wards in As Salam P.O, Kaifan P.O, Farwaniya P.O and at last Khaitan P.O. The receptionist kept on saying we havn’t received it yet. On 26th March the same lady in Khaitan P.O said “Ohh… as it didn’t have a contact number on it we sent it back “ON THE SAME DAY”, check the Airport P.O !!!” I rushed to Airport P.O, the guy said, “Ooo . you should have come yesterday , we only sent it back to UK yesterday”.

After totally pissed off, I contacted the sender in UK, he agreed to send the same letter once they get it back, and agreed to add my contact numbers this time. He re-sent the letter on 1st April using “Standard Airmail” and guess what… it’s 23rd April and I don’t have a clue that will I get it this time or not.

This is the other side of the coin.

Dear Mohammed similar situation with me as well. My imp documents are send from UK royal mail to my khaitan address . It reached on 2 Aug but I searched everywhere but they don’t have. Even airport I went but is not Dere too
.wat do u say according to u r experience kindly pass me up phone no. if possible

Mark! I think you were lucky enough to get your package. With my experience, the only chance you have to get a post via Kuwait post office is if you have a tracking number. Even when I had my tracking number I went in regularly week after week & eventually i got a +ve reply.
However, if you don’t have a tracking number — You are not entertained & I don’t possibly see how you could get your parcel. They seldom call and never deliver.

What should I do then if I don’t have a tracking number because my package was sent feom UK Royal Mail Firyal class and this services doesn’t provide a tracking number I ordered my package on April and then it was a pre-order so i had to wait until may and now may is gone I got an email from the website saying my order is shipped on 10th of May and i still didn’t get anything from the post office

Yes, Shipping via USPS to Kuwait is good and cheap ! but sometimes it takes a month for you to receive it + sometimes it never ever reaches or gets stolen, it’s all about luck that mail service is cheap but not reliable, wouldn’t trust them with something expansive.

Hi Mark… You are indeed lucky… I bought some car accessories from amazon which was fulfilled by the seller directly. This was in Nov last year. It was sent by snail mail and was supposed to be in Kuwait in Dec. I did rounds of the Kaifan PO every week in Jan. In Feb one chap checked my tracking no. and told me that my package would be in the Safat PO…I did two rounds of the Safat PO and finally gave up. It appears that packages with tracking starting with “C” are usually found in Kaifan and can be picked up. Mine was LJ… I assume it to mean LOST in JUNGLE… 🙂

i read in the news paper last week that express mail will be relocated from kaifan to zahra or hateen not sure thou

I’ve been receiving my package in Hateen since April and they only called once for my tracking number. I always go there after a week from the day my package was sent from the Philippines. One time, they told me that the system was down (they won’t be able to give me my tracking number) and that they have no idea when the system will be fixed so I asked my Kuwaiti friend to talk to them who was with me that time and I got my package minutes later.

i don’t know the exact address but it’s located in front of hateen co-op.there’s a small EMS sign outside the building.

just use google maps and type pick yo hateen. it’s in front of hateen mall and pick yo. additional landmarks include pizza hut and taco bell.the building has a small EMS sign outside. hateen is right after al zara area (360 mall,paci).

Hi, my sister have been sending me cosmetic products for distribution in Kuwait since March of this year. We always use the Express Shipment and the parcels are always delivered in Hateen. The parcels are always on time however the latest parcels were sent to laboratory for analysis. Did you have the same experience? How long does the analysis take?

I have no idea since I don’t order cosmetics but I once waited for almost 2 months (it usually takes a week) to claim a package I ordered from the Philippines. I came to Hateen post a lot of times and they’re always telling me it hasn’t arrived yet.

Its a bit simpler than that, DHL is the actual postal company for Germany (ie, its like the United States Postal Service).

“Deutsche Post is the successor to the German mail authority Deutsche Bundespost, which was privatized in 1995.”

So in Germany when you are “sending DHL” its the “normal mail”.

