Ramadan Timings (2018)

Below are some important Ramadan timings, if you’d like to add anything, leave it in the comments below.

Banks: 10AM to 1:30PM (Airport 9:30PM to 12AM)
Government: 10AM to 3PM (Approx)

Cinescape: 9:30PM
GrandCinemas: 2:00PM
Sky Cinemas: 7:30PM
VOX: 11:25AM

360 Mall: 10AM to 4PM and 8:00PM to 1AM
Al Kout Mall: 10AM to 4PM and 8PM to 1AM
Avenues Mall: 10AM to 4PM and 8PM to 1AM
Gate Mall: 10AM to 4PM and 8PM to 1AM
Marina Mall: 11AM to 4PM and 8:30PM to 1AM
Salhiya: 10:30AM to 2:30PM and 8:30PM to 12:30AM

Carrefour: 10AM to 2AM
LuLu: 9AM to 2AM
Saveco: 24 hours
Sultan Center: 24 hours

IKEA: 11AM to 4PM and 6PM to 12:30AM

Al Shaheed Park: 6AM to 1AM
Al Shaheed Park Museums: 4PM to 6PM and 8:30PM to 12AM (Closed on Sundays)
Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre: 8PM to 12AM (Closed on Sundays)

Illustration by Norah AlJassar

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Any word on the hours for the new sheikh Jaber al Ahmed cultural center? Their number doesn’t work that’s online and the hours online look they haven’t changed but I tried to go on Tuesday and they were closed.

JACC opens from iftar since it’s all restaurants. Not sure about the shows I’m sure the timings are there when buying tickets

I wish someone has the same idea but for kids. A list of places where parents can take their kids during the day time. I was excited to go see Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre but sadly only evening hours! There should be more available options for kids during the daytime, especially now that schools are closing for the summer!

Magic Planet
Scientific Center
Discovery Mall


I need to transfer the registration of my car. what is the timing for asma muroor.

Thanks in advance

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