Hi Burhan,

I send a letter to my in laws in kuwait from germany, but i forgot to mention post box no. Is there a way to track my letter in kuwait. ? or could we find which post office it will arrive.


Did your tracking page indicate it was to be picked up, or did Kaifan give you a call when it was ready?

Pretty much same thing happened to me, delivery from Germany and CL-starting tracking #.

As of the 29th the package has arrived and “The shipment is being transported to the delivery depot.” No updates since and local DHL can’t help at all, and no one is picking up at Kaifan PO.

I have ordered 3 cards (including replacement cards since I never received the original cards) from Priority Pass and never received my original nor replacement card via Royal Mail or so from UK.

I have cancelled my subscription and a full refund was issued. Lesson to be learned is to avoid regular mail at all costs and stick with express couriers.

Ace, if you are in kuwait, better if you can use master card world or at least diners club (they havesome way less lounges). I didn’t find any benefits with prioritypass, same bad experience with delivery. MCW working via loungekey. I bielive that Visa is also begin the same, but not sure if works in Kuwait.

TIP: Add your phone number to your address. The post office will call you with instructions once they have received your package.

I have only been using international shipping for a while, and for the most part it is cheaper and sometimes faster then freight forwarders.
The following has happened:

1- Some packages delivered to my doorstep.
2- The rest I receive a call from my local post office asking me to pick up my package. You may send some1 if they have a civil id copy.
3- If a package is suspect, then it gets held in Kaifan post office and you receive a paper with instructions at your home. Pick up is as described in post.

I haven’t had any missing or lost shipments and have even used the service to return items with no problems. Always use your phone number on the address though.

Hope that helps.

Should I put my home address or the Kaifan post office address for a quicker phone call? Assuming you live somewhere in the Hawalli governerate.

OK, I recently had my sister send me a package by DHL I remember my father sent me mail through regular mail I went all over kuwait never found it, he later resent it by DHL and it came straight to my door step. Now my sister sent by USPS instead od DHL, I was able to track it, but after it departed london 3 days ago nothing, I then got a call which I did not understand only u S package told me write down number started with a d followed by 5 numbers due to language problems he hung up. I was asking where I go to pick it, still not sure if he was talking about my package, I have my home address on it, in mahaboula but I know usps wont deliver it to my place, I kept calling the number but no answer. I have a tracking number so where do i go?

hi friends,

1) all international mail services packages will be delivered to Kaifan P.O or according to your address in kuwait ? i want to buy from INDIA.

2) do i require any P.O.Box number of kuwait post office ?

3) if i use my friend P.O.Box number. will it be exactly come to there without probs?

If you have a P.O box number it should come there if it does not go to the place the topic starter Mark said in Kaifan I went there and picked up my mail that was sent by USPS so I had a tracking number. I’ts better to have a tracking number just to be safe, but if not then a p.o. box should be ok if not go Kaifan post office, you will have trouble because they are lazy and do not want to search for your mail if not tracking number. So they will easily tell you not arrived because their lazy to check.

Anyway forgot to give my update on my first pick up bu USPS last time I had mail sent by DHL which was delivered to my door step. This time USPS which made me nervous, but I got a call which I could not understand a guy gave me a letter and numbers behind it I wrote it down, not knowing what it was about or where to go. That’s why I searched and found this form, I went to Kaifan post office, same a pic above.

Had maybe 6 or 7 people sitting and one standing at the desk heard dogs barking inside, in the back I’m like wtf lol. Anyway I told them I had mail there I was greeted by a gay filipino who spoke Arabic and English, I took my civil id and I gave him my tracking number. Then I also told him I got a call don’t know if this number means something started with the letter D followed by like 5 number. He said ok, I sat for maybe 10 mins if that and was called next, oh they give you a number also, so I was surprised I was called ahead of everyone else.

I think I signed some forms then they told me go to the end of the desk and there was a Indian male holding my package and gave it to one officer. The officer made him open it and he showed him what was inside then they gave to me and let me go. So it was a lot quicker and better then what I thought.

I have send my original educational certificates to Educational Perspective Inc, USA for BCSP evaluation through DHL Courier.

After Evaluation, they have returned my original certificates through first class international mail without tracking number to my Kuwait address on 27th April 2015.

Till date I didn’t receive the mail which contains my original educational certificates.

Note: Clearly address was mentioned; There is no tracking no. and mobile no. not mentioned in that.

Could anyone help to find it out.

Go to Kaifan post office same as pic above, give them your name and the address thats on the mail, I would say good luck as I stated to one person with out tracking number may be a problem. I’m sure there is a lot of mail there and they hate to look for it. They may give you the run around to different post office.

My very first mail sent to me by my father was sent regular mail that time had no clue where to go since I dont have a P.O ox, I live in Mahaboula which does not have a post office so I was told to go to Abu Halifa post office. I went there and saw 4 middle eastern ladies wearing ninja style all black outfits even their faces were covered. I knew then will be a problem they could not understand me just told me go to Fintas, I went there to that post offices found a guy who went through all the mail, he kept asking tracking number, my mail was not there. So had to have it resent to me by DHL.

Guys can u help me about my packaged the tracking no.RC226252497HK ITS arrived here in kuwait on july27 2015 but until now they ddnt call me…let me know if you know the telephone no.of kaifan post office.

hello brother i have kind of smae tracking number wihich start with r did you find you product yet , i think you ordered from amazon, could you help me cause i also did not get a call till now

Hi! I have the same tracking number (start from CC) that came from Canada. Did you get your packaged? And which postal office?

USPS parcel starting letter “CW” received it as easily as mentioned above. Paid for stamp of value K.D.1 (one Kuwaiti Dinar), dont know exactly for what.

From my current adventures trying to pick up a parcel, I’ve gathered the following information: they’ve recently switched up the system a bit, the Kaifan office is reserved only for picking up EMS parcels (tracking no. starts with CP) and the Hateen office is for everything else. Kaifan is open from 8 am – 1 pm (no afternoon shift) while Hateen is open from 8-1 and again from 4-7. If you don’t have a tracking number, you won’t get much help.

My friend need to send me a parcel by Dhl as agreed but he ended up sending it by local post name and telephone number is written at the back of the parcel.
How many days it will take from South Africa?
What is the process to receive it?

How long it will take to receive parcel from South Africa?
Only my phone number and name written at the back of the parcel

Any advice will be of help
Tracking number start with CA

I have recently received parcel from Japan through EMS and it took 4 days to reach Hateen post office. Post office called me with a reference number and collection was very smooth. Reached the post office at 4PM, told the front desk person my reference number, purchased 1KD stamp, custom officer opened the parcel and checked. He then handed over the item saying that next time if value of the item is more than 100KD then I need to pay import duty – to that I will have to come in the morning shift.However he was very polite and helpful – overall my experience was very pleasant.

The thing about the post office here in Kuwait is that they’re inconsistent with regards to them calling us for reference numbers. In my experience, I only received two calls from them for a reference number. For the rest of my my parcels, I just go there after a week from the date of the shipping because they never call. I did pay 15KD once last year when I was still picking up my parcels in Kaifan (they told me it’s because of the quantity of my parcel, 5-6 items inside the box). My latest parcel though in Hateen took almost two months before the customs released it and they never mentioned why.

Thank you for this post and the comments! I’ve been wondering how to track down some boxes sent regular mail from Taiwan. I went to hateen and Kaifan. It’s the opposite of what someone commented – go to Hateen for express or EMS, Kaifan for regular mail. I lost my tracking numbers but they were kind enough to do a search using the mobile number on the boxes. They found one out of 4 but I’m hopeful they might find more if I go back another time.

I order something on Amazon, it came by usps,October 9 arrived in Kuwait but till now no calls where do I find it? It’s starts EC

Today I went Kaifan they told its in hateen, I went hateen they told me the they don’t have the package, I think I have just spend 105 kd for nothing fuck my life

Hi sir/ma’am

How can I delver my package in my place coz my mobile number is destroy can u pls call me hers my num 50473135: because we don’t knw ur number so we don’t. Knw he to contact ur office to fallow up my package …

Thnk u

Hi sir/ma’am

How can pick up my package I try to ask to shamiya post office bt she told me that go for the main in kaifan maam /sir I just want to delver my pckge in my adres bt how can I contact your ofce nobody answer my call pls maam/sir update me I’m worried my package hers my number 50473135

I ordered something from China through UPU (registered mail parcel) and my tracking number sttart with RK and with CN. I tried to find my parcel here in kuwait but nobody giving me good answer. i went 5 to 7 time safat post office but they are open one excel sheet and saying your parcel is not yet come. now its my than 50 days, but still am not getting my parcel..Please help me.. what should i need to do.

I have a parcel with tracking number CN14423109906410. They called me today saying I have to go to Hateem post office because the customs will open my parcel in front of me, near 360 mall, Blk 4.
Can somebody tell me the exact address of this post office or customs office so I can go and pick up my parcel.

Hi. Can I get my parcel from Hawally Post Office if I put 13049 on my address? Also, I read from the comments that most tracking codes have LETTERS on them. Mine are just NUMBERS. It’s from USPS and it’s been a month now. So, I don’t want to go to Kaifan if it would be available in Hawally anyway. And does the ALL-NUMBERS tracking code mean anything? Is it express? K. That’s all. Thanks. Zooom!

They do not open at night time.
Its a government sector.
You have to go on working days sun-thru from 8am – 1pm.

Hi, with huge regret i must say this , that kuwaits postal service is not satisfactory . i went to my local farwaniya post office to get my letter , and they said they dont have any letter of mine. all the ladies are always busy gossiping there. They wanted to see my tracking number. i just want to say, not all letters have a bloody tracking number, my letter was regular mail. They just didnt bother to look for my letter. Then asked for my mobile number and said they would call me if it arrived , as i uttered the first few numbers , the woman(in hijab) put down the pencil and said excuse me, and mumbled something in arabic .lol. guess what? she doesnt know how to write english numbers, and gave me a signal to write it by myself ……….. :/

p.s- if anyone knows farwaniya’s post/zip code, can you tell me please?

OK I am now facing a problem I had revived 3 packages here in Kuwait 2 was by DHL which came directly to my place, the last time my sister did not mail it by DHL when I put in the tracking number, it was USPS and it came to Kaifan post office each time had my address of Mahboula on it. So this time I told her to mail it the same way she did last time, but its UPS I did not think it was a problem, I tracked it and its being held in Safat warehouse and told me incorrect address. So I went to Kaifan to check and they said not there my tracking number is a private company. Now I want to have my sister to change the address to Kaifan but I have no idea what the address is to the above post office, it will not allow me to change it so I want my sister to do it. Anybody knows the address to this post office with the picture above? When I checked it said POST OFFICE Dept.

13333 KUWAIT

Not sure was thinking it should say Kaifan since that is where the international post office is, and my number is on there but they have not called me. Anybody know the address?

Yes I know that if you see what I put, your see that I used USPS before and my mail was delivered to Khaifan, international post office, since then I’ve used DHL and UPS so I did not have to go to the post office it was delivered to my place.

Is Kaifan open on weekend..? I mean on friday or saturday..? Is that still open?
Because I’ve to work on regular day..
And do we need to pay the tax for that..?
I would be very appreciate if you answer my question

Best regards,

Its not opened on weekends.
Its a government sector.
You have to go on working days sun-thru from 8am – 1pm.

Hi Mark,

I sent a package 10 days ago using DHL Global Mail.
Tracking number starts with CL********** ;
I have provided my home address.
Do i need to collect from Kaifan Post Office or
will it be delivered to my local post office.

Hi Mark,

I have a shipment from Germany just arrived Kuwait (As stated in DHL tracking)
Does it mean I can go to the Kaifan P.O tomorrow ? Or I have to wait awhile ?


Hi, I shipped a small letter by registered air mail sign required wide tracking number RG053261572IN to Farwaniya Address on January 1st ( Not a public holiday in India ). India Post online Tracking shows it left Mumbai AFSO on 4th January 2016.
Till today the item is not delivered neither I have received it back to me?
Curious..this has never happen before..Any suggestions please? frend frm hk send me a package and it said it wll delver 7-10days but ’til now i didnt receive a call if its arrived..should i get it to the post office or i wll wait here to dliver in my house?any suggestion plz im only new here in kuwait.tnx

Hello Everyone.
I ordered some stuff in Fast Tech and it was sent thru DHL Global. They gave me a tracking number and all. From March 18th i was tracking it but updates stopped March 26th with the description

Processed at Transit Facility
DeutschePost, DE.

Since then, it didn’t move at all. I tried to contact DHL Kuwait, but they said it was not DHL.
Im confused because i was tracking my package in the DHL page.
Today i has a correspondence with a DHL Representative and she told me that it going to be handed over to Kuwait Post. So i went there (Salmiya Post Office) and checked but the package wasn’t there, i saw the guy searched it in his computer and he even showed me the monitor, it was blank. They said that the package isn’t there yet, and if i have my phone number there, they will call me.

What do i need to do? Tracking number RX806926766DE

Thank you in advance!


just received >kd100 worth of goods (9kg gross weight) from germany in 8 days which was posted through DHL Post (NOT courier service). shipping charges kd.10 which was paid in advance.

used this site to check the status in kuwait. use the local tracking number which DHL Post provides.

paid 1kd (stamp) to the kuwait postal dept and another 2.5kd to GLOBAL CLEARING company. looks like they are behind the nice service that is being provided now. and zero customs charges. amazing stuff and yes this is in kuwait. thank you MOC.

CW056542824US is my tracking number. My package arrived in Kuwait on August 23, but I have no idea to what Kuwait Post Office location. It was sent here without a complete address or APO. I can’t even find a working Kuwait post office number to call to begin tracking this package down. Can someone assist me? Please. Shukran!!

I ordered stuff from US and the tracking number has no letters, only numbers. Can someone please tell me where to collect the parcel because kaifan say I need a tracking number with letters.

Ask the website you bought from for the local tracking number,
It should start with C or R or L
If it starts with C then go to kaifan, if R then go to airport, if L then it is from a private company and you have to contact them

Hi All

I have a parcel coming by post from latvia with the letter RS,Could any one advise me with your vast experience which post its actually come to .


Dear sir I have received a msg that my product has reached to Kuwait and I want to know where is my product.

I don’t know whether it’s alarming (given the last few comments) or comforting that you are the only reliable source on Kuwait’s postal service. Nonetheless, you’ve provided hope for us all! 😀 And off I go to Kaifan tomorrow *fingers and toes crossed*

Your item departed a transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, KUWAIT on December 10, 2016 at 9:25 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

what does this mean?
my mail is from usps and its tracking number starts from R
so does it mean I should to airport?
i havent have any idea of how long its been so i just checked it from the comments here and got the idea of somesort.

I’m also in the same situation as you are. My item is from USA with the tracking number starting with EC. The message is

Your item departed a transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, KUWAIT on February 17, 2017 at 10:15 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

I don’t know what to do. Do I go to Hateen Post Office or Kaifan? Did you receive your parcel? How did you get yours?

I just want to know,my frien send some things here in kuwait on march 4, 2017, supposedly i should receive it after 2 to 3 weeks, but i dont know why, post office in salmiya did not even try to call me, please let me know what to do, please help me. Thank u

With your tracking number you should go to one of the post offices. Then they will direct you which post office has your package. I’ve been to 3 different ones. They couldn’t find my package even when their papers were showing my package is in there! They usually open at 8 and close around 1-1:30pm. Hateen office was open at 16:00. Good luck

I have order parcel from online website, still it is not delivered now they are telling to go the local post office and collect the parcel, I am in Shoiaiba were can I collect the parcel from can any one tell me.

Is there a phone number that we can call to see if DHL global package has arrived? It doesn’t update online when the package is in Kuwait

I sent my package with USPS prioirty mail to Kuwait.
I don’t know where my package is.
Can you please let me know who should I contact to?
I have tracking number.
I want my package back asap.
It has been over two months that i lost it.


New things for kuwait post:

Inward EMS that starts with tracking letter E- claim in hateen post
Inward Parcel that starts with tracking letter C-claim in Sadeeq area

Can i ask about my package? Why until now not deliver in P.O.BOX i address my package came from UK Royal Mail said that my package now her in kuwait royal mail send at october 13 2017 why until now no?Please im wait information about my package thanks.

Hi, if you have shipment coming from UK by Roya mail and if tracking said it is here in Kuwait. what you need to visit post office but which post office depends on the starting letter of tracking number as below:
E — your delivery post office is Hateen
C ____ your delivery post office is Siddiq
R —– your delivery post office is your resident area

I had the same situation and

I can not find my both letters sent from Oman, which captains my Police Clarence Certificate (PCC).
Both letter tracking number is RR002971618OM and RR002971808OM.

please help me to find these both letters.

Hi! I just want to ask something for my parcel to Kuwait from Myanmar.I sent a parcel to my bf in Kuwait since November 20 with EMS International from Myanmar. It arrived to Kuwait mail sorting centre on December 4 but now I dont know yet where it is now my parcel, and my bf also didn’t receive that parcel yet. Because no one is calling him even I added his ph number since I sent it. Pls kindly reply if someone knows where will pick up my parcel in Kuwait.

I’m from Bahnrain and because of diplomatic crisis my 2 boxes from Qatar were sent by my friend to our other friend in Kuwait and from there she will just sent it here after receiving. It’s been two months but still she did not receive any . Even call, because her contact number is indicated, but there’s no any update. It’s already December. She went already many times to post office different branches but they cannot find where it is. On the online tracking, it is stated that last October 22, 2017 the items were received already in an office of exchange in Kuwait and I’m worried because the remarks is EXPIRED. What does this specifically means? Where are the 2boxes? What happened? All my Valid IDs are in the box. Most of the items inside are important. Could anyone please help us regarding this matter. What should we do. Please Please help.

Me also facing like that now. I dunno yet where is my parcel now n no one is calling to my bf for picking up my parcel. I already sent my box since Nov 20 with EMS international from Myanmar post office to Kuwait. But i did know only my box already arrived to Kuwait mail sorting centre on Dec 4. But then, no one is calling to my bf until now. But when i asked to my friend, she said to go to custom Kuwait for picking it up.

Hi, could anyone tell me how to know if letter arrived already here? It came from canada last month they sent it and no notice I receive from post office. Pls tell me im gladly be thankful if someone would answer me thank u and have a nice day.

Hello every one,As I read all the comment I found it helpfull,
I have just a question I was expecting a regular standard mail from canada and it been 7weeks still no mail was received, no call even at all,I donot have tracking number as I chosed a standard mail service.Should I go to keifan?
I put to the receipient the address of our shop as I working at avenues mall.
Thanks every one..

Today I went to kifan international post office and ask them if my mail arrive,they keep asking my tracking number,the mail was send to me via standard mail meaning it does not have tracking number mumber,so i left.they will not entertain you if you do not have tracking number.

I have successfully received over 50 orders through Kuwait Post office. Mostly ordered from AliExpress and a few other sites.

When ordering I always used my house address and all shipments came to the local Post Office. I lived in Farwaniya, Salmiya and now Salwa and three post Offices have called me whenever my shipment reaches the post office. I never had to goto Kaifan.
I have ordered clothes, Electronics, tobacco products, car accessories and all received.
The Salmiya Post Office didn’t call me right away, sometimes after tracking on the site and seeing it has reached Kuwait, I would give it it 5 days so that it reaches the post office and go check my self and provide them the tracking number and they would check and give me the shipment. Sometimes they call me right away.

Hi Mark,
I ordered some stuff from AliEpress. The global tracking mentiones arrived at Destination Country. Should i go to Kaifan PO collect it?
KIndly advise..

Thanks fro the help.

Update on International parcel pickup.

I Went to Sadeeq Parcel Center and looking at the Tracking code number they immediately informed me to go to my local area Post Office. Since I had Sharq address I had to go to SAFAT (Murgab PO). Before that I stopped by to Kaifan PO and they really helped me by checking the tracking number and issuing me a new Kuwait Tracking number.

The international Tracking number starts with LP
The local tracking number now starts with RE

I then proceeded to SAFAT (Murgab PO) and as usual the package had not arrived although the MOC tracking site says received in Safat. So will have to check in another week’s time.
Below is a chart of the codes of the Tracking numbers for pick up.

Tracking site

HUTEEN AREA —————————————– EMS E


I am currently trying to reach someone at al sadiq to have an idea about what is going on. It says that my mail is in the parcel of exchange. Do you know a phone number or do you until when they are open on weekdays?

Please let me know the postal and email address of the Kuwait Philatelic Bureau, MOC, Kuwait.
If possible the name of the Philatelic Bureau Manager and phone number.
I am interested in collecting Kuwait postage stamps.

OK, after reading all the experiences above, I would have to classify mine as a unique and one-of-a-kind. Although it is just the start, let me elaborate on my experience:

We are used to having red chilly spice into our food through a specialist recipe famous and common in India (Kolhapuri Masala). It is an essential ingredient of our daily food intake, almost for every lunch and dinner. Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t visit India and hence were looking for options to get it transported from India. After several rounds of checking, my in-laws sent it through Indian post office and were very pleased with their experience (back there in Indian post office) both from cost and easiness perspective.

1. I received an SMS with a parcel number starting with “b”.
2. I could visit it after a week and it was the first time experience with Kuwait Post office (it was in al-siddeq)
3. Honestly, my experience with their professionalism were very good as I had a preconceived notion (from internet) about it. I was asked to show the parcel number, then was asked to produce civil Id. It was a smooth process except that I had to wait for good 30 minutes before they could locate it.
4. My trouble started after it was cleared from parcel desk (I had to pay 1 KD stamp) and went to customs. Since they tend to open every parcel to check its contents, they had to cut-open these spices which I knew wouldn’t be a pleasant experience as it will have a very strong odor. The customs office enquired about what it was. Although the other officers there explained him about its contents, he was not satisfied with my response and took my parcel into his cabin.
5. He came out after 15-20 minutes with my 1/3rd of my parcel which was neatly put into another packet with a certificate put on top of it. I am now told to go to the Public Authority of Food and Nutrition to get it checked. I am not sure what else is exactly written on the letter (pasted on top of the parcel) but I am going to try my luck today with the PAFN.

Although all types of bad thoughts (on where I am going to end up, if something goes wrong) lingers around my mind, for now, fingers crossed!

Will update the rest of the part shortly.

I ordered since last year, a planner from US. It took five days from US to Kuwait for the parcel to arrive. But it took 1-2 months to deliver it to me. I was tracking it via USPS and it says “Arrived in the country destination”.
I received a message in WhatsApp that I can go to the post office and claim my item. I spent 30 minutes waiting and when they found my parcel. I have to pay 1KD (thru knet, they would not accept cash), and the customs will open the parcel in front of you. (No more unboxing for me.) I cannot believe my parcel just “chill” for about 2 months in the storage in the post office, before I got them.

Hi mark,
i have exactly the same situation. i ordered some item from germany, because i saw the dhl logo i assume it will be delivered by dhl. but when i received the tracking number i found out that my shipment will go to post office…. i hope my shipment will arrived safely..

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